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With half of the population now choosing cremation over traditional burial, it is important to know some important facts about this valuable service provided by funeral directors. A common question is how much does cremation cost? It seems like such a simple question that should have a straightforward answer. But, most people have no idea what actually is involved in cremation. If you consider all the factors that affect the price of cremation, you would understand that the answer to that question is not that cut and dry. Consumers should really think about the kind of funeral or gathering they want and if they want to spend time with the deceased either privately or publicly. Let’s consider some of the factors that will affect the cost of cremation.

Who You Gonna Call

Funeral Homes – Mortuaries – Cremation Societies – Crematories – Cremation Brokers

Don’t wait till the death has occurred to try and figure out which professionals you will hire to assist with funeral and cremation arrangements. Who you call might depend on what kind of services your families needs. Your local funeral home is always a good place to start. Many funeral homes also own their own crematory and more important they are trained to explain the many options available when it comes to cremation. Understand that when you ask a funeral director “How much for cremation” He or she will need more information to understand what and if you know what you want. They are not trying to Up-Sell you they just need to better understand the unique needs of your family and what you expectations are. Cremation is just a final disposition like burial is a final disposition. You wouldn’t expect an answer to “How much for a funeral” They might give you a price range but ultimately YOU will has to make some decisions and pick some options to determine a realistic price quote. It’s okay to negotiate! I recently was helping a friend choose a professional. They liked the people they met at the local funeral and received a price quote for a direct cremation for $2850.00 we told them about a cremation Society that was 30 miles away that would do it for $1500.00 and the local funeral matched the price!  Beware of Google search results that often have online discounters disguised as local cremation clubs or societies. These companies are usually just cremation brokers that do not own any facilities anywhere and simply connect you with real professionals that you could have dealt with directly! Many funeral homes have their own so called “Cremation Societies” Sort of an alter ego that funeral homes have online to compete on price. For direct cremation these can be the best option. I worked at Hanson Walbridge funeral home in Bennington Vermont. If someone called the funeral homes phone number they would get a price quote from the funeral home BUT if you called their Cremation Society of Vermont phone number (Same phone different button) same people same service much cheaper price!

TransportationHearse For Funerals

The cost of cremation is affected by the transportation costs. You have to consider the transporting of the body from where the person passed away to the funeral home or the crematory of choice. Is the funeral going to be held at a church or other location besides the funeral home or will you prefer a memorial type gathering following the cremation. Will the ashes need to be mailed somewhere? All of this affects the price.

Storage of the Body

A body isn’t always cremated upon arrival to the crematory. The reasons for this can vary. Some states have laws stating a certain amount of time must pass before a body can be cremated and a funeral home may charge for refrigeration (by the day). Families may delay making final decisions or need to wait for someone to arrive from out of town that wants a chance to say their final goodbyes. If the death involves a criminal investigation extra storage fees may be applied. All of this affects the price.



The cost of the actual cremation stays relatively consistent.This is the actual charge from the crematory and crematories generally do not deal directly with the public. Some factors, such as an unusually large person, might increase the cost of the cremation.

Disposition of The Ashes

How the family chooses to handle the cremated remains. The family may choose to bury the remains in a burial plot. In this situation, the cost of cremation is fairly expensive because burial plots can be expensive. A headstone marker will also likely be purchased if a burial of the cremated remains is selected. Another option that the family might choose is to store the remains in a cremation urn or use special urns for scattering ashes called scattering urns. Urns can cost as little as $100 or more than $1,000. People may choose to have the ashes become part of a piece of memorial art or cremation jewelry or even shot out of a hand held cannon called “The Loved One Launcher”! All of this affects the price.

Based on the factors discussed above, it is easy to see why cremation costs can vary greatly. There is no straight answer as to how much a cremation will cost. An experienced funeral director will discuss all the options that come with cremation and help the family decide what is best for them and their loved one. “Direct Cremation” is a term used for the most very basic of cremation services that simply gets the job done and does not involve any special arrangements for viewings, funeral memorials or burials. If you ask about the cost of a basic direct cremation you should get an instant price quote! And depending on who you call prices vary wildly for $595.00 to $4,595.00 with about $1500.00 – $2500.00 being about average. It should include all of the arrangements and permits for getting legally cremated in a cardboard box and receiving the ashes in a temporary cardboard or plastic container. For any special request beyond these basics, expect to pay more. If a funeral director quotes a price for direct cremation that does not include the cost of the actual cremation by a third party crematory or transportation……RUN! Because a direct cremation quote should include everything to get the job done and to not is a deceptive practice know as price baiting or the old bait and switch!


Cremation offers freedom to choose how to handle the service. There can be a very simple service where family and friends gather to fondly remember their loved one. Perhaps the family wants to remember the deceased in a big way and elect to have an elaborate, fancy service. When the time comes, the family has the freedom to keep the ashes in a beautiful urn or to scatter the ashes. They may decide that burying the ashes would be beneficial so that all of the loved ones have a place to visit and remember the deceased. They can choose to bury the ashes in a cemetery or a private lot. The possibilities of how to handle the cremation ashes are endless.


Cremation TimeWith a traditional funeral service, time is of the essence. Because the service must take place within a matter of days, plans may be made in haste, adding to the stress of an already grieving family. But, with cremation, there is no urgency to bury the body. The family will have ample time to plan a lovely memorial service to remember their loved one. Maybe the service needs to be delayed due to out of town family members and friends. On a personal note from my 30 years of experience there is such thing as waiting too long to conduct a memorial service. The sooner the better! Funerals are for the living and serve as the best way to let friends and family support each other in their grief so they can have a healthy transition from the loss. People sometimes wait months, for example waiting until spring when inconvenienced by a winter death. Think days and weeks but don’t stretch it out for more then a month, or it defeats the whole purpose.


Is Embalming Needed?

NO! But if you request a public viewing almost all funeral homes will require embalming. If you want a short private family viewing in the immediate days following a death embalming should not be required but a simple clean up and sanitization type of preparation should be done to make a nice final presentation to say the goodbyes. Most people don’t want to think about the embalming process and may look to alternatives such as cremation just to avoid this.

Instead of having a formal funeral service with a viewing, the family can choose to have a simple memorial service. with photographs of their loved one.  It can be a time to share stories and celebrate their loved one’s life and how they lived. A cremation can be as simple or elaborate as the family wishes. Perhaps the deceased was a simple person who led a simple life. Therefore, the family may want to choose cremation and have a simple service to reflect their loved one’s life.

