Fingerprint Jewelry Information

Fingerprint Jewelry Information

Fingerprint jewelry is one of our most popular keepsakes. Nature has given each of us our own unique barcode and it is right at the tips of our fingers. These fingerprint keepsakes are cherished and shared with families and friends. Couples, siblings and friends will all feel connected by the unique jewelry they share. Our fingerprint rings are often used as wedding bands to always feel that special connection. Our pendants for necklaces and bracelets are our most popular style of jewelry, keeping loved ones close to you.

Our unique process of transferring an ink print into a wax template allows us to capture even the finest details of each print. The wax is then used in the ancient art of lost wax casting with precious metals such as silver and gold. The jewelry is cut and polished to perfection to create our very high quality jewelry. Once we select the print that will be used we create a high resolution digital copy that will be stored in our data base forever. This makes it easier when other family and friends decide that they would also like jewelry with the same print. We keep the print under the name of the print donor as well as a unique number that can be found etched into the back of each piece.

Once we have the prints, please allow four weeks to receive your precious, one-of-a-kind jewelry. We will return the ink prints you sent us with your order. Shipping and engraving is included in the price so please consider further personalizing the jewelry with your own special inscription.

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