Fingerprint Jewelry Charms FAQs

Fingerprint Jewelry Charms FAQs

FingerprinJewelry Charms FAQ
Fingerprint Charms are custom made one at a time by hand in the USA. Usually the thumb provides the best fingerprint for our jewelry, as thumb prints have the most distinctive lines and definition. Once the print is received by our fingerprint jewelry designers, a digital version is created. The artist will then focus on the most interesting portion of the print, crop that area and digitally clean the fingerprint’s edges for a clean, crisp template. The digital fingerprint is then transformed by a computer assisted manufacturing device that lets the jeweler create a wax mold of the image. Once the mold is made, the jewelry designer uses the old age process of the lost wax casting method to create a personal fingerprint charm. The lost wax jewelry charm process is as follows: the wax mold, called a pattern, is first weighed so the amount of metal required to fill the mold (gold, silver, etc.) can be determined. Then the mold is attached to a base and a flask is slipped over it. Once the mold is in the flask, a kind of plaster called investment, is poured into the flask. It is then left to dry and harden. 
Once the investment is dried, the base and flask are removed and the piece is put into an oven to burn off the wax. Next a centrifuge is used to force the melted metal into the mold. Finally, the piece is cleaned up by filing and polishing, leaving a unique fingerprint keepsake. 
Fingerprint jewelry Charms and how they are created 
The whole fingerprint jewelry process is very easy. The first step is to select the type of fingerprint jewelry you prefer and order it through our site. The second step is to obtain a good copy of the fingerprint. If there is time, you can have us mail you an ink kit to help you capture an image of the print. Just email us the request, include the address you wish the kit to be mailed to and we will ship it. If there is no time to wait for the ink kit you may make a copy of the print using the following instructions.
Begin by studying the thumb of the person whose print is being taken. Select the area of the thumb that is the most interesting. We recommend centering the print where it swirls. Practice taking prints on a white sheet of paper. Lightly touch the inked pad surface twice and then press downward on the paper. (Use more of a tapping motion than a rolling one).
Once you have sufficient practice, place five good prints along the bottom of a piece of white blank paper or cardstock. Our artisans will select the clearest portion of the best print for casting.
To clean your hands afterward, we recommend a wet paper towel, possibly in conjunction with a drop of hand cream that contains alcohol Mail the original prints (NOT A PHOTO COPY) to:
Cremation Solutions 311 Route 313 West Arlington, VT 05250
In about 3 to 4 weeks you will receive your finished fingerprint jewelry charm.
Is engraving available for fingerprint jewelry charms
Yes, Cremation Solutions does offer engraving with all of our fingerprint, hand print or footprint jewelry charms. The best new is that the cost of engraving is included in the price of the charm. There is room for three lines of engraving and eight characters per line.
What about hand print and footprint jewelry charms?
(Infants Only)
We suggest our regular fingerprint charms for adults. Since children under age three seldom have significantly developed ridges on their fingers, it is better to use either a footprint or a hand print. Often hospitals will take high-quality hand prints and or footprints following delivery. These prints can be scanned or copied and emailed to Cremation Solutions in full size format. If the hospital has not made any prints, you can do it yourself following the same directions we have posted for capturing a fingerprint for fingerprint charm jewelry.
These personalized fingerprint jewelry charms may have a optional birth stone added for an additional charge. An 18-inch chain with a high-quality lobster claw closure is also available. You will also have a chance to provide up to 2 lines of text engraving with up to 10 characters per line when you receive your ink print kit. Each charm is slightly smaller than a dime.
Can fingerprint charm jewelry hold ashes?
Yes, we now have a fingerprint charm that can hold ashes, making this type of fingerprint jewelry the most personal and precious of all. These new fingerprint charms can also hold hair, flower petals or earth from a special location. This new type of fingerprint charm is hollow like most cremation jewelry. A small screw is removed to gain access to the inner compartment. A small funnel is included to easily add the material.
When is it a good time to get a fingerprint jewelry charm?
Because these fingerprint charms are such a personal style of jewelry, they can be used to mark any life milestone or personal achievement.  Fingerprint jewelry charms are commonly created for births, weddings, anniversaries and memorials. They are also a great way to remember those who have passed on, and like our precious memories they are kept close to the heart. Nothing is more personal than someone’s fingerprint, which is why they make such a great keepsake gift for a loved one. 
How large are the fingerprint jewelry charms?
The standard charms are 5/8" long and ½" wide
How long does it take to get fingerprint jewelry charms?
If you order the ink kit, we will mail it right out and you should receive it in 3 - 4 days. Once we receive the original prints, you will get your fingerprint jewelry charms in 3 - 4 weeks.
What types of precious metal are available for fingerprint jewelry charms?
Cremation Solutions offer fingerprint jewelry charms in three types of precious metal: sterling silver, yellow gold and white gold.
Can I include a birthstone or diamond on fingerprint jewelry charm?
Yes, Cremation Solutions offer birthstones on fingerprint jewelry charms. We use genuine .05 carat birthstones for all of our styles of fingerprint, hand print or footprint jewelry charms. For diamond we use a genuine 5 pt diamond. The stones are placed at the base of the chain bail, on the top of the fingerprint jewelry charm. Such add-ons will incur an additional charge.
What if I want a custom style of fingerprint jewelry charm?
Cremation Solutions can design fingerprint keepsake jewelry in the style of you choosing. We will put you in direct contact with our experienced jeweler and together you can create the piece of custom jewelry you desire.  The price will be determined once we know exactly what you desire. 
**Cremation Solutions offers free shipping and handling for our Jewelry**