Cremation PlanningIs cremation really what you want? This question can cause a lot of stress and they may wonder if they are making the right decision. This really should have been answered before the death occurred but if you are still not sure then consider all of the options. This is when a funeral director will step in and assist in answering questions and helping a family decide if cremation is right for their deceased loved one. While death remains an uncomfortable subject for most people, loved ones can be comforted in knowing that they are making the right choices when it comes to handling their loved one’s remains. A funeral director knows that family members are at their most vulnerable when making the funeral arrangements. With this in mind, he or she will explain all of the options available so that the family can make informed decisions.

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How To Stay Cool And Healthy Right Up To Your Cremation

Cool Old Dude

As people get into the mid-50s, many of them give up on life and start thinking of death, yet they have many more years of life if they have the right attitude. Death can occur at any time in life but the probability of death becomes more inevitable and avoiding it should become more a part of your life to get the most out of your golden years. Being older does not mean you have no more business enjoying life.

Tune in to avoid tuning out! Old Should Not Mean Lifeless!

Cool Old Guy SkateboardingLiving to a ripe old age depends on how well you treat yourself and not how old you are. Many people in their 70s live an active life, and they have plenty of energy in them. Presidential candidates in the 2016 election in the US were over 65. They were running for the highest office in the land when many people younger than 65 have thrown in the towel and consider themselves exhausted with nothing more in life to look forward to. Advanced age is not a limit to having aspirations and working to attain them. The only barrier to your dreams is in your attitudes and the approach you take as you advance in age. Here are suggestions to help you enjoy life to the fullest even as old age sets in.

Healthy is The New Cool

  1. Eat the right food

The body requires energy for it to run properly. The food we eat is the source of energy for the body. However, you need to be careful about the food you consume as it has positives and negatives. As you age, you need to pay more attention to taking quality food more than at any other stage in life. You have heard about how to maintain the right BMI, but it is hard to live by that.

The food’s glycemic content is an important thing to understand. This load is an estimate of how a person’s glucose level in the blood rises after consuming some food. Sugary food is metabolized very quickly, and unless one engages in rigorous physical exercise, that sugar will convert into fat. When the body has excess fat, it becomes susceptible to health complications.

  1. Exercise

The body requires physical challenges that will exert pressure on the muscles and help them grow. Being physically active at work is not enough to give your body the strength is deserves. The body needs to have regular exercise to avoid developing weak muscles. Engaging in tough practices can improve the condition of bones, tendons, and muscles in the body. Proper exercising gives you the energy to face any task instead of the feeling of weaknesses that makes you cringe from any challenge.

  1. Do not retire and Wait to Die

Retiring is accepting death because it means you have nothing else in life to live or work for. Have a sense of purpose in life even at an advanced age. If you are in good health, you have no reason just to sit and wait for your death. Let it find you doing something worthwhile for you and the rest of humanity. There is plenty you can do before you die. We are created with a lot of potential, and we should not take any of it to the grave. Therefore, every moment spent on earth should be used for a worthwhile purpose. Make the world a better place. Anyone can do this!

  1. Find what works for you and stick to it

In your advanced age, you can tell what works for you and what does not. Do not waste time with things that do not function for you. Identify what works well for in your case and stick to it. Avoid things and people who do not add any value to your life. Simplify your life and remove any clutter that clouds your focus.

  1. Appreciate how you look

Your body will change as you age. The changing appearance should not have any significance if you are focused on your purpose. Appreciate the fact that you have nothing you can do about your changing appearance. Even if people do not approve of your appearance, that should not bother you at all.

  1. Spend your time well

In the old age, life may end at any time. However, that should not prevent you from focusing on your purpose. Although you do not have control over prolonging your life, you can have some influence on it. Do not hold back on the things you have planned to do. Change any circumstances that affect the pursuit of your purpose. If you cannot make any changes, adjust to it and carry on.

Getting Ready for your Funeral So You Can Live Today

Planning Your FuneralAs you engage in various activities during your last days on earth, you can as well prepare your funeral. Many families fall apart after the death of their loved one especially if the deceased was the head of the household. It becomes hard for the family to reach agreements during the awkward moments. When people lose their loved ones, some are unable to live with the reality of death. However, preparing them for the eventuality of death makes them accept the situation when it happens.

Often people are buried or cremated according to the wishes of others. By making the arrangements when you are living, you will have control over what will happen on your final day. The arrangements you make will help the family and friends mourn and remember you in the way that reflects on you. Cement your legacy by planning a very personal funeral! Consider having a Certified Funeral Celebrant write and preform your ceremony.

Your attention and energy will be focused on the goals you have identified “A Cool Way To Live”. No one knows the time to leave the earth, and it is, therefore, better for death to catch up with you in active service instead of being caught doing nothing.

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Helping Your Children Accept the Death of a Grandparent

Grandma Died

Where’s Grandma….Never Forget….Help Hold The Memories 

Helping your children understand what happened to their grandparents can be a bit challenging as kids have a difficult time comprehending the idea of death or the fact that they will never see someone again. At the same time, kids are very tuned to their parent’s feelings, and they can easily tell when something is not right. It is very likely that your children understand that something has happened and will keep asking questions about it. It is important that you stay focused on addressing the issue.

Grandpa DiedGrandparents are very important people in every child’s life. They keep wishing that they can be around them again. No one wants to watch their children going through the pain of facing the loss of death. Everyone intends to help guide the child in understanding what has happened and it is important to know the best ways to accomplish that.

Grandparents can relate well with their grandchildren, and the children enjoy it without the kind of pressure that they get from parents. It is a special relationship that no child wants to lose. At times parents may feel resentment that their children are getting more attention from their grandparents than they recall receiving as kids but need to appreciate what the grandparents have to offer their children.

My Other Gramps

In today’s world children may have multiple sets of parents and grandparents and this kind of diversity can be enriching to everyone if the grandparents lead their grandchildren and accept their lifestyles. However, as families move on with life, some things are inevitable like illness and death. When death happens, as parents it is your role to let the children know what is going on with their grandparents. What parents typically fail to understand is that the truth is less scary than their children’s imaginations. They should not be left out during the grieving process. Let them express their feelings.

