Cremation Scattering Ashes Services and Providers

Cremation Scattering Ashes Services and Providers

Professional Scattering Services

For many families the ash scattering ceremony is a personal and private matter. Those that are able will usually scatter the ashes of their loved ones themselves. Usually in places of natural beauty that held special meaning for the deceased and or survivors. Close to home, such as the garden or a favorite hiking trail or fishing hole are very popular. Golf Courses have become so popular that some are installing scattering gardens. Those who prefer to scatter the ashes themselves can lear more by following this link. Scattering Ashes Methods and Laws.

Scattering Urns: Many who choose to scatter the ashes on their own will often use what is called a scattering urn. These are urns that are specially designed to add dignity as well as eas the scattering process. Scattering can be messy work and a scattering urn can keep the ashes in a respectable container and then release the ashes in the desired manner, depending on the location you choose. For over the water it makes sense to use a biodegradable urn that will float and then dissolve when it sinks to the bottom. Scattering tubes and birdhouse scattering urns are ideal for scattering over land.
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For some families scattering may not be possible due to logistics, availability and capability. The professional scattering services below can be ideal. Many will even allow familiy paticipation when requested.

Aerial Ash Scattering Services

Scattering Ashes Services - On the Sea or Over the Land

Mesoloft - taking ashes to the edge of space

Mesoloft makes it possible to honor the dream and memory of your departed loved one by lifting the cremated remains of a beloved family member into the magnificent beauty of near space, almost twenty miles above our planet. Once released, they will soar and drift in the upper reaches of the earth's atmosphere for weeks and months circulating the globe. From then on wherever you go your loved one will be there with you. The whole journey is recorded and provided back to you for your own memories or sharing with friends and family. 


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