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Scattering urns for ashes are available in many styles, shapes, and colors. Some scattering urns are made to scatter the ashes at sea while some are better suited to scatter the ashes over land. Scattering urns for ashes that are biodegradable can be floated on the water or buried in the earth where they will dissolve or degrade becoming one with the earth.

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Scattering urns are specially designed to scatter ashes. Scattering urns for ashes are designed to hold the ashes and then easily disperse them back to the earth. They add dignity and comfort to the scattering process. Some scattering urns are biodegradable, so they will break down naturally in the water or earth. Above you will find the world's largest selection of scattering urns. We hope one will provide comfort to your family for this final act of love. Please feel free to call us if you need any advice as to which scattering urn will be right for your scattering ceremony. Cremation Solutions has one of the largest and most innovative selections of scattering urns as we continue to support those we choose the scattering of ashes as their final life tribute. Urns specially designed for scattering will help you do it right. Wind and tides can make a mess and these urns can help avoid a messy situation for those attending the scattering ceremony.

Scattering ashes is a traditional ceremony that can traced back to our ancient ancestors of the Stone Age. Today, in fact for then 50% of those choosing cremation are now scattering the ashes of loved ones, and the percentage grows each year. Scattering ashes continues to be a pure, loving and dignified way to return those departed to the earth or water. At Cremation Solutions, we offer a wide array of high quality scattering urns. We offer biodegradable scattering urns and urns that have a secondary purpose, such as our birdhouse memorial urns, basket urns and silk-wrapped urns.