It is essential to prepare the kids for funerals and other related rituals in advance both mentally and emotionally. This will benefit them as talking about the lost grandparent at the funeral or paying tribute to them is very helpful. As adults you may wish to continue celebrating the memories of the deceased by maybe planting a tree. You can then tell the children to tend to it so that they can keep the memories close. Below are steps that you can follow in letting the children understand about their grandparent’s death:

  • Avoid trying to use an analogy to make the children feel better. As stated earlier, the truth is less scary than the child’s imaginations. Thus avoid beating around the bush trying to hide the truth from them as it could create more questions for them. By telling them that the grandparent is sleeping, they may start wondering when they are going to wake up.
  • Give them a role. Giving your children an active role can help the child to master strange emotional situation during the funeral service. You can let them sing a song or a poem but give the child a choice to decide if they want to participate.
  • Clarify that they are not coming back. This will eliminate the day to day questions of when is grandpa coming back or I am going to ask grandma to take me on a trip once she is back. Let the children understand that they will not be seeing the deceased grandparent again. Tell them which changes to expect without the presence of the grandparents.
  • Be intelligent and ready to answer their many questions. Don’t lose your temper or show them that you are avoiding their questions. Be bold enough to face them and explain everything in a way that they can understand. It is true adults can get tired of being asked questions by their children as they feel like the queries are irrelevant. The best thing to do is include them in the grieving process.
  • Allow the child to attend the funeral events like the viewing of the body and the memorial services. Tell them what to expect and how to respond to visitors who give their condolences and remind them to be strong. Also, explain about the burial procedure. You can use phrases like ‘there will be a burial at the cemetery where grandpa’s body will be buried underground in a casket, and people might cry since it is a time to say goodbye.’ This will keep them prepared for any unusual things they are likely to witness in the ceremony.
  • Finally, do not hide your tears from them and stop pretending that everything is alright when around them. They should be aware that death is a normal thing and that it will happen to everyone. Let them see that it is okay to mourn the loss of a loved one and that they should express their feelings freely. Talk about your feelings with them so that they can feel comfortable talking about their own feelings as well. You can use phrases like “I know that you are sad and that you miss grandpa, and I am too. We all loved him very much.”

After preparing them mentally, the other thing you need is to find wise and comforting words that help them feel that their grandparents are still with them. Make them feel that although they are invisible, their spirits are still very alive. Use simple terms to avoid making statements that might give conflicting messages to them. Also, allow them time for grief. The child may be going through frustration, sadness or anger after receiving the bad news. Depending on a child’s emotions, others may take more time to heal. Do not rush your children, instead offer your assistance in letting them express their feelings and support them no matter how long it takes. Let the child understand that it is okay to feel what they are feeling and if you feel that the child needs some extra help, you can consider seeking assistance from a therapist to help them cope with the difficult situation.

Never Forget…

Grandparents are and will always remain in our hearts. Let’s make the memories valuable and treasure them forever. Help the children to remember the person. You can tell the kids to have drawings of the grandparents and write what they miss and loved most about them, and that they can hang the picture at their favorite spot somewhere they can look at when they miss them. Remembering the happy moments will help to minimize the grief and activate more positive feelings.

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Cremation Urns Made of Wood Are Naturally Beautiful

Fisherman Wooden UrnWooden cremation urns are timeless pieces made from classic materials that are versatile to not only the style and taste of the deceased but also yourself. Most of our wooden urns are handcrafted by skilled artisans in the United States using high-quality solid woods, making them the best wood urns available anywhere that also support our local economies.

Our craftsmen use beautiful solid woods including cherry, oak, maple, and walnut that display individual character through the grains unique to each wood, providing not only a beautiful vessel for your loved one’s ashes but decor that fits in with your home.

Rose Inlay Urn

Several Wood Types Are Inlayed Into Roses

The natural wooden urns available at Cremation Solutions (Click Here) surpasses what you will find anywhere else, with exquisite selections that speak to lovers of nature, spirituality, simplicity, timeless classics and contemporary pieces. From intricately designed wooden inlays and laser engravings of calming landscapes and nature’s beauty to amazingly unique wooden urns featuring functional birdhouse memorials, a special piece designed specifically for equestrian lovers and customizable hats in the country western, outback, and derby styles. Additionally, Cremation Solutions offers engraving services to add a touch of personalization or epitaph to many of our wooden urns, as well as the option to add a personalized engraved brass nameplate.

Gazing upon landscapes is a serene experience that brings tranquility to our minds, a welcome respite to our grieving minds. Our outdoor themed urns serve as a gentle reminder to imagine those landscapes of peace in times of need. Some of the intricate outdoor scenes you will find include coastlines and beaches, howling desert wolves, farm and country lands, and various outdoor recreations such as one of our most popular urns featuring a fisherman on a boat catching a bass.

Much of our collection features intricate outdoor scenes using the arts of marquetry and laser etching. Marquetry is the ancient art of inlaying small pieces of exotic hardwood to create exquisite wood art and combined with laser engraving, produces an even more dramatic, 3D-like effect. Browse our selection of marquetry designed wooden urns to get an idea of just how beautifully detailed the artwork is.

Our New “LGBT” One Love Urn

We understand that grieving the loss of a loved one is a stressful time, and choosing the right urn can be a difficult and overwhelming process. Hopefully, the information below will better help you on your journey to finding the perfect wood urn to protect your loved one’s ashes through the ages while serving as a loving sentiment for yourself.

A hardy material sustainable through recycling, wood connects us with our ancestors and the natural land they cultivated and harvested. The skillful art of woodworking has been used in a variety of decorations and useful items by early humans for thousands of years. Keeping in tune with the tradition of woodworking and the importance of the great outdoors, you will find unique wooden urns crafted with laser-assisted engravings and inlaid wood. These techniques create three-dimensional art depicting many different scenes including outdoor adventures, nature, religion, and more.

Gazing upon landscapes is a serene experience that brings tranquility to our minds, a welcome respite to our grieving minds. Our outdoor themed urns serve as a gentle reminder to imagine those landscapes of peace in times of need. Some of the intricate outdoor scenes you will find include coastlines and beaches, howling desert wolves, farm and country lands, and various outdoor recreations such as one of our most popular urns featuring a fisherman on a boat catching a bass.

If you’re looking more specifically for an animal or flower themed urn to represent your loved ones interests, we have a wide selection of feathery bird friends and enchanting butterflies, serene aquatic life and lively land animals, to various flowers and beautifully simple plain wood. Almost all of these wood urns are beautifully handcrafted using marquetry and laser etching techniques to artfully depict numerous nature scenes.

Wooden Clock Urn

Clock Urns Blend in To Your Decor

Time heals all wounds, says the age-old advice. With each day that goes by, it will become easier to adjust to the loss of our loved one. Our mantel clock wooden urns serve as a gentle reminder to that testament. Built with battery operated, fully functional Quartz clocks, these wooden urns come in a variety of styles with some featuring an hourly chime and the option to fit temporary plastic urn containers or an upgradeable bronze box insert for your loved one’s ashes.

