Funeral Tribute Videos

Funeral Tribute Videos

Life story videos capture the uniqueness of a lost loved one and can be comforting to surviving family members and close friends. Viewing funeral movies allows everyone to reflect on their memories and rejoice in the celebration of a loved one’s life. Using music, cherished photos and incorporating live videos into a memorial DVD depicts the unique personality of a loved one while providing spiritual, emotional and psychological solace for survivors. It is also the ideal way to create forever memories that can be shared for generations to come.

Today, many people are choosing to have tribute videos created to honor a loved one, enhance the meaningfulness of a ceremony and to pass out as keepsakes to attendees of the funeral service. Tribute videos and funeral movies add a special touch to a life lived and to the ceremony itself. As we all know, memories tend to fade with time. Life story videos are a way to keep all of the special moments and fun times alive. These life story videos are a silent way of saying “I Will Remember You.”

How Tribute Videos and Life Story Videos are Made

At Cremation Solutions, you can create a customized memorial DVD that is as unique as your loved one with our online software platform. There are so many elegant themes to choose from and individual music genres and songs, and you can upload your photos and video to incorporate into the life story of your loved one. Poems and special anecdotes can be added as text to photos and videos. You can also choose specific songs by individual artists. If you dont see the music you want in our selections, just let us know and we will uploait directlrom Itunes.

Expect us to exceed your expectations in quality. Coordinating music and image is an art and requires perfect timing. Using a flawless sense of timing, our multimedia professionals will create an appealing and attractive flow. Our multimedia professionals will also include custom cinematic scenery to provide the perfect visual mood along with photo enhancement and color correction. Even if you upload faded images or scratched photos, we will work our magic on every single one. You can feel confident that you will receive a high quality, moving production that will leave family and friends with a feeling of love and celebration for the special one that they have lost. Each memorial DVD is a high gloss disc and comes in a sturdy case with a customized cover. At Cremation Solutions, we do all the work and take care of all the details for you. Once you’ve finished creating your special memorial DVD online, we customize, assemble and ship the tribute videos to you or your family.

The Process of Creating Funeral Videos and Life Story Videos

Typically, funeral videos are seven to ten minutes in length. To get started, you can begin by gathering individual photos and videos of your loved one along with group photos taken at special events, such as birthday celebrations, graduations, holidays or family gatherings. For a smooth presentation, it’s always best to group the photos by chronological order, personal accomplishments or by family and friends. As an example, you may begin with a college graduation photo and follow it with a wedding photo and then a vacation photo enjoyed in the latter years. Although it’s totally up to you which pictures you choose, keeping them in chronological order will create a progressive portrait of the departed one’s walk in life.

Adding music at pivotal points will add an uplifting experience to the video. For example, if your loved one was a fan of the Beach Boys, playing the song “Surfer Girl” along with a beach photo will help capture the essence of a loved one’s passion and personality. There is really no set rule for the music you choose, but playing tunes that a loved one enjoyed pulls on the heartstrings along with creating an enjoyable memory. The music that you choose also helps complement the theme. Whether you choose a sombre tone or a lively tone for the music, it’s all up to you.

Adding special text with sayings or poem lyrics to funeral movies impacts the viewer and emphasizes all the nuances that made that special one so special. For example, if your loved one enjoyed using the expression “In a while crocodile,” encrypting a photo with this saying captures the personality of the individual. It is sure to bring a smile to sad faces. Adding lines of poems to images is an ideal way to express emotions when you don’t have the words.

Life story videos are For Sharing


Life story videos tell a full story of a loved one’s journey in the world. Birth photos and photos from the toddler and adolescent years help create a visual picture of the milestones in life. You will want to share the memories with all your friends and family. First-year photos, kindergarten photos and even first-step videos set the stage for the beginning of life. Adolescent photos and teen-age photos capture the gradual journey into adult life. Throughout the life story video, you can also add text and music to add a special touch. Pictures or videos of weddings, enjoyed sports, holidays or just your loved one lounging at home with a cappuccino are all appropriate for a life story video. The point of a life story video is to reflect the highlights and major points in the life of a loved one.

Why Choose Tribute Videos?

You’re loved one’s journey is much more than a slideshow. Voice, music, favourite sayings, poems and live movement make tribute videos real to life. Tribute videos not only honor the departed, they provide a cinematic experience that leaves you with a good feel. Both family members and friends can help relive the good times spent together with that special one.

If you’re seeking to create a special memorial DVD for a loved one, turn to the pros at Cremation Solutions. We go the extra mile to ensure that your memorial DVD is unforgettable. You’ll be forever wowed with our high quality of sound, picture and theme.

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American Flag

A somber and glorious tribute to the US Flag


A reverent memorial serenaded by the soft glow of candlelight


A series of beautiful wispy clouds amongst a blue sky


Scenes shot on and around the Oregon coast near the beautiful town of Astoria


Features scenes of cornfields, a tractor at work, and fenceposts


A simple, clean and modern theme featuring elegant textures


Features scenes of fisherman outdoors and fishing gear


A neutral, yet elegant solution with flourish design elements


An assortment of roses and other flowers


A collection of golfing scenes

Modern Black

A classy black, generic theme with an occasional lens flare

Modern White

A classy white, generic theme with an occassional lens flare

Mountain Lake

Features scenes of mountain lakes, tall pines, and mountain wildflowers


Features nature scenes including sunrises, oceans and streams

Paradise Beach

Features scenes of tropical beaches, palm trees and ocean sunsets


A tribute to the United States of America

Purple Flowers

An assortment of purple flowers and other beautiful flowers

Red Rock

Features scenes of red rocks from the American Southwest

Rivers and Streams

Features beautiful footage of different rivers and streams

Summer Flowers

An assortment of beautiful daisies and other summer flowers


A simple, clean and modern theme featuring elegant textures


Introduction shows wetlands, and contains clips of many natural scenes

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