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Cremation jewelry is a wonderful way to commemorate a loved one and to keep them close to your heart no matter where you go. These keepsakes allow you to feel the eternal presence of your cherished one and bring great comfort. Whether we lose a close family member, loyal friend or beloved pet, the emotional impact of the loss is always difficult. Jewelry for ashes keeps fond memories alive and allows us to send a message to those departed that while they may be gone, they are not forgotten. Love is forever in our hearts.

At Cremation Solutions, we offer a wide array of jewelry for ashes including pendants, cremation diamonds and cremation jewelry for pets. Our cremation jewelry is lovingly crafted by talented artisans who use high quality materials. You'll find that we have many styles, from modern to traditional, to suit your personal taste or for any occasion.

Celebrate the life of a departed one with one of our nature-inspired pendants. These artistic pendants come in a wide range of botanicals and animals. Playful dolphins, free-flying butterflies, ocean shells and dragonflies capture the essence of joy and warmth that surround us every day. These attractive pendants hold ashes, hair or flower petals. Our nature-inspired pendants are a wonderful way to keep your loved one near and are available in sterling silver, 14-karat gold, white gold and vermeil.

Trendy and fashionable, our glass cremation jewelry pendants are colorful and come in a wide selection of shapes, including crosses, hearts and modern spheres. These one-of-a-kind keepsakes hold ashes of a loved one and are handmade by glass artists. Our modern collection of jewelry for ashes is uptown electric and downtown eclectic. The designs are abstract and feature lines of modern architecture. Along with an upscale appeal, these pendants hold ashes, bits of earth, hair and flower petals to pay tribute to a loved one. These modern pendants come in gold vermeil, gold or silver. Remember the life of that special one and feel comfort while donning these attractive pieces.

If you prefer a more traditional piece of cremation jewelry that embodies a more spiritual or religious appeal, you'll find that our traditional collection is a perfect match. There are pendants of winged angels, crosses, stars, teddy bears, slide tears, remembrance ribbons and much more. You can find a pendant that reflects your personal style along with the style of a lost one. These pendants also hold ashes and come in sterling silver, bronze, white gold, 14-karat gold and vermeil.

For a splash of color, our dichroic glass pendants have vivid color that emanates a dazzle. Each creation is as unique the person it represents. These endearing pendants hold ashes that are infused between the layers of glass. For a classic look, a white or black ribbon is included.

Our cremation beads are as unique as your loved one. This style of cremation jewelry is popular and stylish. The cremation ashes are infused into the molten glass and shaped into a colorful mandrel. It is memorial art at its finest. These wonderful beads are available in a variety of patterns, including botanical, wave-like and cosmic. They make long-lasting memory charms that can be handed down generation after generation. These charms can be added to bracelets, necklaces and earrings by our talented jewelry artists.

Crafted in quality pewter, our line of cremation memory charms are well-made and versatile. These handsome looking charms hold ashes and can be hung on a picture frame, urn or a car rear-view mirror. Each charm is approximately two inches in diameter, has an insert chamber to hold ashes, and comes with an adjustable chain. Our memory charms come in a variety of themes, including pet, military and religious. These memory charms can be used year-round for personal comfort.

Embrace the life of a loved one with one of our sparkling cremation diamonds or cremation crystals. All of our lab-grown diamonds are authenticated by our highly trained gemologists. Cremation diamonds are a unique style of cremation jewelry and create an everlasting bond with your special one. These diamonds are actually made from the elements of the ashes of your loved one and come in a wide selection of colors, including ruby red, sapphire blue and emerald green. You can also choose a radiant, princess or round cut for that special one-of-kind-diamond.

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