Remembering your faith can be particularly helpful in times of mourning. Find peace and comfort in one of our religious inspired urns that feature blessing and calming scriptural scenes. You’ll find a beautiful assortment of intricately detailed laser-cut and wood inlay designs in our wooden cremation urn collection. From the “The Lord is My Shepherd” scene and an “Our Lady of Guadalupe” silhouette to more simple but elegant classic and serenity style crosses, the Star of David, praying hands, and guardian angels. The sophisticated woodwork and calming religious scenes on our urns will bring comfort to you when it’s needed the most in your time of grieving.

Birdhouse Urns

Add Your Own Photo

Exceptionally unique, our Birdsong Urns are a natural and green way to go back to the earth and continue the cycle of life while honoring your loved one. Constructed with sustainable recycled mango wood and designed with two purposes in mind, the Birdsong Urn first holds your loved one’s ashes on display in a beautifully handcrafted birdhouse. After you are ready to spread the ashes back to the earth, the urn can then be used as a birdhouse memorial for many years to come. As birds come and go with the seasons to build their nest and raise their young, the cycle of life continues. The dense tropical wood used to construct the Birdsong urns provides a long lasting earth friendly home for our wide variety of our feathered friends.

Whether you are looking for a wood cremation urn for a loved one who has passed away that enjoyed fishing or hunting for big game, walking the sandy beaches, gazing upon serene landscapes, praising the Lord or just the great outdoors in general, we are confident you will find a unique cremation urn in our collection that connects you and your loved one to past times that brought joy and comfort to your lives. See our Full Selections of Wood Urns (HERE)

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The Horrible Effects of Formaldehyde on Funeral Directors

Formaldehyde is commonly used as a industrial disinfectant as well as a preservative in funeral homes and medical labs. In some cases, it is used as a food preservative and can be found in medicines and cosmetics. It can also occur naturally in the environment through animal and human metabolic processes. The chemical is colorless, extremely flammable and has a suffocating odor.

People mainly get exposed to this chemical by inhalation. It can also be absorbed through the skin. Moreover, people can be exposed to it by consuming contaminated foods. Any material containing formaldehyde can release it as vapor or as a gas. Another place where the chemical is found is in tobacco smoke which can affect both the smokers and the secondary inhalers. It can also be found in low concentrations in skin care products and cosmetics.

Firmaldehyde Causes Cancer

Formaldehyde Causes Cancer!

The group of individuals that are repeatedly exposed to formaldehyde are the workers producing the chemical, lab technicians, and morticians. The chemical is dangerous if it is present in the air at a level more than 0.1 ppm, it can cause adverse effects like coughing, nausea, watery eyes, skin irritation and a burning sensation around the nose and eyes. The short-term effects of formaldehyde are common, but most people are not aware of its long-term health effects. Research has shown that formaldehyde causes cancer. A test was done on rats which proved that it causes nasal cancer in rodents. This study raised the question of whether formaldehyde would have the same effect on humans. Formaldehyde has been classified as a human carcinogen.

Funeral Juice

“Just Say No”

The National Cancer Institute conducted research to determine the relationship between occupational exposure to formaldehyde and the various types of cancer. The study was meant to improve occupational safety to the workers. Individuals exposed to formaldehyde are at an increased risk of suffering from leukemia and brain cancer. What will happen if all the funeral workers suffered from brain cancer? Ive met several embalmers that have  been diagnosed with brain cancer!

Funeral directors are parents, daughters, sons, husbands, and wives. Their loved ones count on them and want them to stay alive and healthy. So why does the industry put them at risk of getting cancer? If they fall sick or died the bodies would be piling up all over the place and cause a major public health crisis!

Some of the cancer types like hematologic cancer which includes leukemia development in the bone marrow or blood. The other kind is lymphatic which develops in tissues and organs which carry white blood cells. White blood cells take the responsibility of fighting diseases, and the outcomes can never be good if the cells are consumed since the body cannot fight infections. A study showed that morticians exposed to formaldehyde had a lower number of white blood cells than the rest of the study participants.

Inhaling – If a worker inhales above 50 ppm concentration of formaldehyde, it can cause severe pulmonary reactions within a short period. The results include pneumonia, bronchial irritation and pulmonary edema. Low concentrations cause moderate irritations like coughing and wheezing. It can also cause bronchial asthma. Upper airway irritation is very common among funeral directors and can occur even at low concentrations depending on their body reactions. The symptoms of upper airway irritation are a sore throat, burning sensation in the nose and nasal congestion.

Eye contact – The chemical produces a painful sensation and irritation of the eyes with severe redness, itching, burning and tearing.

Skin contact – Absorption of formaldehyde by the skin causes irritation and allergic reactions. The reactions can occur even at low concentrations as human skin is very sensitive. Allergic reactions as a result of formaldehyde absorption can include edema.

The employers’ responsibility – It is the employer’s duty to ensure the safety of the employees is observed while at the workplace. Employers should provide workers with protective gear and proper ventilation. I have embalmed in about ten different funeral homes and not one of them had proper ventilation! There are other products in the market that can be used in funeral homes without posing a threat to the welfare of employees.

The employees’ obligation – It is the employee’s obligation to file complaints with OSHA when they feel like their legal rights and personal health is being neglected. No employee should ever have to agree to work under such dangerous circumstances.

With the damage done by formaldehyde, there is no way funeral directors are going to improve their lives. Many funeral professionals respond emotionally when they are inhibited by the side effects of formaldehyde. Some of the emotional effects are:

  • Drug abuse – Due to the dulling effects of formaldehyde, many embalmers naturally turn to alcohol and drugs to stimulate their chronically dulled brains in search of feelings of joy. The chemical thus leads to the use of more damaging chemicals further compounding the de-sensitization of the embalmers. The everyday stress of dealing with sad irritable people is already a driving factor but slightly preserved brains have a harder time just saying no.
  • Laziness – We know for a fact that many in funeral service simply do as little as possible and prefer to just do things the way they always have. Could formaldehyde be the cause of the brain fog that blocks motivation and the ability to innovate. We know about premature burnout and that most graduates of the funeral service leave their chosen profession in the first three years. It’s not like they didn’t know what the job entailed, but they soon realize their mental health is rapidly going down the drain along with a mixture of blood and poison. Stress is usually blamed for what could be the effects of breathing poisonous fumes.
  • Memory loss – I’ve embalmed about 3,000 bodies and have suffered from chronic C.R.S.  I’ve been off the fumes now for about ten years now and can say that my memory is slowly returning with time. In a business where details are everything, anyone would have to admit that it’s hard to plan a funeral in one day with so much to remember. Wedding planners take months to do the same thing. Thankfully we have smart phones, check lists and funeral planning software that helps funeral pros remember all the details as their own capacity can be diminished to a trickle.
Who Cares

Does Anyone Really Care…

It is sad to see that the morticians have to absorb all of the fumes coming from what they believe is the only way to properly preserve the dead. It’s great that they are so dedicated to their life’s work, but should they have to risk their own lives on the deceased? I say the sacrifice is already enough without the risk of contracting cancer. The chemical is highly concentrated and puts them in grave danger.

