Scientist Conclude When You Die You Are Still Aware!

Cross Roads

Standing At The Crossroads

What happens when we die? This common question may be one you’ve thought about before. You may have religious views. You may believe nothing happens. However, science has shed new light on what actually does happen in those minutes – sometimes hours – after a person dies.

In a recently released study, researchers found that the human brain is completely aware of what happens at the time of death. In fact, the brain remains alive and functioning for minutes or even hours after a person dies. That’s shocking to most. And, it is also terrifying. What does this mean?

Take a Closer Look at the Study


SCIENCE SAYS!…not dead

The study, conducted by Stony Brook University in New York looked at 2,000 people who reported having near death experiences – these are instances in which the person was technically dead and then were resuscitated. Each one tells of a different story, but all convey one clear message. They all are fully aware of what is happening around them. Many recognize that they are dead. Others see a light or have an out of body experience.

What researchers have learned is that when a person dies, the brain can remain functional for minutes to hours after the death. Medically, a person is considered dead when the heart stops beating. When this occurs, there is no more flow of oxygen-rich blood to the organs. The organs slowly stop working. This includes the brain. Yet, the instant the heart stops does not translate into the instant the brain stops. The residual amounts of oxygen in the blood system, which remains present for some time, can keep the brain functional. It takes time for the brain’s lack of oxygen to finally cease its ability to function.

During that time – from the moment the heart stops until a person’s brain stops function – the person’s awareness may still be fully in place. The person who may be technically dead from a lack of a heart beat may still understand what is happening around them.

An Explanation for Near Death Experiences

Cremation PlanningMany people report having some type of experience after their heart stops. These individuals, who have been brought back through medical intervention, report a wide range of occurrence. In some situations, they report a bright light. Others report being transformed into a ball of energy and floating over themselves. They clearly see the people around them. Many report hearing and understanding the conversations that doctors have around them.

Many near death experiences provide very detailed information about what happens around the person when he or she dies. For example, some people report seeing specific doctors or hearing specific voices. Some people have had this information verified – information they would not have known had they not been about to communicate it in this manner. What makes this interesting is that many men and women with near death experiences often attribute what they feel to an experience they have never had before.

Could this be the feeling of oxygen slowly leaving their brain?

Imagine for a moment what could actually be happening according to the New York University. A person’s heart stops. In that moment of death, blood is still traveling to the brain. The brain continues to work. It continues to allow an individual to know and recognize what is happening around them. They cannot speak or move, but the brain still tries to function as it has. The oxygen present allows the brain to work, but it is not the steady flow of oxygen the brain needs to work properly. This creates a different perception of reality around them. And, what the brain is telling the person that is happening – the out of body experiences – seem very lifelike and real. That’s because they are. The brain is communicating this in some manner.

The Medical Component of the Research

Online Death Certifiacte InformationWhat the researchers found, scientifically, is that the brain continues to fire off signals. The neurons are still operating at the time of the heart stopping. They do not immediately stop working. Rather, the neurons begin to fail over a few minutes or longer as oxygen depletion leads to their destruction.

The heart’s job in life is to pump blood that is full of oxygen to the brain and other organs. Imagine, for a moment, how it works to feed other organs. For example, oxygen is necessary for the digestive system to work. It is necessary for the kidneys to work. Yet, when the heart stops, do those organs simply stop functioning immediately? What many people think of as death – a sudden process where the entire process shuts down – is not accurate. The process of death takes longer, even when a person cannot talk and communicate a message.

Why Some Have the Experience And Others Do Not

Questions remain in understanding what occurs after death. For example, studies indicate that only 60 percent of the people have died – had their heart stop – and were brought back to life have no after death experience. They do not remember anything happening. They do not have any type of bright light to follow. Research is still out on why this happens to so many, but it could be attributed to a faster rate at which the brain dies. In some cases, the brain can die faster due to the lack of oxygen in the blood stream leading up to the death.

What This Means to You and Your Loved Ones

Researchers are continuing to look at the body of evidence brought forward by these near death experiences. All are very vast and wide ranging. And, as medical science improves to allow people to be resuscitated further from that moment of death, it may be possible to better understand what truly happens. Yet, for those living today, this could signal a time to carefully reflect on wishes and needs.

No matter what you believe happens after your death, religious or not, one thing is for sure. While you are alive, you have the ability to live a full life. Many of the men and women who have had these types of experiences feel profoundly different after they have been brought back. Many feel empowered to help others. Still, others embrace their religion more fully.

Ahhhh The Afterlife

As science continues to work to understand why this is, it may be important to reflect on your own wishes and needs. If you have not created a will or put an estate plan in place, now would be a good time to do so. You can also find a variety of tools available to help you to plan each detail of your end of life wishes. You can also purchase cremation urns, if you like, in advance.

For those planning their loved one’s final resting place or purchasing cremation jewelry to honor their loved one, take a moment to reflect on what this new study could mean for them. Could it mean your loved one remains aware of your presence after his or her death? Could it help you to believe there is an afterlife?

Researchers say they will continue to work to uncover more insight into what happens after death. As they do, we can count on many men and women sharing their stories of near death experiences and what they could mean for our future, too.

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Fingerprint Jewelry is The Ultimate Valentine Gift

Thumbies Keepsakes

Just Some of The Thumbies Collection

Valentine’s Day represents love and fingerprint jewelry is a great way to express that love. The entire holiday is about finding fun ways to show the important people in our lives how much they mean to us. How they changed our lives. The relationship you have with your significant other is the most personal and intimate we experience in life. Sometimes, it feels like you are so close you could share the same heartbeat. If they aren’t there, you might wake up with an aching chest because a piece of you is missing. Well, there is a way to be close to each other even when it isn’t possible to be together. It is also a fantastic Valentine’s Day present.

Fingerprint jewelry pendants and rings are made out of the actual fingerprints of anyone! Its so easy send in your fingerprints and get back jewelry that loved ones will adore. It is really easy to order these high-quality unique one of a kind keepsakes and charms. My husband was reluctant to do it at first, I could see it in his eyes, but I explained to him how much I missed him when he was away on business. This would give me a way to feel close to him, something that nobody else had and that was unique to him. Then, he was really into it. So, Valentine’s Day wasn’t a surprise, but we waited for our gifts to each other, to nature’s signature that would be another sign of our commitment, just like our wedding rings.

Fingerprint Pendants

The Affordable Noble Bronze Collection

I choice a heart pendant that had his fingerprint on the front. He got a silver, rectangular pendent that was subtle. The fingerprints always look very mysterious to me. We get asked about them all the time. People always have great things to say, and it is a conversation starter. It gives me a chance to talk about our marriages and actually helps make it stronger, I think. Like my wedding ring, my heart pendant with his fingerprints represents how much we mean to each other and keeps us connected.