Fingerprint Jewelry

All of our Fingerprint Jewelry is custom-made by hand here in the United States. Once the fingerprint is received a digital version is created. The artist will then focus on the most clearly defined and interesting portion of the best fingerprint, crop that area and digitally clean the fingerprints edges for a clean and crisp template. We keep a digital copy of the fingerprint on record forever, so that you can order jewelry in the future using the fingerprint that we have on file.

The digital fingerprint is then transformed by a computer assisted manufacturing device that lets the jeweler create a wax mold of the image. Once the mold is made, the jewelry designer uses the lost wax casting method to create the personal fingerprint charm.  


Is a Fingerprint Kit Necessary?

We do not require that our customers use our fingerprint kit. We do, however, recommend that you use cardstock instead of printer paper simply because it is easier to use and leads to a good clean rendering of the fingerprint. An ink pad is ideal for this application. If you prefer, we will send you our free kit that includes the ink strip, the fingerprint card, and the instructions.


How Do I Take a Print?Print Span of Life

It is important for our customers to remember that the quality of their keepsake is based on the quality of the fingerprint that we receive. Consider the following tips when taking the fingerprint:

  1. Fingerprint ExampleClean and dry the finger. Each fingerprint contains a very unique pattern of arches, whorls, and swirls. The quality of the fingerprint being taken will be affected by both damp and dirty fingers.
  2. Apply the ink. Place the ink pad or ink strip on a hard and flat surface. Tap the finger to be printed in the ink a couple of times and ensure that the fingerprint is covered evenly and has an optimum amount of ink.
  3. Make the fingerprint. Place the fingerprint card or piece of cardstock on a flat surface. Tap the inked finger onto the surface of the card, taking care to apply firm pressure, but not overly hard pressure. Too much pressure will cause the print to smudge and smear. Continue this process several times until you are happy with the quality of at least one of the fingerprints.
  4. Examine the fingerprints closely. Remember, fingerprint quality is important in the creation of your keepsake. If you send us a fingerprint with a clarity issue or other problem, it will reduce the fine details on your keepsake. If the fingerprint does not clearly depict the lines and details of the donor, we won’t be able to use it!


  1. Scan. If you wish to send us a fingerprint electronically, you will need to scan the fingerprint at a high resolution. You can use a desktop scanner for this purpose. Make sure that you scan the fingerprint using grayscale at 600 dpi. Do NOT scan in black and white. Next, save the fingerprint file as a JPEG/jpg. It's important that you do not attempt to resize the image. Once you save the image, you can then email it to us along with your order number and the full name of the fingerprint donor.