Harsh steps need to be taken to eliminate this deadly substance from the market. It would be insane if people continue using this stuff even after realizing the dangers associated with it, but that is exactly what is happening. There are many other harmless non-formaldehyde based products for carrying out the same tasks. Why does the funeral industry refuse to change, evolve, and protect the workers and their health?

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Losing A Pet and The Steps to Recovery

Dog FuneralsPet ownership is among the deepest pleasures in life. Whether you’re a cat person, a dog person, or a little bit of both, every household feels fuller with the love and affection of a four-legged family member. Having a loving and caring animal to come home to and play with, cuddle with, and bond with is an amazing thing. It provides an insight into the selfless adoration that many people might not otherwise experience.

Funerals for pets

For all of the good things that pets bring into our lives, their deaths can be a brutal loss. While it’s understood that domestic animals don’t live as long as we humans do, often no more than ten to twenty years, Yet dealing with this fact is far easier said than done. Watching the aging process, accepting the decline, and scheduling the euthanasia if necessary can be more painful than you ever imagined. No matter how prepared you are for your pet to leave this earth, saying goodbye creates a profound sense of loss.

Confronting the Idea of Loss



To most pet owners, pets are family. A dog isn’t “just a dog,” and a cat isn’t “just a cat.” As members of your household you see, touch, and interact with them on a daily basis. It doesn’t take long for a deep and enduring bond to develop. Love for a pet is simple and pure, and losing this can sometimes be harder to handle than the loss of the complex relationships that we develop with other people.

Grief manifests itself in many ways, and there’s no right or wrong way to feel once your pet has passed on. The sadness may strike immediately and or it may come in waves of intense pain or when the world around you triggers a memory. You might cry for a while immediately following death, or cry on and off for days or even weeks. This is all completely okay. There is no wrong way to process the loss of a beloved member of your family. However, in order to move forward in a healthy and happy way it is very important to properly process your grief.

Coping With Death

Coping with a permanent loss is rarely an easy battle. The sadness that comes with death often perpetuates for extended periods of time, long after the initial pain has subsided. This can be especially true for those with deep relationships with their pets, or children who may be experiencing death for the very first time.

How you choose to cope with death and your loss can have a distinct impact on your long term well-being. With the right approach, you can work through your emotions and eventually feel at peace with the cherished memories of your beloved pet.

Take Time to Grieve

Urns For Pet Ashes

My Angel

The moments right after the loss of your pet can be the most difficult. The initial emotions will be intense and can include sorrow, regret, and pain. Some pet owners will feel guilt as well, especially for those who made the decision to put down a sick pet.

All of these feelings are natural and completely appropriate. The loss of a pet is very hard, and it’s okay to let your sadness out. If you need time to cry, be angry, or wallow for a while, that is perfectly fine. Don’t let anyone tell you how to mourn and feel free to grieve in your own way on your own schedule without the worry of embarrassment or judgment.

Share Stories and Thoughts

When your pet dies, their memory continues to live on. If you have a spouse, children, friends, or family who knew your pet, don’t be afraid to take some time to share favorite memories or funny stories with them. Grief doesn’t have to be a solitary event, and letting your feelings out can help you appreciate the joy that your pet added to your life.

Saying Goodbye To a PetThis can be especially helpful for families with children. A pet’s death is often the first experience many children have with the concept of permanent loss, and the experience can be very troubling. Tell your child what happened with plain and clear language, avoiding euphemisms and encourage them to ask as many questions as necessary. If they seem particularly sad, comfort them and urge them to share stories and thoughts to help manage the grieving process. By sharing and remembering the good times, you and your child can bond together over love instead of sadness.

Reach Out

Pet Paw Pictures

Custom Paw Portraits

If you feel as though your grief is overwhelming, outside assistance may be beneficial. Many people feel intense sadness when a pet passes away, so your loss will be easy to understand for countless others. Group therapy can be a benefit, giving you a chance to talk about your pet while listening to stories from others dealing with the same struggles.

For those who choose to grieve privately, an appointment with a therapist or a call to a help line may provide guidance as you work through your feelings. Many clinical psychologists and therapists who specialize in grief are happy to work with individuals that have lost pets. Additionally, the ASPCA maintains a Pet Loss Hotline that can be reached at (877) GRIEF-10.

Honor Your Pet’s Memory

Pet Cremation Jewelry

Jewelry With Ashes Inside

Your pet contributed many years of happy memories and good times, so a proper funeral and memorial can be an excellent way to honor and respect their mark on your life. How you choose to do this is up to you, but some pet owners prefer to maintain an urn, plant a tree over a burial spot, or create a photo album of the many happy moments.

Urn For Pet Ashes

Urns For Pets

If you are seeking a truly special way to keep a part of your pet near your heart, cremation jewelry from Cremation Solutions can give you a beautiful, wearable memorial to remember your departed friend. Available as gemstone jewelry, diamonds, keepsakes, lockets, and more. You can find the perfect solution to honor your pet’s memory. Cremation Solutions also offers cremation urns and monuments, providing the flexibility to create a statement in a way that’s best for you and your family.

Puppy Dog HouseOpening Up Your Heart by getting a new pet can be a point of contention after the loss. Some feel as though immediately bringing home a new kitten or puppy is disrespecting the honor of the fallen family member. While others see it as a way to help the heart to heal. Whether you plan to get a new animal right away or choose to take some time to process the loss, opening your heart to the possibility of a new pet can be a great way to add a bright spot to your life. While nothing can ever replace your beloved family member, providing a loving and wonderful life for a new animal in need can help you find comfort and heal your heart.

Despite the pain of loss, pet ownership is both gratifying and fulfilling. When you want to create an enduring memorial to your cat, dog, or other pet, Cremation Solutions can provide you with the resources that you need to keep a much-loved memory alive forever.