Handprint on Jewelry

Some of The Noble Bronze Collection

A paw print is a unique representation of your cat or dog. If you have an aging pet, consider taking their paw print and getting it inscribed on a lovely piece of jewelry or commemorative item. That way, should they happen to pass on to a happier place, you will have something besides pictures to remember them by. Paw print jewelry also makes a fun, cool Valentine’s Day gift for children or older family members who are very attached to their four-legged best friends.

My friend saw a heart pendant my husband bought me for Valentine’s Day. It had his fingerprint on it. She thought it was so cool and different and wanted to get something similar for herself and her husband. I told her Cremation Solutions was a great company with excellent service. I have ordered from them several times and each piece is better than the last. Months later, she showed me pictures of her husband, tears gleaming in his eyes, as he pulled out a gorgeous pendant embossed with his wife’s fingerprint in raised, gold accents. It was a touching photos and a memory the two of them will share forever.

Custom Jewelry FingerprintsValentine’s Day isn’t just about lovers. Fingerprint jewelry pendants rings are welcome gifts for anyone you are close to. I have already decided that my own children will have commemorative jewelry with my natural signature. I don’t want them to feel that I didn’t think through what I wanted to leave to each of them, something far more personal than giving away my possessions. My daughter assured me it a fabulous idea and very thoughtful. She even said that a fingerprint pendant would help her feel closer to me before then. She could wear it over her heart and remember how much her mother loved her.

Sometimes, you just run out of great ideas for gifts. Everything seems too impersonal or too commercial. Well, you don’t have to worry about anyone duplicating your gift if you are giving a piece of yourself to someone you love on Valentine’s Day. Fingerprint jewelry is just about as loving, thoughtful and creative as you can get.

Fingerprint jewelry pendants rings are a fabulous idea for any occasion. You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to gift someone else with a piece of you that represents your very essence. The jewelers even makes birthstone name bracelets that can include fingerprints and make fabulous gifts to children. They are a wonderful way to share kids’ birth story with them in a unique and cool way. Start a family tradition that they will pass on to their own children someday. Make someone you love happy. After all, isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about?

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Making The Holidays More Personal With Fingerprint Jewelry

Just Some of The Thumbies Collection

Christmas is a time when the whole family gathers together to celebrate those we love. New babies are passed around and cooed and fretted over. Couples chopped, baste and cook a scrumptious holiday meal to be shared by all, and memories are shared. For our older parents and grandparents, everyone takes special care to make sure they are comfortable. The question is, how will you remember one another as life matures you or takes you far away?

Fingerprint jewelry is a unique way to keep your loved ones close. Pendants featuring your mother’s fingerprints will be a conversation piece throughout the holiday season and beyond. She will be grateful that you want to remember her and touched if you getting matching necklaces for other close family members. Pendants come in silver, gold and other materials.

For grandmothers and great grandmothers, customized charms or pendant can incorporate footprints for the tiny members of the family, handprints from younger children and fingerprints or other unique markings from grown family members.

Jewelry Made From Fingerprints

“Mom Dad The Kids”

These one of a kind gifts are high-quality jewelry that will quickly become family heirlooms. Let me share a story with you about home I was able to give gifts one Christmas and provide my sisters and brothers with fingerprint jewelry pendants rings imprinted with my mother finger print.

We were all planning to be home for the holidays, which is some feat, considering I have five siblings. My mom had had a health scare just before the holidays. She started talking about final arrangements and making her peace with the universe. After we got over the initial shock, I realized that it could really happen, and so suddenly that we might not get to prepare before she was gone. Luckily, my mother is still vibrantly alive, but I was able to order and design remembrances etched with Mom’s fingerprints and hand them out to my sisters and brothers.

Handprint on Jewelry

Some of The Noble Bronze Collection

One of my brothers is a real manly guy. For him, I got a stainless steel buck knife with Mom’s fingerprint embossed in gold. It was lovely. In fact, my brother cried, and from what I hear, he refuses to use that knife. Another brother is an investment banker and I had a money clip made and stamped with Mom’s fingerprint. Now, he uses that thing every day – he really like money and he really love Mom! He is often asked where he got it, and he refers them to Cremation Solutions so that others too can order keepsakes that keep the connection when they have to be apart.

For my three sisters, I decided to go with a Noble Bronze Open Heart Fingerprint pendent. It isn’t really a great idea to get jewelry for three sister for Christmas, unless you get everyone the same thing. When my Mom saw us wearing her fingerprints, she was a little hesitant and couldn’t quite figure out why that was important to us, but we could tell that she was really touched and happy that we were all showing her our support.

The thing that is so great about fingerprint jewelry pendants rings is that they never change. As we get older, Christmas over Christmas, our real hand and fingerprints lose detail and lines crisscross them like battle scars from daily living. Your Touch jewelry is such a blessing. It gives me peace of mind that my own children will have a person, one-of-a-kind remember of me, whether it’s a ring, pendent or more masculine gift. It gives me peace of mind. I can’t really think of a better gifts than that.

Jewelry Made From Prints

Dog tag Style

My cousin went into the Marines last year and he was deploying right after the holidays. So, I we went in together to my aunt a signet ring with his baby footprints etched on it so that she would always have him close to her heart. My aunt reacted a lot more than we even suspected. She rubbed her fingertips over the finely etched, tiny feet and smiled from ear to ear. That was a really great Christmas overall. My youngest niece came up and asked if I could get a ring for Santa Clause with all the reindeer hoof prints engraved. I told her I would look into it, even though I wasn’t sure they would all fit! Check out all the styles of fingerprint jewelry (Click Here)

Pandora Style Fingerprint Jewelry

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Fingerprint Jewelry Meets Cremation Jewelry The “Phoenix Collection”

A cherished piece of jewelry is seldom beloved simply for its bling factor. When you talk to people about  their favorite jewels and ask them why they are treasured, they’ll invariably tell you that someone special gave the jewel to them, that they obtained the jewel at a special place, or that the jewel reflects an important event or period in their lives. The idea of a treasured heirloom piece of jewelry is at the heart of our Phoenix Collection of fingerprint jewels. While beautiful in and of themselves, these jewels are crafted with the sole purpose of keeping a beloved someone’s essence close. That essence accompanies you everywhere—to work, to the grocery store, to a far-flung vacation destination. When you wear a memory jewel from our Phoenix Collection, you’ll feel close to your treasured someone.

