Why Join The Final Wish Cremation Society?

Why Join The Final Wish Cremation Society?

Simple Dignified Afforable Cremation Service For All of Vermont

Today, the process of cremation is gaining momentum in popularity. Many people today, along with our ancient ancestors, view it as a natural way to return to the lifecycle. It’s simple, pure and organic. More than 60% of all Vermonters now choose cremation. The Final Wish Cremation Society is owned and operated by Jeff Staab. He is a licensed funeral director and a certified Life Cycle Celebrant. Jeff lives in Arlington with his wife Stacie and daughters Jena and Shaana. For over 25 years, he has been providing the residents of Vermont with compassionate, dignified and affordable cremation services. With Jeff at the helm of operations, you know that you are in good hands. When requested, we can work closely with patrons to help develop and plan the whole memorial service. Assistance is provided for a memorable celebration of life, even if patrons prefer to set up the memorial event themselves or with the help of friends and family.

With the help of the Final Wish Cremation Society, the whole process of cremation services is streamlined for ease and efficiency. The staff will work directly with you. We are a Vermont cremation provider who offer Vermont cremation services to all Vermonters. Safe and professional transport will be provided for your loved one, and you needn’t worry about all the details during this emotional time.

The staff at the Final Wish Cremation Society can also help you create a memorable scattering ceremony, memorial or funeral ceremony that captures the essence of your loved one. Whether you prefer something elaborate or simple, your specifications will be followed. We respect your feelings, and you can feel confident that your beliefs and ideas will be reflected in any memorial service. The Final Wish Cremation Society is designed to guide and help you create a service that coincides with your loved one’s wishes while giving you emotional support.

We’ll help you get creative and develop a ceremony that captures your loved one’s lifestyle. For example, if your loved one was a golf enthusiast, placing golf clubs at the head of a casket or scattering the ashes over a golf course can help family members and friends remember all the fun things their dearly departed one loved to do. On the golf course, family members can even tee off with a final tribute to their loved one. We can teach you how to build a memory table, make a memorial video or set up a nice display of the urn. Our staff strives to create a memorial service that is personalized and memorable.

Our staff can also arrange a memorial service at a loved one’s favorite place. Family members and friends can gather at a favorite beach, park, playground, bar, or even at home for the service. We’ll help you prepare videos and special poems to enhance the meaning and experience. For example, you may like to put together a full video of the life of your loved one, from birth and through adulthood. Playing the video at home or at a bar is a great way to celebrate the whole lifetime of a special one.

If you prefer a more spiritual setting, a church may be more appropriate for the memorial service. We assist in arranging funeral music, prayers, flowers and personal testaments. Pictures of your loved one and special photos of their favorite activities can always be placed around a casket or urn. On the flip side, there are always those who prefer to exit with a party and truly want their memorial service to be one of celebration. We can help coordinate festive music, fine food, champagne and meaningful party favors. Close family members and friends can sit at the head of the table to present their eulogies and make a toast to their cherished one.

Whether you’re planning a traditional ceremony or a modern one, the Final Wish Cremation Society is there to help ensure the ceremony is dignified and well-planned to best suit your style and your loved one’s final wishes.

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