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Cremation Jewelry in an Assortment of Favorite Jewelry Styles for Ashes... 

We offer three primary categories of cremation jewelry for ashes. Standard cremation jewelry is shipped to you with simple, step-by-step instructions so you can fill the cremation jewelry yourself. A small threaded screw allows access to the inner chamber, and a miniature funnel (which we will provide) allows you to fill the cremation jewelry.

Custom cremation jewelry, such as our glass and cremation beads, has the ashes added by our artist in the creation process. When you order custom cremation jewelry, we will mail you a kit so that you may easily mail the required amount of ashes directly to our artist.

The third category of cremation jewelry is actually made out of the ashes themselves. Only two styles of jewelry are made out of the ashes: cremation diamonds and cremation crystals. This kind of cremation jewelry is created through a patented process that requires more time to create. Cremation crystals can take 4-6 weeks and cremation diamonds can take 7-12 months to create. We will mail you a kit to mail the needed amount of cremation ashes to us.   

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