Introducing the Phoenix Collection

Finger Prints With Ashes Too

Amazing New Designs

Cremation Solutions is excited to launch our brand new line of fingerprint and cremation jewels in the Phoenix Collection. In myth, the rare and beautiful phoenix rises from its ashes into magnificent splendor. Our Phoenix jewels are designed with the precious ashes of a loved one to pay a wonderful tribute to their memory, to their spirit, and to the love you shared as a spouse, family member or cherished friend. While Cremation Solutions offers various lines of jewels made from cremation ashes, this special line also embodies the fingerprints of loved ones or family members if you choose. In appearance, these jewels demonstrate exquisite beauty and outstanding artisan craftsmanship, but their greatest worth is the essence of a loved one that they embody forevermore.

Artisan Quality

Each of our Phoenix Collection jewels is crafted by skilled jewelry artisans. Our artisans have trained specially to craft these precious jewels. Their skill isn’t simply a matter of technique and know-how. Our artisans have thoughtfully undertaken bereavement training coursework because we believe that empathy and reverence for the materials in their possession must govern the entire jewel-crafting process. For this reason, you can trust our professional jewel makers to handle the small amount of your loved one’s ashes with tender care. The jewel-making process is one of patience as well as skill. We do not believe in rushing. We take our time to create your heirloom Phoenix Collection jewel.

Our Line of Phoenix Jewelry

Cross Cremation PendantOne of the remarkable features of the Phoenix Collection is its diversity. You can choose from various jewelry types and colors before placing your order. The Phoenix Collection jewelry is unique in that it incorporates both ash and fingerprints into its creation. The result is always a breathtaking piece of extraordinary workmanship paired with a genuinely eye-catching design. As you peruse this exciting new line of jewelry, you’ll find options that are sure to suit any style.

Our line of Phoenix Jewelry includes the traditional cross design, a stunning pendant that features a central diamond shape where your loved one’s ashes will be placed. You can then choose a color for the protective resin that will be placed atop this section. The Infinity Heart and Family Ties pendants also boast a central resin-covered focal point that features your loved one’s ashes. The Infinity Heart boasts an timeless floral motif, while the Family Ties pendant features a center point surrounded by fingerprints cast right onto the metal. The resin that’s used to protect the ashes comes in a stunning array of hues that include marine blue, citrine yellow, lagoon green, royal purple, and crimson ruby. These resins help transform your loved one’s ashes into a gem-like feature that provides the beautiful heart of your Phoenix Collection jewel.

Pandora Cremation Beads

Pheonix Beads are Pandora Compatible

The extraordinary Phoenix Collection also features Pandora-like bead charms that will provide a dazzling focal point for your jewelry. These Thumbies or Thumb Beads as they’re referred to can also features space to showcase your loved ones ashes under protective gem-like resin as well as fingerprints. We feature Thumbies in various shapes like cylinders, hexagons, and squares. Some customers prefer to get a combination of beads or even a single bead to highlight on a bracelet or necklaces. Owing to the popularity of trend-right Pandora-style beads, our Thumbies have become a permanent part of our collection.

How Do We Create Our Phoenix Collection Jewels?

Phoenix Jewelry

Associated with the Sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor

Our skilled jewelry artisans take pride in each completed memory jewel they create. Through careful procedures and patient crafting, our artisans will create for each customer a one-of-a-kind jewel. Before placing your order, you will need to select a Phoenix Collection style and select options. Jewels can be fashioned with engravings too. When placing your order, you’ll be able to design your customized piece of jewelry.

We will send each customer a special kit for ash placement and fingerprinting instructions. While you can email us fingerprint images, it’s important for you to use our kit for sending in your loved one’s ashes. We require a very small amount of ash and our kit will walk you through the process. Each kit also ensures that no ashes are ever mixed up with any others. Our artisans work only with one ash kit at a time because protecting the integrity of the process is a priority of our work.

If you have questions about our beautiful Phoenix Collection or any of the other jewelry lines we carry, be sure to get in touch with our helpful staff today. We are here to help you in any way we can as you commission your heirloom jewel or jewels. Our Phoenix Collection jewelry is ideal for gift-giving or for commissioning as the gift you give yourself.

See The Entire Selection of Fingerprint Jewelry (Click Here)


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Jewelry Made From Fingerprints Connects Us With a Touch !

Just Some of The Thumbies Collection

Just Some of The Thumbies Collection

Utterly personal and invariably singular, our new line of fingerprint jewelry is designed to bring a distinctive touch to accessorizing. Each piece is custom designed with an exclusive fingerprint. Now you can keep a loved one’s fingerprint close each time you wear your timeless jewel that transcends fashion trends and boasts stunning aesthetic appeal. Noted for our one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, the new fingerprint collection is filled with eye-catching designs denoted by high-quality craftsmanship that you can see and feel in each piece.

Keep Love Close

If you want to keep your loved one close, fingerprint jewelry is second-best only to the actual touch of your loved one. Designed and made with the actual fingerprint of your spouse, child, parent, or sibling, each piece is crafted with custom precision and will be unlike any other. Our designers literally transform the thumbprint of anyone you choose into a work of exquisite beauty. You can create an heirloom piece that fuses a design of your choosing with the singular fingerprint of someone you love dearly.

Made to Order

Each item in our new fingerprint jewelry line is custom-made to order. After selecting your style of jewel, whether it is a pendant a charm or Pandora-style bead, you use our fingerprint jewelry kit to capture an ink print and send us the print to transpose and we will create your one-of-a-kind jewel. You can also request a fingerprint kit if you don’t have your loved one’s print. The kits are easy to use and are a reliable way to record the print of child, partner, or parent. We will even keep the print on file in case you decide to order other custom jewels for yourself or another family member.

Select a Design

Our curated selection of fingerprint jewelry is diverse in order to reflect multiple styles and materials. We feature fingerprint beads in various shapes from hex beads to cubes. Our new line of fingerprint jewelry also contains pendants, charm bracelets, rings, dog tags, cuff links, lapel pins, earrings, and more. Some customers choose fingerprint jewelry to offer as an heirloom gift, while others are thrilled to enjoy a selected item as a gift for themselves. Our new fingerprint collection contains a myriad of design types that brim with timeless elegance.

Fingerprint Jewelry for Couples

Share The Love

Whether you are embarking on an engagement or celebrating an anniversary, fingerprint rings can showcase your love for one another and help you feel connected to your partner no matter where you are. Choose a ring in silver or gold and allow us to create a custom love token for both of you to wear. Not only will these rings prove to be conversation pieces, but they’ll serve to remind you both of the love you share.




