When Someone Dies

When Someone Dies

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Whether a death is foreseen or unexpected, when someone close to you dies, it always comes as a surprise with a deep emotional impact. There is really nothing that can prepare you for the loss of a loved one. Even though you’re in an emotional quandary, there are several steps that you will need to take.

Keep in mind that there are varying death laws in states. In Vermont, any person in charge of a body who died in Vermont may not release the body for Vermont cremation services or to a Vermont crematory until there is a certificate of death issued from the attending doctor. In Vermont an RN can pronounce a person dead if the attending doctor has given the RN permission. If the attending doctor won't sign a death certificate or there is no attending doctor then a Vermont state medical examiner must ensure that the cause and manner of death requires no judicial inquiry. If the medical examiner deems it necessary, he has the authority under Vermont law to order an autopsy. For a cremation service in Vermont to take place the death certificate needs to be filed in the town of death and a permit to cremate signed as well. Also a Vermont  medical examiner must sign a permit to cremate and the next of kin must sign a cremation authorization. 

It doesn’t mattecall-us.jpgr when or where the death occurred, and the family should contact the Final Wish Cremation Society as soon as possible. Even though you don’t have to make any immediate decisions about the type of service you prefer, we still gather some general information about the next of kin, attending physician and the death certificate. We’ll arrange a convenient time to meet to go over the actual arrangements for Vermont cremation services.

If the death occurs in a nursing home or hospital, the medical staff at the healthcare facility will take all the steps to ensure that the state legal guidelines are met. Some healthcare facilities will call us on behalf of the family, but it’s best if you call us directly. Once we have a signed death certificate, we can make all the arrangements with our Vermont cremation provider. Today, many people with terminal illnesses prefer to die at home with family and friends nearby. This choice offers many much peace and solace. If an anticipated death occurs at home, you would need to call the treating physician or hospice organization. These professionals would then help us obtain permission to release the deceased for Vermont cremation services. In the case an unanticipated death that occurs outside of a healthcare facility, the local police must be called. Depending on the circumstances, the police will take the appropriate steps. If the death was suspicious, it is likely that the medical examiner will order an autopsy. For out-of-state deaths, call us at the Final Wish Cremation Society, and we will help you make the necessary arrangements to return the body back to Vermont.

If the death of a loved one or friend is anticipated, it’s always judicious to make final funeral arrangements in advance. Making advanced preparations will help you avoid being overwhelmed with making last minute decisions.

Of course, you’ll need to contact family member and friends when someone dies. In addition, you’ll need to order several copies of the death certificate for legal purposes, notifying insurance companies, applying for veteran benefits or probating an estate. The final Wish Cremation Society will automatically notify The Social Security Administration.

Even though writing an obituary is not mandatory, it is often therapeutic. Drafting up a meaningful obituary and highlighting the deceased’s personal accomplishments and naming close family members can help begin the closure process. Everyone’s life story is worth telling in an obituary. Gather your family members and close friends to help create an obituary that is meaningful. It doesn’t have to be long, only factual and meaningful. See our guide to writing an obituary. For a fee of $150.00 you can have us write the obituary for you and place it in up to four newspapers.

Our services do not end at the cremation. Recovering from a death takes time and sometimes you can use a little help. We have the resources to help you continue your journey through grief. After the memorial or funeral services, there are can still be details that need attending to. We are always just a phone call or email away and will continue any needed support to our members. Don’t forget you’ll need to send letter of acknowledgement to friends, relatives and clergy as a special thank-you for sympathy mass cards, flowers or any special services they rendered during your time of need. Typically, this is done within two weeks of the memorial service. At the Final Wish Cremation Society, we can also assist you with this. 




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