Scattering Urns

Scattering Urns

Losing a loved one can be an overwhelming and emotional experience. One way to honor a loved one while finding a source of personal comfort is to prepare a personalized ash scattering ceremony. Whether you choose a keepsake scattering urn or a biodegradable urn, our urns are designed to scatter ashes while enhancing the scattering experience.

Scattering ashes with an urn that is embellished with patriotic symbols is a way to honor the brave soldiers who fought for our freedom, especially if your loved one served our nation. It is a demonstrative way to acknowledge and show appreciation for their service. A scattering urn embellished with golf scenes is an ideal way to commemorate any golf enthusiast. For those who embraced life, scenes of oceans, meadows and nature are a good fit. Cremation Solutions offers a wide selection of ash scattering urns, making it is easy to find one that will meet your needs while honoring your loved one and adding special meaning to the scattering service. 

Scattering urns are a perfect way to enrich an ash scattering ceremony. At Cremation Solutions, it is our goal to provide our valued customers with unique and high quality scattering urns that will add comfort and create a scattering experience that is meaningful and personal.

Techniques for Scattering Ashes:

Casting is a technique where the ashes are tossed into the wind. Most of the ashes will fall to the ground while some will blow into the wind. Attendees at the scattering ceremony can all participate in the casting as a toast to the life of a departed one.

Trenching and raking are also popular techniques for scattering ashes. At the scattering ceremony, family and friends can dig a trench in the ground or sand and place the remains in the trench. Survivors can circle with lit candles and participate in the covering of the remains.

Air scattering, which is usually done by a professional pilot, allows family and friends of the deceased to watch from the ground as the remains are scattered from the air.

Biodegradable Urns

Biodegradable urns are gaining popularity for ash scattering ceremonies as they are a natural, simple, and peaceful way to release a loved one’s ashes back into nature. Commonly crafted from gelatin, rock salt, and natural materials, biodegradable urns have the ability to break down and disperse ashes both on land and in water. In the water, the materials break down anywhere from twenty minutes to three days. In the earth, the materials tend to break down within three months. Biodegradable urns are an eco-friendly and sustainable way to return a loved one’s remains back to the elements of nature. They also add a feeling of peace to a scattering ceremony. 

Types of Scattering Ceremonies

Waterside scattering ceremonies can take place at a beach, lake, pond or fishing pier. Many family members and friends prefer to choose a location that was frequented by the deceased as it can provide a sense of comfort and peace for survivors. Biodegradable urns float for several minutes, and attendees can partake in poems or special goodbyes that have personal meaning during the descent of the urn. At the beach, friends and family can watch as the tide naturally takes the urn out to sea. The shared experience of placing the urn in the water and partaking in the scattering ceremony is both loving and memorable. Photos of the scattering ceremony can be taken for a remembrance keepsake. Although the departure of a loved one can be very sad, having a special urn that holds their remains and is cast into the water is also a happy tribute to all the love your special one brought you in life. 

Land burials for biodegradable urns are also a dignified and commemorative ceremony. Family members and friends can choose a family garden, park or cemetery for the burial of the urn. Just like waterside ceremonies, many people choose a location that held special meaning for their loved one. At a family garden, attendees can share together in the digging and plant flowers on the top of the soil. Annual flowers are often chosen for a year-round remembrance. If your loved one was an outdoor enthusiast, burying the urn in a local park or hiking trail is a great way to pay tribute to their life. Be sure to check the park’s regulations to ensure that you are not breaking any rules. At a cemetery, urns can be planted along with a memorial stone to honor your loved one.

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