Pet Urns For Ashes

Pet Urns For Ashes

What Size Urn Will I Need For My Pet?

Cremation urns for pets are measured in cubic inches, which are the dimensions for the urns capacity. Cremation urns for pets are available in many sizes, allowing you the flexibility to choose an urn that will perfectly suit your beloved pet. If you want an urn that will hold all of the ashes of your pet, you do need to consider the weight of your pet to be sure that all the ashes will fit inside. If you want a small urn that will hold just a smaller portion of the ashes, then any of our Keepsake Urns will work. Keep in mind that it is alright to have extra space in the urn and that the ashes do not necessarily need to completely fill the urn.

The general rule in determining the appropriate size for an urn is for every pound of your pet's total weight you will need one cubic inch of space. For example:

  • If your pet weighs 100 lbs. you will need an urn that is 100 cubic inches or larger
  • If your pet weighs 50 lbs. you will need an urn that is 50 cubic inches or larger
  • If your pet weighs 10 lbs. you will need an urn that is 10 cubic inches or larger

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Cat Urns

Our photo cremation cat urns are hand-cast in antique brass or brushed nickel and coated with a high-quality lacquer for durability. You can have your favorite photo of your feline framed on the urn. These cat urns are the picture-perfect way to recall all the love and fun times shared together.


the Majestic Paws Urn is an ideal fit for any cat owner. This elegant urn is crafted of bronze and features playful two-toned paw prints on its surface. These cat urns are both impressive and peaceful and make an ideal memorial for your special pet.


The Cat Lovers Value Urn is decorated using a laser and depicts a family of felines nesting together among butterflies and flowers. Crafted of cherry and purple wood, this cat urn is sure to light up any room's décor.


Tea Light urns are crafted with high-quality brushed pewter and are decorated with hand-engraved paw prints. Light up a candle in remembrance of your beloved pet with one of these special cat urn; a loving way to commemorate your furry friend.

Dog Urns

Only the best will do for man's best friend. Our Angel dog urns are a heavenly resting place for even the most devilish dogs. This urn features a dog resting with an angel's wing. These dog urns can even have a personalized name tag attached to the collar. There is no better way to show love for your pet who has passed on.


With Cuddle dog urns, youcan immortalize your dog with an imprint from your pet's paw. These classic dog urns are created with brass and pewter and then finished with a coat of lacquer for protection. Having an imprint from your pet's paw will pay special tribute to the long-lasting love your pet left on your heart. It's also an excellent way to capture the individual personality of your pet.


Dog and cat urns are keepsakes that pay special tribute to your beloved pets. You can feel confident that our urns for pet ashes are handcrafted with love to provide you with a long-lasting memory of your pet.

Equine Urns

Cremation for equine companions is gaining in popularity and a way to keep the horse that meant so much to you and your family close by. Cremation Solutions has acquired some tasteful, timeless, and unique urns to honor your horse.

Small Keepsake Urns

If you would like to retain a small amount of your pet's ashes but want to forgo a pet-themed urn, any of the urns in our Keepsake Urns selection will accommodate a small portion of your pet's ashes.

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