Pandora Style Cremation Jewelry

Pandora Style Cremation Jewelry

Celebrate Your Loved One's Life with Pandora Style Cremation Jewelry

Wearing jewels that commemorate a loved one that has passed away is an ancient practice. Even today, many women wear lockets or other jewels in honor of a beloved relative or spouse.

Cremation Solutions now offers a large selection of Pandora style beads. If you have a Pandora bracelet or necklace you can now have beads that contain the ashes of your loved one. Wearing memory jewelry allows people to feel connected to the essence of their loved one or that special pet.

A Pandora Style Bracelet and Necklace has become a woman's signature piece of jewelry, a conversation piece that offers timeless appeal. The bracelet is a loop that holds Pandora beads or compatible beads that are made to fit the bracelet. The bracelets are available in silver, gold, and even leather. Each woman can now customize the bracelet with beads that reflect her life—that can even tell the story of her life. There are beads that represent hobbies, occupations, and family. Every completed Pandora bracelet is essentially a custom piece of jewelry that is uniquely suited to the woman who wears it.

The Sterling Silver and Gold beads have a small chamber for holding the ashes. The bead chamber is sealed with a tungsten stainless steel counter sunk screw using a hex/allen key that is included. Filled by the customer.

The Custom Glass beads have a small amount of ashes that are infused into the bead during the glass creation process.



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