Keepsakes for Parents

Family Fingerprints

Options For Families

Our children grow up so quickly, but we can keep part of their timeless essence with us when we have their fingerprint on a special jewel. If you have several children, you might consider commissioning the design of a pendant that features multiple fingerprints or a charm bracelet that boasts a fingerprint charm for each of your children or grandchildren. Fingerprint cuff links make a wonderful remembrance for fathers or grandfathers too.

Tokens of Friendship and Love

Many of our customers choose fingerprint jewelry to reflect the love they have for a special friend or a sibling or some other family member they are close to. A one-of-a-kind jewel that showcases the fingerprint of someone special is something you can wear every day to enjoy its inherent comfort. If you want to make a loved one’s special day even more special, consider gifting them a fingerprint jewel with your print to let them know how much you care for their love and companionship.

Thumb Print RingsMore Fingerprint Products to Love

The Affordable Noble Bronze Collection

The Affordable Noble Bronze Collection

From dog tags to bookmarks, we offer other objects that can be transformed into one-of-a-kind fingerprint heirlooms. Consider gifting fingerprint jewelry and objects for birthdays, holidays, and special events like a graduation or new job. We offer a wide selection of materials, so be sure to browse the galleries to locate items that are ideal for you or a loved one. If you have a beloved pet, also feature “paw print” jewelry you can wear with pride to celebrate you love for your four-legged best friend.

Cremation Solutions Features Skilled Artisans

At Cremation Solutions, we take pride in the immense skill of our artisans who craft each piece with precision and outstanding craftsmanship. Once we receive your fingerprint, we can begin the creation process. Since each jewel is custom-made, we cannot refund our customers once the production process is underway. Therefore, we invite you to ask as many questions as you like before we embark on your design.

The Creation Process

It All Starts With A Print

It All Starts With A Print

To create your

Natures Natural Signature!

Natures Natural Signature!

custom fingerprint jewel, a Cremation Solutions artisan will embark on a process that includes both modern technology and traditional craftsmanship. We use the process of wax casting to create these pieces. It generally takes less then three weeks to complete a jewel, which must also pass our quality-control tests to ensure that it lives up to our high standards. Feel free to contact us at any point in the process to discuss any questions you might have. If you don’t have time to order a fingerprint kit, contact us so we can advise you of other alternatives for getting us the print in question.

The Beauty of a Personalized Gift

Ashes and Prints Jewels

The Phoenix Collection Features Fingerprint and Ashes

Something personalized has the value of becoming a cherished memento. When you enjoy a special relationship with another soul, a beautiful object that reminds you of that person is bound to become a precious piece you hold dear. Our fingerprint jewelry isn’t just designed with the print of your loved one. It has the potential to trigger memories and to remind you of how much you love this special someone. If you want to give someone a gift like nothing else they have, a fingerprint jewel is bound to be that extraordinary something they have to have with them all the time.

Order Your Fingerprint Jewelry Today

Finger Prints With Ashes Too

Amazing New Designs, Even With Ashes!

Whether you’re browsing for a personalized holiday gift or are purchasing a custom jewel for yourself, Cremation Solutions features a terrific selection of jewelry designs. Moreover, we feature various styles so you’re sure to find something beautiful that suits your budget as well as your style. Consider shape and material when choosing your fingerprint jewelry design. We feature classic symbols like hearts and ovals as well as more abstract shapes that brim with contemporary-chic appeal.

We strive to make the ordering process as easy as possible. While using a kit may seem complex, we actually provide step-by-step instructions to ensure that the inking of the thumbprint goes smoothly as possible. Once we receive the fingerprint, we will begin the process of creating your personalized fingerprint jewel.

To begin the process online (Click Here) or simply call our helpful customer service staff at 877-365-9474. We can answer any questions you have regarding our styles, the creation process, or the fingerprint kits. If you are ordering for the holidays, we encourage you to begin the process as soon as possible to ensure that your special jewel arrives in time for your holiday celebrations. Be sure to browse our vast inventory of fingerprint jewelry so you can commission a piece that brims with heirloom charm.

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How To Be More Compassionate Over The Telephone

“Our human compassion binds us the one to the other – not in pity or patronizingly, but as human beings who have learnt how to turn our common suffering into hope for the future.” – Nelson Mandela

Feelings of CompassionA telephone call is usually the first point of contact for funeral directors, hospice workers, and other professionals involved in making final arrangements for the deceased. Bereaved friends and family members make the critical telephone calls reaching out for help in the hours following the passing of their loved one. They are seeking help, compassion, and support from those that are tasked with dealing with death – all things that can be very difficult to convey over the telephone.

If you are one of the countless professionals and volunteers that are tasked with helping others navigate the complex, emotional, and often stressful journey of end of life and death care, then these situations are all too familiar.

At best, these telephone calls can be pleasant and casual, but more often than not, they are among the most difficult conversations that you will ever be involved with. Adding to the challenge is the fact that these telephone calls tend to come at the worst possible times – during your kid’s little league game, while you’re out on a Tinder date, or after you’ve enjoyed one too many martinis.

Despite your best intentions, communicating clearly and with compassion can sometimes be difficult which ends up leaving the caller with the impression that you’re cold, uncaring, and completely unsympathetic to their situation.

It’s Not You – It’s The Telephone

Death First Call

Make Every Call The Most Important Call

If this sounds familiar, don’t get down on yourself – trying to make a real, human connection over the telephone is incredibly difficult, even for the most seasoned professionals. After all, speaking with a grief-filled stranger is challenging in person – adding the barriers that come with talking on the telephone make what’s already a tough situation even worse.

While the telephone is a wonderful technology, it has some serious shortcomings – you can’t actually see the caller, so you miss out on all of those critical visual cues that make up a huge part of human communication.

There’s also the chance that you’ll also be dealing with a language barrier between you and your caller, which makes having a clear conversation all the more difficult during these times of grief. Of course, there’s now the added issue of poor cell phone reception, garbled speaker phones, and three-way calling to make the conversation even more difficult.

After all of this, it’s no wonder that many funeral directors, hospice workers, nurses, and others who people turn to for help during the dying process sometimes come off as being ‘cold’ and lacking in compassion over the telephone – you can’t give the caller a reassuring nod, a comforting hand on their shoulder, or pass them a box of tissues. Even the warmest, and most loving human beings can seem uncaring during a telephone call.

On the upside, with a little practice and work you can actually improve how you communicate over the phone and learn the skills and techniques it takes to reveal the compassionate, supportive person you are to a stranger that is on the other end of the line.