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How Word Clouds Are Helping The Dying

Dying in bedThe Intensive Care Unit is a place where most people spend their last moments. The families of the dying have a hard time since they get to watch their loved ones in their last moments. There have been different kinds of research conducted to find ways that the dying and their families can be made comfortable during this difficult time. There is a need to find ways that health-care providers can connect with their patients since it is believed that there is no connection between them. One discovery that has proved to be effective in providing comfort to the dying and their families and make physicians and nurses more involved in the lives of their patients is the use of word clouds.

Word clouds are being used to give those who are in need of intensive care happy memories during their last days. The word clouds are being used by Canadian doctors to make the intensive care unit more humanizing and comfort the families of those who are dying. Word clouds make health professionals forge relationships with the patients.image

Word clouds are graphic representations of patient descriptions that are generated through and have been used in the ICU of St. Joseph’s Health-care. The word clouds have proved to be economical ways of relieving patients and their families during the difficult and stressful time. Staff members of the health-care facility have incorporated the use of word clouds in their regular lives.

Comforting The DyingThe use of word clouds in health-care has had a great impact on the provision of care to patients. The word clouds are also used by health-care professionals to care for the patients. They are considered to be a form of art and are used to tell stories about the patients to family members and health-care professionals. Word clouds are helping the dying by allowing their stories to be told instead of only focusing on their last days. The patient using word clouds is seen as a whole person, and their life story can be narrated in a creative way.

With word clouds, families can bond with the dying without focusing on the bad times or how they are spending their last days. It provides relief since they can talk about the good times and share happy memories. However, it is not only for family members but health-care professionals as well. The professionals get to interact with the patients, and they get reminded of why they got into the profession. The word clouds give the health-care providers a chance to appreciate human life and the good moments they shared with their patients. It gives them a sense of healing knowing they did something good for the patient and made their lives more enjoyable.

The ICU is considered a very stressful place to work in and the use of word clouds makes the stress more bearable. It leans towards the practice of narrative medicine. Narrative medicine is a care model that allows patient stories to be recognized and show the different parties the essence of having a common humanity.

Physicians who have used word clouds describe it as being beautiful since it brings everyone together. It makes it easier for physicians to forge meaningful connections with the dying and the families. These connections are important in the provision of care as it makes it easier for them to understand the patient’s needs and cater to them in a better way.

In forming these bonds, the health-care providers get to learn more about the patient. They learn what makes the patient reluctant to give up and why they are eager when they hear footsteps approaching. They get to know how they remain determined during the entire time and the things they consider valuable to them. Narrative medicine makes it easier to identify with the dying person as a fellow human being and not only as a patient.

Memorial Word CloudWord clouds remain even after the person has died. Family members report that the use of word clouds has made them feel closer to their loved one even after they died. Looking at the images makes it easier for them to reflect on the life of their loved one instead of focusing on how they spent their last days. The use of word clouds has shown the world that physicians care deeply about the welfare of their patients and they are genuinely concerned about what happens to them. Initially, physicians and nurses could only be seen briefly when they were giving bad news to the family. With word clouds, they can have a more active role in the life of the dying patient. Dying patients, the families, and the medical professional can be on the same side since they all share a common humanity. Word clouds have brought together a community that was initially divided.

The use of word clouds is not only useful in the provision of health-care but eulogy writing and the making of funeral arrangements.

Word clouds can be used to make the dying more comfortable. They give narratives of the patient making it easier for people to focus on happy memories. After the patient passes on, the family is left to make funeral arrangements and write the eulogy.

The use of word clouds to write narratives of the dying person can be used in writing the eulogy. A eulogy tells the life story of those who pass on and the achievements that they made during their lifetime. Word clouds can be used to give an interesting description of their life story and let people focus on happy memories instead of being sad. They will engage the loved ones of the deceased who will be eager to know more about the life and achievements made when they were alive.

The word clouds also provide an emotional attachment to the deceased since it helps them focus on the main things. Family members who looked at word clouds feel close to their loved one, and it makes it easier for them to reflect on the good memories they had. It makes it easier for them to move on instead of dwelling on how their loved one spent their last days. Health-care professionals will see the word clouds and remember the time spent with the patients.

Word clouds used in eulogy writing will convey a strong message on the life of the patient and how they were determined to keep living and leave a legacy for those they were leaving behind. Those who look at the eulogy find it easier to heal from the loss of their loved one. Family members who were in the study report that they felt a strong connection with the patient and found it easier to focus on happy memories instead of the sad ones.

Physicians and nurses will feel like they had an active role in the lives of their patients since they will have had a chance to understand them better. They will engage with the family of their patient and will appreciate the delicate nature of humanity. The professionals will be more motivated in carrying out their duties since they will have a closer connection with the patients and their families.

The use of word clouds in eulogy writing will enable family members to give details of the patient’s life in a language and manner that is easy for them and others to understand. People will look at the eulogy and see the entire life of the deceased without focusing on the negative. People will understand and have a closer connection to the family. Family members will feel closer to each other since they will share a common person. It will be easier to use word clouds to make it easier for family members and those who were considered close to the deceased to find strength in each other and look back at the good times they spent with their loved one. Word clouds highlight different parts of the life of their loved ones, and they will see how they made the days of the person more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Funeral CelebrantIn the funeral ceremony, the word clouds can be used to highlight important details concerning the life of the person. Those who attend the funeral will have a chance to live together with their loved one as they will feel like they are still together. The family will feel like they have a connection with their loved one even though s/he has already passed on. Word clouds will make it easier for them to remember the deceased and their legacy. It is a way for them to display the documented words of their loved ones as a way to reaffirm their life.

Word clouds are important as they give the dying person dignity even after they are already dead. The families can reconnect with their loved one through looking back to their words. Word clouds being used in health-care will go a long way in improving the care provided to the patients. They will feel better knowing that they can be seen as people and not just as patients. It also makes it easier for family members to accept the reality that their loved ones will eventually die and focus on happy memories they had together.

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When Death Becomes Art

Coping with death can be one of the hardest things you’ll ever face. Accepting that you’ll never see, talk to, or touch a person you love is a long and enduring process for family members and friends. Grieving can be a very hard road, and one that many people walk for weeks, months, and even years.

A big part of grieving for many people involves paying tribute, whether through a community event or with a memorial such as a park bench or garden. More and more people are getting creative with memorial works of art and personal memorials that are kept at home and can easily be visited in times of sadness and joy.

When a standard gesture may not be enough families are now turning to the artistic skills of glass artist that specialize in memorial art glass that actually incorporates some of the cremated ashes. With a beautifully-crafted work of art from Cremation Solutions, you can keep your loved one’s ashes alive forever in your memory, your heart, and your home.

