Cremation Jewelry for Ashes - Information

Cremation Jewelry for Ashes - Information

Cremation jewelry for ashes has become quite popular in recent years and Cremation Solutions offers one of the largest and finest selections in the United States. People who choose to scatter the ashes of their loved ones are encouraged to hold onto some of the ashes, and cremation jewelry is perfect for this purpose. Like our memories, cremation jewelry stays close to our hearts. Wearing jewelry that holds a portion of the ashes of those close to us brings feelings of comfort and healing. We have heard much positive feedback about these products and our customers tell us that they find themselves wearing their cremation jewelry for ashes much more frequently than they had expected.

We know everyone has their own taste when it comes to jewelry, and that is why we offer such a large selection.  With our unique focus on ash scattering and cremation options, we have a selection of cremation jewelry with which funeral homes simply cannot compete.  We hope that in some small way our pieces will bring you years of comforting memories.

Why is cremation jewelry for ashes becoming so popular?

Society today is more mobile than ever. The majority of people today rarely live out their lives in one geographic area. Previous generations buried ashes at home or in the family crypt at a local cemetery. The drawback of this approach is clear;  if a family has to move they can suddenly be very far away from the remains of their loved one. Scattering ashes and cremation jewelry provide freedom from being tied down to a single location. People often scatter in several locations, sometimes thousands of miles apart, and cremation jewelry lets people keep their loved ones with them wherever they go. The tradition of keeping ashes in urns is still popular today, but cremation jewelry has come to play an important role in society as well by helping people remember the lives that interwove with their own.

Why was cremation jewelry for ashes invented?

Cremation jewelry was born from a need. The feeling of carrying a small part of our loved one with us is comforting in times of grief and loss. Cremation jewelry affords this opportunity with grace and style. The jewelry can be used whether someone has been cremated or not. For example, when people are buried, their loved ones will sometimes add a pinch of the earth from the sacred burial grounds to the jewelry. Another option with cremation jewelry is to put a lock of hair inside or even petals from some of the funeral flowers. Whatever you want to put inside your cremation jewelry is your personal choice, which is what makes each piece so special and unique.

Can cremation jewelry hold pet ashes?

Cremation Solutions realizes that humans are not the only members of our families. Our pets hold a very special place in our lives and in our hearts. The unconditional love, spirit, and fun that our pets give us over their years should not be forgotten. Our pets deserve a fitting memorial because they are such faithful and loving friends. We offer cremation jewelry that is specifically styled to remind us of a pet’s special love. Available in precious metals or wood, they are made to hold ashes, but also function admirably for a lock of hair from that tail that never needed much encouragement to wag.

What styles are available for cremation jewelry?

No two people are alike, which is why we offer such a wide selection. No matter what style you choose, rest assured that it has been made to the highest quality standards to be a secure place to keep the ashes of a loved one. People tend to select styles that not only reflect their own personal tastes, but also the tastes and styles of those they are remembering.

To assist in the decision making process, we have placed all of our cremation jewelry into specific categories, which represent themes, such as religion, sports, hobbies nature, and more. All of our styles of cremation jewelry have an interior chamber designed to hold ashes. Once you focus on a certain theme of cremation jewelry, it can then be personalized further with a specific style, material, and inscription.

What materials are used to create cremation jewelry?

Cremation jewelry comes in the same materials as most traditional jewelry. We offer silver, gold, gold vermeil, brass, glass, pewter and wood. Some of the materials can be engraved and some cannot, which we note in the description of each piece. Sometimes it is the style of the cremation jewelry and not the material that will determine if the piece can be engraved or not.

Some of our most popular categories of cremation jewelry include:

The Cross Collection: Traditional Cremation Jewelry

The shape of the cross has been a symbol of the Christian faith for thousands of years and we offer crosses in many styles and materials for holding ashes. As only certain styles can be engraved, please see individual descriptions for information on engraving and what other items, such as a chain, come with it.  Our cross collection of cremation jewelry is a great way to keep faith close to your heart.

Cremation Jewelry Nature Collection

Our most popular collection is inspired by nature itself.  The Nature Collection is a reflection of our love for and admiration of the great outdoors and the animals that live in harmony with their natural surroundings. Many consider cremation and the scattering of ashes to be a more natural way to go back to the earth and this collection is a reflection of people's desire to be close to nature in the final chapter of life.

Cremation Jewelry Photo Collection

A picture is worth a thousand words; nothing says more.  Our photo collection is a very personal and beautiful reminder of the love you have shared. Some pieces in this collection are laser engraved with an exact duplication of a photo that you supply, while other pieces are lockets with a hinged opening to reveal the photo you have put inside. All of the cremation jewelry in our Photo Collection has an inner chamber to hold ashes and is available in many styles and materials including silver, gold and gold-plated. Some pieces can further be personalized with an engraved inscription.

Cremation Jewelry Memory Glass Collection

Keep your loved one close at heart with our hand blown glass pendants. With 16 vibrant colors to choose from, we create a personalized pendant that holds a very small portion of the remains, allowing everybody in the family to have one. They can be worn as is or hung in a significant place, such as in a window or above a doorway. Memory Glass pendants are roughly the size of three stacked quarters, and encapsulate a very small amount of ash and color within a disc of solid glass.

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