Here’s some simple steps you can take to communicate genuine compassion over the telephone:

Pay Attention and Listen

Learn To Listen (Click Here)

Sure, it sounds obvious, but think about what you usually do while talking on the phone. Chances are good that you see your telephone time as an opportunity to multi-task – you might be in the habit of straightening up your desk while you chat, checking your social media feed, or catching up on your emails.

You might even believe that your caller doesn’t know you’re multi-tasking because they can’t see you, right?


Callers can sense if you are giving them your full attention – it’s a critical part of being compassionate. Really listening to someone lets them know you that really care about them, understand their challenges, and want to help.

Leave the multi-tasking for later – give the caller your full attention right now – and they’ll appreciate it.

Speak Slowly and Clearly

Have you ever noticed that people who are stressed out don’t seem to listen very well? So have many scientists, and there are now a number of studies that confirm the link between stress and actual measurable hearing loss.

Some people actually experience temporary deafness and/or tinnitus (ringing in the ears) when dealing with a stressful life event such as the passing of a loved one, making it critical to speak clearly and slowly when on the phone with a grieving caller.

Take the time to speak slowly and clearly to give your caller a chance to actually hear what you have to say. Resist the urge to raise your voice though – increasing the volume of your voice could backfire and give your caller the impression that you’re annoyed, angry, or impatient.

Ask Questions

Asking your caller specific questions lets them know that you are really paying attention, and that you care about them personally. Remember, the telephone phone is all about two-way communication, so take this opportunity to learn about your caller, understand their needs, and get to know what you can do to help them.

Don’t Overwhelm With Information

Information Overload !

Remember that “a phone call is a dialogue, not a monologue”.

Giving your caller too much information during a call can come across as cold and sales-orientated – the exact opposite of compassionate. Try to keep specific information to a minimum – you can get into all the details during a face-to-face meeting, a follow-up telephone call, or over email.

Don’t Make Assumptions

Everyone reacts to death and dying differently, and quite frankly it’s not always a sad situation for the survivors. Don’t assume that the caller is upset, and avoid imposing this expectation with statements like “you must be sad”, “this must be so difficult for your family”. These type of ‘canned’ responses are ok if the caller is clearly upset, otherwise, assuming a person is experiencing a particular emotion can come across as cold, uncaring, and even insensitive.

Wondering What To Say? Here’s Some Suggestions

Validate Uncomfortable Feelings

Giving a grieving person permission to feel sad, angry, upset, or even relieved can go a long way towards communicating compassion. Simply saying “it’s ok to cry” can break down barriers and solidify your position as a trusted person in times of grief.

Ask How You Can Help

A simple, open-ended question such as “How can I help?” is a powerful way to let someone know that you truly care about them, their feelings, and their needs, while avoiding any assumptions about the kind of support the caller wants.

Acknowledge Your Own Feelings

Don’t try to over-empathize with statements like “I know how you feel” – instead, try saying something like “I don’t know how you feel, but I am here to help in any way I can”.

Compassion Helps Both The Giver and Reciever

Remember, always speak slowly, listen closely, and take a caring, compassionate tone with your callers. They’re counting on you to help them navigate a major event in their lives. Focus on being compassionate on the telephone. You can have the power to help people gain the necessary trust in you, so that you can then ask the questions that you need answered. People are going out on a limb when they call on a stranger for help. Being there is important but over the telephone you need to TELL them that you are here for them and care about their needs.

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Cremation Diamonds VS Cremation Crystals

Cremation Solutions offers both cremation diamonds and cremation crystals that beautifully commemorate the life of a loved one in a spectacular jewel. Customers aren’t always certain which type of jewel to create, so it is important for us to clarify the differences between these two types of cremation jewels so that you can make the best decision. Investing in a cremation jewel can help you pay tribute to your loved one or pet and to help you feel connected to them in a meaningful way. Whether you select a cremation crystal or cremation diamond, we want to help you feel secure and understand the differences. The following information about our artisan-crafted memorial jewelry will help you decide what is right for you.

Cremation Diamonds

Diamond Created From Human Ashes

Blue Cremation Diamond

We don’t mind sharing with our customers that we sell far more crystals than we do diamonds. However, cremation diamonds are truly majestic; they simply require an extra-long creation process and consequently cost more. Our diamond creation jewelry is truly exquisite and we are proud to offer such dazzling works of art, but it’s important that customers note that the process to create our diamonds takes between 7 months to a year. Although we employ an advanced process to produce our lab diamonds, the time requirement is unavoidable.

Our cremation diamonds are 100% certified diamond gems that are created using the carbon from a lock of hair or ashes. Each created diamond is carefully inspected, authenticated, and graded by our world-class gemologists. Each diamond is measured in carats as are all diamonds on the market. In addition, Cremation Solutions offers a guarantee against any defects in the gem. Once the diamond is created it can be set within a memorial jewel of your choosing.

Cremation diamonds have all the beauty of any cherished family heirloom, but they go a step further as they have been created with the essence of someone dear.

Our Diamond Creation Process

Yellow Cremation DiamondTo create a diamond, we place a small amount of a loved one’s ashes in a crucible that is able to withstand the intense heat of the creation process. A temperature that surpasses 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit is required in order for the elements contained in the crucible. As the heating process continues, the carbon turns into graphite. This part of the process generally takes several weeks.

Our technicians then take this graphite and place it within a core containing a metal catalyst and a genuine diamond crystal seed. This core is then placed in an innovative diamond press where it is heated once again. It takes approximately 800,000 of applied pressure (per square inch) to transform this heated core into a rough crystal. Again, several more weeks are required for this part of the transformation.

The final step is where our highly skilled jewelers work with the rough diamond using faceting tools to cut and create a gemstone that meets your specifications. The end result is always impressive, but owing to the nature of work and processing involved, we must charge accordingly; although, we want to assure our customers that we charge fairly. Our goal is to create a captivating memorial that will last you a lifetime, an heirloom that can be passed on and celebrated from one generation to the next. Will a cremation diamond last forever? Let us say this: as a genuine diamond created in our state-of-the-art lab, it will certainly last as long as any other diamonds!

If you don’t mind the cost or time involved for the creation process, we invite you to peruse our gallery of cremation diamond jewels. We also want to let customers know that our diamond color selection is slightly more limited than options for crystals. Feel free to get in touch with us to address any questions you might have about the creation process or the completed jewel.

Cremation Crystals

We design cremation crystal jewels to as one-of-a-kind keepsakes and memorials to loved ones and beloved pets who have passed. We use a very small amount of cremated ash to create our crystals. Using innovative gem-creation technology, we transform ash into genuine crystal. Our process is patented and our technologists, jewelry designers, and gemologists boast world-class skills that are evident in each newly created crystal and keepsake jewel.