Creating the Perfect Memorial

Ashes in glass

From Ashes Comes Art

When you lose some one special, finding an appropriate way to pay homage to their life can take a little creativity. Blown glass cremation statues are handcrafted and unique to you, providing a one of a kind keepsake that you can cherish forever.

Whether you wish to capture a creative spirit gone too soon or would like to develop a physical representation of a loved one, our inventory can help you find a touching tribute to those who matter most. We know that no two souls are exactly the same, which is why we offer dozens of options to help you embody the love and life of the beautiful person you want to remember.

Made from both recycled and non-recycled glass, our touching selection provides the choices necessary to truly celebrate those who have passed on.

The Beauty of Blown Glass

Glass blowing is an incredibly challenging discipline, requiring patience, skill, and attention to detail to execute properly. Each Cremation Solutions piece is handmade specifically to your order, ensuring a custom creation carrying a little piece of someone you love and cherish.

In order to create blown glass pieces, our artisans start with a crucible of hot liquid glass. This glass is then gathered on the end of a hollow steel blow pipe, and then rolled on a hard metal table to create a smooth, rounded shape. In order to keep the glass hot and malleable, the craftsman will continue to place the blow pipe into a roaring furnace.

To shape and expand the glass, the artist will physically blow into the end of the pipe. If necessary, powders, glass sticks, and other elements can be incorporated into the design to add color, texture, and shape. Glass can also be pulled and sculpted with the use of tongs and other tools.

Throughout this process, the cremation ashes you provide to us will be added to the glass piece, incorporating the spirit of your loved one into your handmade creation. Blown glass requires a temperature of over 2000 degrees, higher than that of initial cremation. This extreme heat burns off all carbon deposits, leaving brilliant white ashes that are spread throughout the glass.

Ashes in Turtle glass

Turtles are some of the oldest creatures on earth. The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle, known as “Honu,” symbolizes good luck, endurance and long life. Turtles can show up as a person’sguardian spirit, known as “Aumakua.” ornaments, paperweights, decorative flowers, sculptures, and other keepsakes, providing the perfect fit for whatever you envision.

Once a piece is finished, it will be transported to a 960 degree oven. Over the course of the next 14 to 24 hours, the oven temperature will drop, allowing the blown glass to cool naturally without the risk of cracking or warping.

Placing Your Order

When you’re ready to memorialize the loss of someone you love, Cremation Solutions is here. Our catalog features over one hundred unique designs.

Once you select a piece and place your order, we will send you a kit to safely mail the ashes you would like to contribute. The ashes will be sent directly to the artist that will be creating your blown glass memorial. All packages are stringently tracked and organized, ensuring the integrity of the remains that you provide. After the ashes are received, work can begin. Your custom handcrafted sculpture will be mailed to you within three to four weeks.

Cremation Glass

The Incredible “Skyward” Sculpture

All of the sculptures, including our stunning Skyward piece shown above are hand-crafted in the USA by one of our master artists.

Why We’re Different

When you would like to keep the strength and spirit of a loved one alive forever, we can provide a beautiful memento fitting for your emotional journey.

If you’re mourning the death of a friend or family member, Cremation Solutions is here to provide you with a caring, compassionate experience.

Dichroic Glass with Ashes

Glass Artist Also Create Jewelry That You Can Wear.
CLICK HERE – Every piece we create is fully customized to your wants and wishes, offering a treasured opportunity to celebrate the beauty within the circle of life.

If you’re seeking the perfect opportunity to memorialize a loss, a glass blown cremation sculpture is a beautiful, unique, and completely customizable way to bring your love to life. Whether you are seeking a creative and abstract piece of artwork or something traditional and whimsical or a cremation urn, we will help you find the ideal way to pay your respects forevermore.

For more information on Skyward, our award-winning showpiece, or any of our other cremation glass keepsakes, we encourage you to contact us at 877-365-9474. One of our experts will guide you through your options, helping you to make a decision that’s truly right for you and your loved one.

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Americans Trading Caskets For Urns

Funeral CasketToday most Americans are trading the tradition of a casket for burial and opting for a cremation urn to memorialize a loved one forever. The urn provides family members with a part of someone they cared for forever. It can be passed on for generations. Urns For AshesThe urn represents a significant symbol – the final resting place for a person who meant so much to everyone he or she touched. Whether it’s the centerpiece of a room or placed on a mantel or another meaningful place, family members can select an urn that is quite elegant or matches the deceased one’s style for a way to honor and remember the person.

                More Then Half of All Americans Now Choose Cremation
                                Making Cremation The New Tradition

When choosing between a burial or cremation, loved ones are faced with the many pros and cons of each option. However, the benefits of choosing cremation and an urn are plentiful. In fact, it’s becoming the most popular option for numerous reasons. First and foremost, a cremation is a more cost-effective solution, especially for those who have limited funds but still want to honor a life well lived and the true meaning of their lives. The cost of an urn and cremation is much less than a cemetery plot, burial and casket, and it still recognizes the significance of the person and their life. Additionally, an urn is more eco-friendly. Due to its smaller stature, it takes less material to make. The casket remains in the ground forever, which doesn’t help the environment. Cemeteries are slowly filling up, which will eventually cause a shortage of areas for burial spaces. A cremation urn eliminates all of this. This allows families to utilize the vessel as a centerpiece or focal point in a room and complement their tastes. Another pro of choosing an urn is that the person is with their family. This alleviates the need for the person to commute to the cemetery to visit with a loved one, which is beneficial for those who are busy and still want to be close. Family will always be able to be close, no matter what their schedule. It’s also emotionally difficult for many people to visit a cemetery, but cremation alleviates this fear and unpleasant feeling.

Funeral Urns


People aren’t limited whenever they purchase an urn, whether they select one prior to their passing or designate an individual to take on this responsibility. Firstly, a wide variety of materials are available to select from such as stone, wood, metal and ceramic. Some vessels are even biodegradable for those who choose to return to the earth. They come in various styles but all have an inner chamber of at least 225 cubic inches, this allows the urn to hold all of the ashes of an adult. Urns that are smaller are called keepsake or sharing urns. They vary dramatically in style and size. Even smaller is cremation jewelry, this style of jewelry holds just a pinch of ashes.
Families may opt for other types of urns that are meant to solely scatter the ashes and may be used for other purposes. Some scattering urns are specifically designed for individuals to spread the ashes through the air. Once they’re no longer used to store the ashes, they may be recycled since many of them are compromised of biodegradable materials. Birdhouse urns store the ashes, and then convert into a birdhouse that acts as a memorial and provides a home for wildlife.
Obviously, nobody wants to think of a loved one dying, but an urn may help to comfort the person by allowing him or her to act out his or her loved ones wishes. It lets the individual remain close to family and be a part of them for always. The urn helps the person to cope and even be with him or her forever.
While it’s a difficult decision to make, Cremation Solutions wants to help comfort the family and fulfill the deceased one’s wishes. We know losing someone who is close to you is difficult enough without having any added stress. That’s why we work with individuals to find the ideal urn for their future resting place. Whether we work with the individual or their family, we strive to find them the best solution to meet their needs and desires. We’re here to answer questions regarding urns and discuss all of the options. Call or email us today with questions or to schedule a meeting to discuss the available options in person.

