About The Final Wish Cremation Society

About The Final Wish Cremation Society

At the Final Wish Cremation Society, it is our goal to provide families with a dignified, professional, affordable and compassionate way for Vermonters to celebrate the lives of their loved ones. Without the unnecessary pomp hiring a traditional funeral home.

Our direct cremation services start at just $1,200. The money saved is appreciated by all and better served as bequeathed to family members or charitable organizations. Although the Cremation Society provides affordable services, direct cremation is not our only option. Some of the families we serve really want to go all out and plan very special events and what they consider the appropriate sendoff to their loved one. They just prefer not to go down the road of traditional funerals. Were not Burger king but we do want you to have it your way and we will support YOUR  final wish all the way through. We understand that just because some people want things simple our different,  there should be no compromise in the quality of services we provide.

We realize that the loss of a loved one is a traumatic experience, and you’ve got a lot on your mind. From assistance with obtaining death certificates and writing up a meaningful obituary to preparing funeral arrangements and memorial tributes, we’re right by your side to help you take care of all the details and make the process simple. Our clients are welcome to visit our office in Arlington, Vermont or we can come to your home. Members can even make arrangements for Vermont cremation services at their own convenience via the phone, mail or online. The Final Wish Cremation Society is owned and operated by Vermont licensed funeral professionals. We have our own direct network of Vermont cremation providers and crematories that provides Vermont cremation services covering the entire state.

vermont-cremation2.jpgWhen the Final Wish Cremation Society is notified of a death, your loved one is transported by professional drivers to one of the Vermont crematories, depending on your location we sometimes use a crematory just over the border in New Hampshire or New York. Vermont cremation providers can only perform the cremation after a medical examiner or physician has signed the death certificate. We will then file the death certificate with the state of Vermont and obtain a permit to cremate. Once the next of kin then signs the authorization to cremate, we can then move forward with the cremation. Our services also include filing with Social Security. Often, this paperwork can take anywhere from one to three days. During this time, we’ll work closely with you to prepare a dignified and meaningful tribute for your loved one.

The Final Wish Cremation Society will connect you with Vermont cremation service that is right for your family. We offer a wide variety of cremation packages, including direct cremation, veteran’s package, cemetery graveside and church memorial service package. The direct cremation package is simple and straightforward without any ceremony participation. It typically includes the basic services of licensed, professional staff, transfer of remains to the crematory, medical examiner fee and the crematory fee. In Vermont the law states that the body be placed in a ridged container to be cremated. We have a selection of these alternative cremation caskets, starting with a simple cardboard box for $100.00. Cremation urns and other memorial goods are all optional. Because we are part of Cremation Solutions.com we have a very beautiful selection of cremation memorials and all members of the Final Wish Cremation Society receive a 10% discount on all merchandise!

The veteran’s package is a dignified tribute to those who have served our country. It includes obtaining the honorary American flag provided free from the United States government. Coordinating arrangements for internment in a veteran’s cemetery, scheduling military honors like flag folding and the playing of Taps by military personnel. These services are arranged for as a free service of the Final Wish Cremation Society of Vermont. It is our way of saying "Thank You" for the freedom our Veterans have protected.

Graveside gathering packages are a dignified way for a group to honor the loss of a family member or friend. Assistance is given to help coordinate the committal service at the cemetery and also provide a floral arrangement for the cemetery service. Church memorial services are also a popular way to commemorate a loved one. With this package, help is also rendered to direct the memorial service, provide memorial cards and a floral arrangement and make arrangements for the gathering at a local chapel or church.

general-(3).jpgYou can become a member of the Final Wish Cremation Society at any time. The cost to become a member is only a onetime payment of $50.00 and includes the maintaining documentation of your final wishes in our records. Pre-planning your funeral does not have to mean pre-paying. Just keep in mind that preparing for the inevitable does help ease the burden of those you leave behind. No one likes to think about death let alone talk about it with loved ones, but preparation will help your loved ones when the unthinkable happens. The reality is that pre-planning your funeral arrangements with the Final Wish Cremation Society is one the most thoughtful gifts you will ever give your family. It is not something you do on your own though. A conversation needs to take place with your family as to what you desire. Funeral are for the living and your family needs to be in on the planning process. With the participation of your family and preparation, you can also have the exact ceremony that you prefer and they need.

With the assistance of the Final Wish Cremation Society, you can arrange for details like special poems, personal music and last words with a special message to loved ones left behind. As a member of our society you will have access to our funeral planning resources and know all the many options available today. The ceremony can be both a testament to your life and gift to the ones you love.

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