The Loved One Launcher (Ash Scattering Cannon)

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Hand held C02 powered ash scattering cannon. This scattering urn will launch ashes up to 70ft!

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The Loved One Launcher is the ultimate way to send a loved one out with the same passion they had in life. This hand-held ash scattering cannon is perfect for life celebration parties and memorial services, allowing the earthly remains of any beloved human or pet to be shot into the air to be scattered. A life lived to the fullest is not something to mourn—it warrants celebration, and the Loved One Launcher is the perfect way to easily and gracefully bid them farewell.

The sight of blasting the ashes into the sky will bring to mind feelings of celebration, happiness, and companionship. Sometimes it can be difficult to express just how large an impact people can have on each other’s lives, but nothing drives that home like looking back on a life well lived. Joy, laughter, and most of all love are the experiences in life that we cherish, and it is those experiences we revere as we come together to honor someone’s passing. Surrounded by your loved ones, you can all witness the sending-off together.

The Loved One Launcher is the only device of its kind that will shoot earthly remains over seventy feet into the air!!, allowing for a wide dispersal of ashes that can be observed by all in attendance. To add to the celebration, ashes can be mixed with confetti or even streamers for a dreamy visual effect, creating a beautiful, joyful scene that sets the perfect tone. Paying homage to a loved one’s life is simple and intimate with what feels almost like a daytime fireworks display in their honor. The Launcher should not be aimed at any structure or living thing as its blast is powerful. It should only be handled and operated by an adult. Avoid shooting into oncoming wind (downwind or in still air only) and note that it will take two shots to disperse all the ashes of an average adult. More shots if more confetti is desired.  

Your results and coverage will vary depending on contents of cannon, and wind conditions, if any.

***Comes With Everything you Need For Two Shots***

Uses two C02 cartridges per shot! Additional cartridges can be purchased at any hardware store.

**Optional confetti and streamers sold separately***

*****You must be over the age of 18 to purchase this item*****




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