Funeral Writing Services

Funeral Writing Services

All Ceremonies Written by a Certified Life Cycle Celebrant


celebrant-funeral-web.jpgWith old fashioned traditional funerals leaving family and friends turned off and feeling empty, it comes as no surprise that many people skip the funeral process and do a quick burial or scattering of the ashes. It is really sad because this type of quick funeral planning does not celebrate the departed one’s life or allow for a funeral ceremony where family and friends can share in the memorable experience of a final good-bye. Anyone’s final departure should be a celebration of life. It should be a testament to the loved shared.

When you hire a funeral celebrant, there are many options. Funeral celebrants can help plan the whole ceremony or work with families to develop a eulogy. Some celebrants perform the whole ceremony while there are some families who prefer to perform the ceremony themselves. If clergy are performing the ceremony, a funeral celebrant can assist with preparing a eulogy. At Cremation Solutions, we provide celebrant writing services online and through our online questionaire as well as phone interviews. We take the time to gather all the important information to prepare a eulogy that will capture the true essence of your loved one and enhance the memorial ceremony.

As human beings, we are wired for spiritual and ritualistic funeral ceremonies. It’s our way of commemorating a special one and a source of comfort. Without meaningful funeral ceremonies, the survivors are left with open wounds and without a way to express all those deep heartfelt emotions. Today, celebrant funerals are quickly becoming an effective solution to traditional funerals. So, what are celebrant funerals?

Celebrant funerals are funeral ceremonies that are a true celebration of the departed one’s life. The funeral planning is done by funeral celebrants. Funeral celebrants have a firm background in the history of funeral, ceremony and ritual traditions of many religions and cultures. They work closely with family members and collaborate to create a personalized ceremony for your loved one. These professionals take great time to develop a ceremony with a eulogy that is custom tailored. Special quotes, music and readings are all part of the ceremony. Every detail is reviewed and approved by the family. After the ceremony, families are presented with a copy of the memorial as a keepsake. Funeral celebrants perform celebrant funerals at cemeteries, crematoriums, funeral homes or any memorial location the family chooses.

Funeral celebrants also perform celebrant funerals for pets. Many people consider their pet members of their family and choose to have a memorial service as a celebration of life and a tribute to all the happiness and love that their pets brought them. Whether your pet was a service dog or just a family pet, funeral celebrants take the time to craft a ceremony that is unique to your pet.

Different Types of Celebrant Funerals

Funeral planning is tough on families who have lost a loved one. Funeral celebrants are there to help survivors weave together an authentic end-of-life ceremony that is both meaningful and memorable. Often, stories, objects and symbols are woven together to create a one-of-a-kind funeral experience. For example, the funeral planning for a father will include a discussion with a funeral celebrant to discover the special times the family members shared together and hobbies of the departed. Fishing poles or golf clubs can be lined up as a military-like salute at a funeral home or crematorium. Funeral celebrants can also help you think of unique places for the memorial service, such as a favorite golf course or beach. All in all, celebrant funerals tell a story of the loved one’s life, so their legacy can be passed down to future generations.

The loss of a child is always tragic but especially for the parents and siblings. Funeral celebrants work carefully and compassionately with close family members to create a ceremony that is a celebration of life. They will take the time to learn all about that special one’s favorite jokes, art work, favorite activities and attributes to present a ceremony that is all about the love shared. Although the death of a young one is a very sad event, there is joy in the love that a young person brought during their journey in life. Art work, balloons, birthday videos and personal mementos can all be displayed at a celebrant funeral. You can always feel confident that a funeral celebrant will prepare a ceremony that incorporates your personal values, religious beliefs, requests and approval.

Military celebrant funerals not only celebrate the patriotic service of a military member, they celebrate the full life journey of the person. Funeral celebrants create a celebration of life encompassing the departed one’s early years along with the time that they spent in the military. Often, gun salutes, flags and trumpet salutes typify the ceremony. Funeral celebrants help in arranging all the details that commemorate one’s service and can even arrange for a sea ceremony.

There are always some of us who wish to go out with a “bang” and “real party.” You’ll find that funeral celebrants are very versatile and can prepare a somber memorial or a festive memorial ceremony. If you’re loved one preferred a party-like celebration of life for their memorial service, funeral celebrants can help make all the arrangements for a service at a bar or country club pronounced with lively eulogies, fun music and food to tantalize the palette.

Like taxes, death is an inevitable event for all of us. It’s both sad and a celebration of life. Celebrant funerals offer families and friends a new type of funeral service that steps away from the traditional funeral. While we can mourn, we can also celebrate all of the love we have for a departed one and all of the loved that they have for us. By capturing the loved one’s essence in a meaningful ceremony, we can experience a memorable way to bid farewell while holding onto the happiness and love shared. Celebrant funerals truly offer a creative solution to traditional funerals that are bogged down with a ceremony that lacks a true tribute to the essence of an individual.

Life is too precious for impersonal traditional funeral services. Survivors need to gather in a ceremony that is both social and healing. A celebrant funeral service helps friends and family members feel connected with the life of a loved one.


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