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Create a connection that lasts forever when you choose fingerprint jewelry that marks your commitment and love to another person. Each piece is absolutely unique. When you wear a fingerprint necklace, pendant, or charm - you carry your loved one with you and celebrate a treasured relationship.

What is Fingerprint Jewelry?  Fingerprint jewelry is a one-of-a-kind way to mark a special relationship, capturing the fingerprint or thumbprint of your loved one in a piece of jewelry or keepsake that you can keep with you at all times. We cast or etch the fingerprint directly onto silver or gold on the custom-designed pieces. We're also happy to engrave your jewelry for free, making this an ideal choice when you want a unique way to commemorate a birth, a memorial of a life well lived, a graduation, a wedding, or when you simply want to treasure a memory or special relationship. We can also add birthstones and other precious stones to your fingerprint jewelry.

Each keepsake is one-of-a-kind and custom-crafted piece of art, because we know that we're making something that you'll treasure. Imagine running your fingers over the ridges of the actual fingerprint of someone you love — mothers and children can exchange fingerprint jewelry as a sign of that special bond between them, and couples often give each other fingerprint rings or necklaces as a way of staying together even when they're apart. Many of our customers purchase fingerprint memorial jewelry to hand down as a family heirloom.

How Do We Create this Unique Wearable Art?  Each piece of jewelry starts with you taking an ink imprint of your own finger or that of a loved one. We recommend using the thumb for best results. We digitize those impressions and turn them over to skilled artisans that use the ancient art of "Lost Wax Casting" creating the unique piece of memorial jewelry. It takes several weeks for our craftspeople to create the keepsake. We protect the security of the fingerprints you send by digitizing them and keeping the files safe. We keep them in our secure files so that you can re-order any necklace, pendant or ring with the same print when the occasion calls for it.

Allow at least 3 weeks to receive your jewelry from the date that we receive the prints.

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Who Is Fingerprint Jewelry For?

Share fingerprint jewelry with your family members to enhance the lifelong bond between you. Mothers love to wear special pieces that let them keep their children close by. Consider giving Mom or Grandma a charm bracelet that holds the fingerprints and birthstones of all the precious children, adding new charms as babies are added to the family.

Husbands and wives can enjoy wedding bands that are like no one else's by adding fingerprints to the rings. These truly personal marks of marriage become a lasting keepsake. Every time you look at your ring finger, you'll know that no one has a wedding ring just like yours.

Fingerprint jewelry is ideal to mark the birth of a new child or that moment when a child graduates from school into adult life. Give fingerprint jewelry for Mother's, Father's or Grandparent's day, or as a special anniversary present. Remember a loved one with a special fingerprint charm or pendant, or mark the beginning of a new relationship or friendship.

Celebrate Your Pets, Too

Your pets are part of your family as well, and we know you treasure them. Yes, they don't have fingerprints, but we can send you kits to let you take their paw prints nose prints. We can even create jewelry out of your birds' feather prints, your lizard's tail or footprints or even your snake's scales. Anything is possible.

With a charm, pendant or earrings featuring a one-of-a-kind print from your beloved pet, you always carry that special relationship with you anywhere you go.

What Are Your Fingerprint Jewelry Choices?
We can customize just about any type of jewelry for you. Our skilled designers and artisans ensure your jewelry is exactly what you want, and we only use the highest-quality materials. We also make available fingerprint choices in non-jewelry items for the perfect gift or commemoration for any occasion. All our fingerprint jewelry is available in sterling silver, 14k white gold and 14k yellow gold to help you create the perfect piece.


Charms. Slip a charm onto your bracelet and carry a fingerprint or a miniaturized but accurate handprint, footprint or paw print. As a special touch to show your love, choose a single or double heart-shaped charm, adding gemstones, engraving, birthstones or stone balls to complement your personal style.

Pins. Wear your commitment to your loved one close to your heart when you pin a beautiful fingerprint pin or brooch on your jacket or coat lapel. These pins sport a vintage look, and each has a hanging fingerprint charm to make an elegant statement. Chose from standard or grand sizes, and add Swarovski crystals or birthstone accents to catch the light and add a little shimmer to your look.

Earrings. Custom-design your fingerprint earrings with a round or heart-shaped dangle with a fingerprint, footprint, handprint, nose print or paw print, as well as a monogram, signature or other free engraving on the back. All of our earrings have a lever-back closure for comfortable and secure wear.

Beads. Design custom beads that feature fingerprints, birthstone inlays, engravings and other fine detail work. Choose from round or hexagonal beads that incorporate a fingerprint pattern in a wraparound mode, or pair two fingerprints together in heart-shaped beads to show off your love. Cube beads can capture either two or three fingerprints. All of our beads fit neatly on your PANDORA bracelet, letting you carry the awareness of your loved ones wherever you go with style and grace.

Fingerprint jewelry for men. Masculine signet rings become intriguing when they feature a fingerprint design. Finish off a formal or business outfit with a fingerprint tie pin that makes a subtle statement, or pair a sense of elegance with deep feeling when you wear our fingerprint cuff links. Even guys that don't wear jewelry love our "Dog Tags"or Combine sentiment with practicality when you add a full or rimmed fingerprint to a sophisticated money clip.

Other options. Bracelets, pendants and dog tags let you pair memories with every outfit you wear. Give a practical gift that's one of a kind when you add fingerprints to lighters, key fobs and tags, knives and money clips.

When you choose our fingerprint jewelry made of fine silver and gold, you keep your loved ones close to your heart. Talk to us about how we can design the perfect, one-of-a-kind keepsake for you or someone you love today. 

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