Cremation Crystals: It’s All about Choice

Ring Made From Human Ashes

Womens Crystal Rings

The beauty of a custom-created jewel is the design choice that our customers enjoy. Customers have lots of options to consider as they commission their memorial crystal jewelry. We offer a wide array of sizes and cuts as well as a rainbow of colors. Customers can also select 14K white gold, 14 K gold, or sterling silver to be featured in their cremation jewel. Our crystals can be set in our rings, pendants, and necklaces. The idea is for you to be able to design a personalized jewel that suits your preferences or that possibly reflects your loved one.

The Cremation Crystal Process

Gems Made From Ashes

Mens Crystal Rings

To create your commemorative crystal jewel, we require about two tablespoons of cremation ashes. We will send you a kit after you place your order that contains a small vessel for you to fill with the ashes. If any ash is unused, we will send it back to you along with your jewel. We want to assure our customers that we have a rigid process in place to ensure that ashes are never mixed. Every customer’s order and ashes are kept completely separate. This process is integral to the integrity of our jewel-making process. We always respect that the ashes in our care are the earthly remains of your loved one. We never take our role as caretakers of this essence lightly. Our tracking strict tracking system is one of the highlights of our jewel-making process.

Unlike cremation diamonds that can take a year to create, our cremation crystals can be created in 8 and 10 weeks. Our crystals are measured in millimeters as opposed to carats. They come in both dark and light colors, but we want to point out that light colors, by their nature, produce greater sparkle and reflection. Some of the colors that we feature include red, pink, bronze, royal blue, and green. We feature a helpful chart that demonstrates what gems our crystals will closely resemble based on our color offerings. Please click here to view the chart.

Choosing a setting

Crystals Made From Ashes

Click Here For Our Full Selection of Cremation Crystals

Cremation Solutions features a wide selection of settings that can be paired with your custom cremation gem. Whether you select a diamond or crystal, you can find a jewel in our gallery that is sure to complement you gem. From rings and earrings to necklaces and pendants, you’ll find a stunning array of options and styles to consider.  You can literally design your keepsake jewel from start to finish when you commission a cremation design from Cremation Solutions. Many of our customers prefer to use their own jeweler to design a custom setting in their own particular style. We are glad to work in conjunction with your jeweler.

The Ordering Process

We’ve tried to streamline our ordering process to make it as easy as possible for our customers to design their treasured heirloom jewelry. We understand that there are lots of choices. Sometimes the design process can be challenging. If you are uncertain about designing your jewelry or have questions, we invite you to contact our designers or helpful staff that can walk you through the process and help you create something truly remarkable to commemorate your beloved family member, friend, or pet.

Getting Started

Before jumping into the ordering process, be sure to take time to peruse our galleries. You’ll be able to see images of our cremation diamonds and crystals as well as many other commemorative jewels and memorial items. Our jewelry selection is quite vast, but we love to present our customers with the widest selection that we can. When perusing our fillable jewelry, you’ll find crosses, dragonflies, hearts, Italian horns, cherubs, glass cylinders, paw prints, and so much more! Many of our customers enjoy commissioning several keepsakes at once in order to present them as gifts to other family members. This is a wonderful way to spread love and remembrance for someone who has passed.

Celebrate Love with a Cremation Jewel

Whether you are in the market for a cremation diamond or cremation crystal, we are here to help you create the treasured jewel of your dreams. You can complete your order online or call us for assistance. As soon as you place your order, we will send out a kit to collect the required amount of ash for your jewel’s creation. Your kit should arrive within a few days. Once we receive the kit back, we will begin to create your jewel. Throughout the process, you can track your jewel and get in touch with us at any time.

We look forward to crafting an heirloom of love for you. Call us today.

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How Much Does Cremation Cost

Cremation Service is Catching On

Do You Want Fries With That?

With half of the population now choosing cremation over traditional burial, it is important to know some important facts about this valuable service provided by funeral directors. A common question is how much does cremation cost? It seems like such a simple question that should have a straightforward answer. But, most people have no idea what actually is involved in cremation. If you consider all the factors that affect the price of cremation, you would understand that the answer to that question is not that cut and dry. Consumers should really think about the kind of funeral or gathering they want and if they want to spend time with the deceased either privately or publicly. Let’s consider some of the factors that will affect the cost of cremation.

Who You Gonna Call

Funeral Homes – Mortuaries – Cremation Societies – Crematories – Cremation Brokers

Don’t wait till the death has occurred to try and figure out which professionals you will hire to assist with funeral and cremation arrangements. Who you call might depend on what kind of services your families needs. Your local funeral home is always a good place to start. Many funeral homes also own their own crematory and more important they are trained to explain the many options available when it comes to cremation. Understand that when you ask a funeral director “How much for cremation” He or she will need more information to understand what and if you know what you want. They are not trying to Up-Sell you they just need to better understand the unique needs of your family and what you expectations are. Cremation is just a final disposition like burial is a final disposition. You wouldn’t expect an answer to “How much for a funeral” They might give you a price range but ultimately YOU will has to make some decisions and pick some options to determine a realistic price quote. It’s okay to negotiate! I recently was helping a friend choose a professional. They liked the people they met at the local funeral and received a price quote for a direct cremation for $2850.00 we told them about a cremation Society that was 30 miles away that would do it for $1500.00 and the local funeral matched the price!  Beware of Google search results that often have online discounters disguised as local cremation clubs or societies. These companies are usually just cremation brokers that do not own any facilities anywhere and simply connect you with real professionals that you could have dealt with directly! Many funeral homes have their own so called “Cremation Societies” Sort of an alter ego that funeral homes have online to compete on price. For direct cremation these can be the best option. I worked at Hanson Walbridge funeral home in Bennington Vermont. If someone called the funeral homes phone number they would get a price quote from the funeral home BUT if you called their Cremation Society of Vermont phone number (Same phone different button) same people same service much cheaper price!

TransportationHearse For Funerals

The cost of cremation is affected by the transportation costs. You have to consider the transporting of the body from where the person passed away to the funeral home or the crematory of choice. Is the funeral going to be held at a church or other location besides the funeral home or will you prefer a memorial type gathering following the cremation. Will the ashes need to be mailed somewhere? All of this affects the price.