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Ideas For Pet Funerals

Funerals For Dogs

Pet parents face some of the most challenging days after their furry family members pass on. If you are one of the many people that is going through this very trying time, know that your grief is understandable and expected. Today, many people view their pets more like children than animals living in their homes. There is nothing wrong with this. However, it is important to recognize just how challenging a time it can be when a loved pet dies. What can you do in these times to get the support you need and make plans for saying goodbye.

Recognize Your Need to Grieve

Miss You...

Miss You…

At the heart of this process is the need for your emotions to run through the grieving process. Every person in your family, even those that may seem to be fine or seem to be unwilling to admit their loss, will need to grieve. The change in your family dynamic is real and it will never be the same. For all of these reasons, pet parents need to first step back and realize that it is okay to cry and mourn the loss. And, second, it is okay to do this together as a family. That can be very helpful to many parents and bring families even closer together.

Paying Homage and Remembering

But, just knowing it is okay to be sad isn’t enough. What else can you do to ensure that this pet, who was the love of your life for a long time, is well remembered and respected in these moments? The good news is there are several things you can do as a family to make sure this happens. Consider these tips and ideas to help you during this time.

Saying Goodbye to PetsFormal Funerals

One of the ways you can respect your pet is by having a true pet funeral. You can include as many people as you would like. You can create a funeral that fits your family’s belief system. You may even be able to get a friend or certified Celebrant to M.C. and share ceremonial words and memories. This can be a formal event, where everyone is invited to attend. Or, it can be much less formal and simply be a few moments where everyone comes together to pray and remember.

For pet funerals, take the time to create a plan in advance. Write down what you want to say and what will happen throughout the timeframe. You’ll want to give each person the ability to say what they need to. The planning for a pet funeral like this can be a very important part of the healing process. It allows you to recognize the death and at the same time do something to help yourself to overcome the loss. Keep the following in mind as you create a simple pet funeral:

  • Invite only those that you know will respect your grief and the way that you feel right now.
  • Start with an opening prayer or a simple song that helps you to set the tone of the room.
  • Gather people around in a circle or hold hands. Make sure everyone is comfortable.
  • Say a few words about why you are here and the importance that this type of event holds for you.
  • Talk about what your pet meant to you. Discuss his or her life and what value he or she brought to your family.
  • Welcome others who are within you to talk about your pet in the same way. Allow them to share whatever is important or valuable to them without any type of judgement.
  • Host a celebration afterward. Bring people together for a meal to talk about your pet and to celebrate their life.
  • Ensure there is a closing prayer or thought said by your or another person there. You want to ensure there is a true closing action to help finalize the way you are feeling.

Customize this type of experience to fit your unique needs and thoughts. There is no wrong way to grieve as a pet parent.

Dog Funerals








Ideas for Remembering and Preserving Thoughts

In most cases, a pet funeral like this isn’t realistic or even desired. Rather, you may want to just find a way to simply share some memories and thoughts about your pet with others who loved him or her. How can you do this? Consider these ideas.

  • Purchase a candle to remember your pet. Whenever you feel alone or in a situation where you just want to remember your pet, light the candle. Watch the flame and remember in peace. It may bring a smile to your face.
  • Create a memorial for your pet. Perhaps you would like to place his or her ashes in a cremation urn on your mantle. You may want to bury your pet in the backyard under a favorite tree. In either case, create a small memento that allows you to touch something and know that your pet was there.
  • Work with a child or a teen who may be hurting significantly to create a memory book. It can be a scrapbook that is filled with pictures and photos. Draw memories out. Write down a story about the pet. Include photos from cell phones and picture albums you have. Creating this type of book can be a key component in the healing process itself. It most definitely will give you a place to always remember your pet.
  • For those who are artistic, the options are many here. You can create a drawing of your pet that you place in an area that’s important to you. You may also want to create a special poem or a meaningful display. No matter what you use from your artistic expression, plan to display it in an area that’s important to you.
  • Plant a tree in your pet’s honor. Instead of focusing on the death of your pet, bring life forward from it. You may wish to do this, for example, near to wear you bury your pet’s ashes. This way, when you look in that direction, you see a beautiful tree instead of just your pet’s headstone.
  • Gather people together for a blessing. You can ask a local minister or someone that is religious to visit your home for a special meal. Ask for a blessing for all that are there. This can be a very important way for you to heal and move forward.
  • Honor your pet with a dedication. You may be able to dedicate a park bench in honor of your pet. You may want to talk to the local parks and recreation office about something you can do at the local dog park your pet visited often. Look for a way to let your pet make a lasting mark in the community.
  • Scatter your pet’s ashes in a meaningful place or keep them at home in a fitting pet cremation urn. Keep in mind that you can scatter ashes anywhere you would like to as long as it is legally allowed. If your pet went with you every weekend on a fishing trip, that may be the ideal place to do this. You may wish to choose a location that is more important to you than it was to your pet.

Again, there is no wrong way to grieve. Take the time to learn from what you are feeling. For example, you may want to simply sit down and think. Think about the way your pet felt. Remember the way he or she smelled. Remember the first time that he or she came into your home. Think about all of the good times you both shared. Doing this simple act of sitting down and reflecting, whether you are alone or you are with your entire family, can really open the door for you to heal.

Family Pet


Often times, pet funerals are not thought of as important events, but they very much can be. Holding a pet memorial or ceremony that is right for you and based on your beliefs is healing. Give yourself the time to think, plan, and create a meaningful ceremony or memorial like this for your pet. Most importantly, do what is in your heart. You want to ensure that this event gives you what you need. Generally, that will be a sense that things are going to be okay, a sense of closure, and a feeling of love. Remember what your pet brought to you and how important it was to be a pet parent for him or her.

Pet Paw Pictures

Custom Paw Portraits

Urn For Pet Ashes

Urns For Pets

Jewelry made from a paw print

Silver Pendants Made With Your Pet’s Print

Pet Cremation Jewelry

Cremation Jewelry For Pets

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