What Is the Procedure for Collecting Paw and Nose Prints?

The most convenient way to capture a paw or nose print is to take a high resolution digital photo and email it to us along with your full name and order number. To obtain the best results please turn off your flash and use a high resolution setting. The image must be clear and in focus to capture the unique details. We generally tell our customers to take several photos and then choose the best one. If you aren't sure what resolution setting to use, we recommend using the highest one, and JPEG/jpg typically works best.

If you prefer to take an ink print, it's important that you choose child-safe ink or a non-toxic black ink pad.


Do I Have to Use a Fingerprint?

We accept many types of prints. We can work with a fingerprint, thumb print, hand print, foot print, nose print, paw print, and even a hoof print. The thumb usually provides the best fingerprint. When a large print like a hand or foot is used much of the detail is lost when we have to shrink it down to fit on a piece of jewelry.


Why Do People Purchase Fingerprint Jewelry?

Our customers purchase fingerprint jewelry for so many different reasons. Some customers want to mark a special event like a marriage or a birthday. Others simply want a meaningful keepsake or to present it as a special gift. These keepsakes are unique one-of-a-kind works of art.


How Long Does It Take to Create Fingerprint Jewelry

Our jewelry artisans require up to two weeks from receipt of the fingerprints to create the priceless keepsake. After you place your order, you will receive your ink print kit within three to four business days unless you select the $25.00 Overnight Shipping Option.


Can I Make a Fingerprint Jewel for an Infant?

Infant and young children do not develop mature fingerprints until the age of 3 so we suggest using a handprint or footprint to make a baby keepsake.


What Types of Precious Metals Do You Offer?Silver Gold and Noble Bronze

We can create your priceless keepsake in Sterling Silver, 14k White Gold, 14k Yellow Gold and Noble Bronze.


Can You Include Engraving on My Keepsake?

Engraving is free. The amount of space allowed for engraving is dependent on the size of the keepsake that you order. Our standard charms allow for two lines of engraving and each line can accommodate up to ten characters. Each piece of jewelry has different engraving limitations. You will find this information in the description of each piece as well as a text box for you to type in the engraving text.


Can I put a Charm on my own Bracelet?

Yes, however, make sure to request that your charm comes with a jump ring instead of the bail that usually goes on for a pendant. Any jeweler will be able to attach the charm to your bracelet with the jump ring. If you purchase one of our beautiful memory bracelets for your charm, it will have a jump ring and will arrive already attached.


Can I Add Birthstones to the Keepsake?

Many customers choose to include synthetic or genuine birthstones and precious stones on their keepsake. You can select from our available stones when placing your order.


Can Fingerprint Jewelry hold Ashes?Phoenix Collection

Yes, Cremation Solutions offers the Phoenix Collection of Fingerprint Jewelry. This line of jewelry has the ashes contained in a special resin and is quite attractive. We mail you a collection kit so that you can send us the ashes. We ship the ash collection kit on the day of your order.


How Should I Care for My Fingerprint Jewelry?

Gold jewelry requires very little care, but rubbing them with a jewelry cloth will keep it clean and lustrous. If you order sterling silver jewelry, you can expect this type of metal to dull or tarnish over time, particularly if you don't wear it regularly. Your body's natural oils will keep it looking lustrous if you wear it frequently. If your piece does tarnish, simply clean it with a jewelry cloth to restore it to its original lustrous shine. Remember, if your jewelry has stones, you should not submerge it in a tarnish remover. It's better to use a cream polish to carefully clean the metal or use a jewelry cloth.


What If I Can't Find an Answer to My Question Here?

If you require more information or clarification about our product offerings, please contact us. We are more than happy to provide you with more information. Please call #877-365-9474 or send an email to


Mail the prints to:

Cremation Solutions 
311 Route 313  West
Arlington, VT 05250

We look forward to presenting you with your unique and precious keepsake jewelry!

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