Storage of the Body

A body isn’t always cremated upon arrival to the crematory. The reasons for this can vary. Some states have laws stating a certain amount of time must pass before a body can be cremated and a funeral home may charge for refrigeration (by the day). Families may delay making final decisions or need to wait for someone to arrive from out of town that wants a chance to say their final goodbyes. If the death involves a criminal investigation extra storage fees may be applied. All of this affects the price.



The cost of the actual cremation stays relatively consistent.This is the actual charge from the crematory and crematories generally do not deal directly with the public. Some factors, such as an unusually large person, might increase the cost of the cremation.

Disposition of The Ashes

How the family chooses to handle the cremated remains. The family may choose to bury the remains in a burial plot. In this situation, the cost of cremation is fairly expensive because burial plots can be expensive. A headstone marker will also likely be purchased if a burial of the cremated remains is selected. Another option that the family might choose is to store the remains in a cremation urn or use special urns for scattering ashes called scattering urns. Urns can cost as little as $100 or more than $1,000. People may choose to have the ashes become part of a piece of memorial art or cremation jewelry or even shot out of a hand held cannon called “The Loved One Launcher”! All of this affects the price.

Based on the factors discussed above, it is easy to see why cremation costs can vary greatly. There is no straight answer as to how much a cremation will cost. An experienced funeral director will discuss all the options that come with cremation and help the family decide what is best for them and their loved one. “Direct Cremation” is a term used for the most very basic of cremation services that simply gets the job done and does not involve any special arrangements for viewings, funeral memorials or burials. If you ask about the cost of a basic direct cremation you should get an instant price quote! And depending on who you call prices vary wildly for $595.00 to $4,595.00 with about $1500.00 – $2500.00 being about average. It should include all of the arrangements and permits for getting legally cremated in a cardboard box and receiving the ashes in a temporary cardboard or plastic container. For any special request beyond these basics, expect to pay more. If a funeral director quotes a price for direct cremation that does not include the cost of the actual cremation by a third party crematory or transportation……RUN! Because a direct cremation quote should include everything to get the job done and to not is a deceptive practice know as price baiting or the old bait and switch!


Cremation offers freedom to choose how to handle the service. There can be a very simple service where family and friends gather to fondly remember their loved one. Perhaps the family wants to remember the deceased in a big way and elect to have an elaborate, fancy service. When the time comes, the family has the freedom to keep the ashes in a beautiful urn or to scatter the ashes. They may decide that burying the ashes would be beneficial so that all of the loved ones have a place to visit and remember the deceased. They can choose to bury the ashes in a cemetery or a private lot. The possibilities of how to handle the cremation ashes are endless.


Cremation TimeWith a traditional funeral service, time is of the essence. Because the service must take place within a matter of days, plans may be made in haste, adding to the stress of an already grieving family. But, with cremation, there is no urgency to bury the body. The family will have ample time to plan a lovely memorial service to remember their loved one. Maybe the service needs to be delayed due to out of town family members and friends. On a personal note from my 30 years of experience there is such thing as waiting too long to conduct a memorial service. The sooner the better! Funerals are for the living and serve as the best way to let friends and family support each other in their grief so they can have a healthy transition from the loss. People sometimes wait months, for example waiting until spring when inconvenienced by a winter death. Think days and weeks but don’t stretch it out for more then a month, or it defeats the whole purpose.


Is Embalming Needed?

NO! But if you request a public viewing almost all funeral homes will require embalming. If you want a short private family viewing in the immediate days following a death embalming should not be required but a simple clean up and sanitization type of preparation should be done to make a nice final presentation to say the goodbyes. Most people don’t want to think about the embalming process and may look to alternatives such as cremation just to avoid this.

Instead of having a formal funeral service with a viewing, the family can choose to have a simple memorial service. with photographs of their loved one.  It can be a time to share stories and celebrate their loved one’s life and how they lived. A cremation can be as simple or elaborate as the family wishes. Perhaps the deceased was a simple person who led a simple life. Therefore, the family may want to choose cremation and have a simple service to reflect their loved one’s life.

Cremation PlanningIs cremation really what you want? This question can cause a lot of stress and they may wonder if they are making the right decision. This really should have been answered before the death occurred but if you are still not sure then consider all of the options. This is when a funeral director will step in and assist in answering questions and helping a family decide if cremation is right for their deceased loved one. While death remains an uncomfortable subject for most people, loved ones can be comforted in knowing that they are making the right choices when it comes to handling their loved one’s remains. A funeral director knows that family members are at their most vulnerable when making the funeral arrangements. With this in mind, he or she will explain all of the options available so that the family can make informed decisions.

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How To Stay Cool And Healthy Right Up To Your Cremation

Cool Old Dude

As people get into the mid-50s, many of them give up on life and start thinking of death, yet they have many more years of life if they have the right attitude. Death can occur at any time in life but the probability of death becomes more inevitable and avoiding it should become more a part of your life to get the most out of your golden years. Being older does not mean you have no more business enjoying life.

Tune in to avoid tuning out! Old Should Not Mean Lifeless!

Cool Old Guy SkateboardingLiving to a ripe old age depends on how well you treat yourself and not how old you are. Many people in their 70s live an active life, and they have plenty of energy in them. Presidential candidates in the 2016 election in the US were over 65. They were running for the highest office in the land when many people younger than 65 have thrown in the towel and consider themselves exhausted with nothing more in life to look forward to. Advanced age is not a limit to having aspirations and working to attain them. The only barrier to your dreams is in your attitudes and the approach you take as you advance in age. Here are suggestions to help you enjoy life to the fullest even as old age sets in.

Healthy is The New Cool

  1. Eat the right food

The body requires energy for it to run properly. The food we eat is the source of energy for the body. However, you need to be careful about the food you consume as it has positives and negatives. As you age, you need to pay more attention to taking quality food more than at any other stage in life. You have heard about how to maintain the right BMI, but it is hard to live by that.

The food’s glycemic content is an important thing to understand. This load is an estimate of how a person’s glucose level in the blood rises after consuming some food. Sugary food is metabolized very quickly, and unless one engages in rigorous physical exercise, that sugar will convert into fat. When the body has excess fat, it becomes susceptible to health complications.

  1. Exercise

The body requires physical challenges that will exert pressure on the muscles and help them grow. Being physically active at work is not enough to give your body the strength is deserves. The body needs to have regular exercise to avoid developing weak muscles. Engaging in tough practices can improve the condition of bones, tendons, and muscles in the body. Proper exercising gives you the energy to face any task instead of the feeling of weaknesses that makes you cringe from any challenge.

