Pet Cremation Jewelry Information

Pet Cremation Jewelry Information

Pet Cremation Jewelry

Jewelry for pet ashes comes in a variety of styles and materials. Sterling silver and gold necklaces with pendant urns are available in both classic and whimsical styles. Don a necklace with a clever pendant depicting a dog bowl or ball of yarn. Pet cremation jewelry comes with a screw top opening for ashes, fur, or whiskers along with the adhesive for sealing, a funnel and easy instructions.

catbead2.gifPet nose print and paw print jewelry gives you a unique opportunity to capture the individuality of your pet. Pet prints can be printed on precision-embossed precious metal charms for pendants, rings, bracelets and earrings. Prints are taken with ink pads and plain white paper. Artisans then select the best print for casting. This type of cremation jewelry is just another way of remembering the uniqueness of your beloved pet. Our pets leave a loving print on our hearts, and there's no better way to portray this than with a stamp of their own personal print. Today, paw pendants in the shape of a heart with your pets paw or nose print are becoming popular with many pet owners. This type of pet jewelry can also have personal engraving on the back of the locket. With today's creative artisans, the possibilities are endless.

Jewelry for pet ashes has become a popular trend for a variety of reasons. Not only is it a way to commemorate the memory of a lost pet, it is also a helpful keepsake throughout the grieving process. Our pets are constant companions that are right there with us throughout lifes ups and downs. Having to say goodbye to a beloved pet is a very personal moment and tough emotional experience. Having the ability to reach out and touch a part of your pet brings a measure of solace and comfort when you really need it.

dogbead.gifFor those who love fine jewelry, we suggest having the ashes transformed into cremation crystal jewelry. Your pets ashes can also be turned into a cremation diamond. Pet cremation jewelry can easily become a cherished accessory to any wardrobe and suit any occasion.

Today, pet cremation jewelry has become the favorite way for pet owners to keep their pets memory close and alive. Cremation Solutions is honored to assist you with your special keepsake. From paw print pendants to dog bones and animal-shaped pendants, there is a perfect piece of pet cremation jewelry to suit your taste and style.


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