  1. Do not retire and Wait to Die

Retiring is accepting death because it means you have nothing else in life to live or work for. Have a sense of purpose in life even at an advanced age. If you are in good health, you have no reason just to sit and wait for your death. Let it find you doing something worthwhile for you and the rest of humanity. There is plenty you can do before you die. We are created with a lot of potential, and we should not take any of it to the grave. Therefore, every moment spent on earth should be used for a worthwhile purpose. Make the world a better place. Anyone can do this!

  1. Find what works for you and stick to it

In your advanced age, you can tell what works for you and what does not. Do not waste time with things that do not function for you. Identify what works well for in your case and stick to it. Avoid things and people who do not add any value to your life. Simplify your life and remove any clutter that clouds your focus.

  1. Appreciate how you look

Your body will change as you age. The changing appearance should not have any significance if you are focused on your purpose. Appreciate the fact that you have nothing you can do about your changing appearance. Even if people do not approve of your appearance, that should not bother you at all.

  1. Spend your time well

In the old age, life may end at any time. However, that should not prevent you from focusing on your purpose. Although you do not have control over prolonging your life, you can have some influence on it. Do not hold back on the things you have planned to do. Change any circumstances that affect the pursuit of your purpose. If you cannot make any changes, adjust to it and carry on.

Getting Ready for your Funeral So You Can Live Today

Planning Your FuneralAs you engage in various activities during your last days on earth, you can as well prepare your funeral. Many families fall apart after the death of their loved one especially if the deceased was the head of the household. It becomes hard for the family to reach agreements during the awkward moments. When people lose their loved ones, some are unable to live with the reality of death. However, preparing them for the eventuality of death makes them accept the situation when it happens.

Often people are buried or cremated according to the wishes of others. By making the arrangements when you are living, you will have control over what will happen on your final day. The arrangements you make will help the family and friends mourn and remember you in the way that reflects on you. Cement your legacy by planning a very personal funeral! Consider having a Certified Funeral Celebrant write and preform your ceremony.

Your attention and energy will be focused on the goals you have identified “A Cool Way To Live”. No one knows the time to leave the earth, and it is, therefore, better for death to catch up with you in active service instead of being caught doing nothing.

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Helping Your Children Accept the Death of a Grandparent

Grandma Died

Where’s Grandma….Never Forget….Help Hold The Memories 

Helping your children understand what happened to their grandparents can be a bit challenging as kids have a difficult time comprehending the idea of death or the fact that they will never see someone again. At the same time, kids are very tuned to their parent’s feelings, and they can easily tell when something is not right. It is very likely that your children understand that something has happened and will keep asking questions about it. It is important that you stay focused on addressing the issue.

Grandpa DiedGrandparents are very important people in every child’s life. They keep wishing that they can be around them again. No one wants to watch their children going through the pain of facing the loss of death. Everyone intends to help guide the child in understanding what has happened and it is important to know the best ways to accomplish that.

Grandparents can relate well with their grandchildren, and the children enjoy it without the kind of pressure that they get from parents. It is a special relationship that no child wants to lose. At times parents may feel resentment that their children are getting more attention from their grandparents than they recall receiving as kids but need to appreciate what the grandparents have to offer their children.

My Other Gramps

In today’s world children may have multiple sets of parents and grandparents and this kind of diversity can be enriching to everyone if the grandparents lead their grandchildren and accept their lifestyles. However, as families move on with life, some things are inevitable like illness and death. When death happens, as parents it is your role to let the children know what is going on with their grandparents. What parents typically fail to understand is that the truth is less scary than their children’s imaginations. They should not be left out during the grieving process. Let them express their feelings.

It is essential to prepare the kids for funerals and other related rituals in advance both mentally and emotionally. This will benefit them as talking about the lost grandparent at the funeral or paying tribute to them is very helpful. As adults you may wish to continue celebrating the memories of the deceased by maybe planting a tree. You can then tell the children to tend to it so that they can keep the memories close. Below are steps that you can follow in letting the children understand about their grandparent’s death:

  • Avoid trying to use an analogy to make the children feel better. As stated earlier, the truth is less scary than the child’s imaginations. Thus avoid beating around the bush trying to hide the truth from them as it could create more questions for them. By telling them that the grandparent is sleeping, they may start wondering when they are going to wake up.
  • Give them a role. Giving your children an active role can help the child to master strange emotional situation during the funeral service. You can let them sing a song or a poem but give the child a choice to decide if they want to participate.
  • Clarify that they are not coming back. This will eliminate the day to day questions of when is grandpa coming back or I am going to ask grandma to take me on a trip once she is back. Let the children understand that they will not be seeing the deceased grandparent again. Tell them which changes to expect without the presence of the grandparents.
  • Be intelligent and ready to answer their many questions. Don’t lose your temper or show them that you are avoiding their questions. Be bold enough to face them and explain everything in a way that they can understand. It is true adults can get tired of being asked questions by their children as they feel like the queries are irrelevant. The best thing to do is include them in the grieving process.
  • Allow the child to attend the funeral events like the viewing of the body and the memorial services. Tell them what to expect and how to respond to visitors who give their condolences and remind them to be strong. Also, explain about the burial procedure. You can use phrases like ‘there will be a burial at the cemetery where grandpa’s body will be buried underground in a casket, and people might cry since it is a time to say goodbye.’ This will keep them prepared for any unusual things they are likely to witness in the ceremony.
  • Finally, do not hide your tears from them and stop pretending that everything is alright when around them. They should be aware that death is a normal thing and that it will happen to everyone. Let them see that it is okay to mourn the loss of a loved one and that they should express their feelings freely. Talk about your feelings with them so that they can feel comfortable talking about their own feelings as well. You can use phrases like “I know that you are sad and that you miss grandpa, and I am too. We all loved him very much.”

After preparing them mentally, the other thing you need is to find wise and comforting words that help them feel that their grandparents are still with them. Make them feel that although they are invisible, their spirits are still very alive. Use simple terms to avoid making statements that might give conflicting messages to them. Also, allow them time for grief. The child may be going through frustration, sadness or anger after receiving the bad news. Depending on a child’s emotions, others may take more time to heal. Do not rush your children, instead offer your assistance in letting them express their feelings and support them no matter how long it takes. Let the child understand that it is okay to feel what they are feeling and if you feel that the child needs some extra help, you can consider seeking assistance from a therapist to help them cope with the difficult situation.

Never Forget…

Grandparents are and will always remain in our hearts. Let’s make the memories valuable and treasure them forever. Help the children to remember the person. You can tell the kids to have drawings of the grandparents and write what they miss and loved most about them, and that they can hang the picture at their favorite spot somewhere they can look at when they miss them. Remembering the happy moments will help to minimize the grief and activate more positive feelings.

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