Ceramic Urn Information

Ceramic Urn Information

Ceramic cremation urns were the first urns created to hold the ashes of the ones we love. Early man discovered that firing the clay at very high temperatures would turn it from something temporary into a sacred vessel that would last for thousands of years. In fact, when archeologists excavate ancient dwellings, it is the pottery that remains the most intact. People soon discovered that coating the ceramics with specific minerals and smoke and once again exposing the pottery to high heat resulted in the emergence of beautiful colors and textures on their finished pieces. Hundreds of years of experimenting with different firing techniques and coatings (glazes) have led to the many techniques used by today's skilled artisans. Cremation Solutions contracts with a large variety of artists across the United States, allowing us to offer a wide selection of ceramic urns that are created from both ancient and modern techniques.

Cremation urns are a wonderful way to keep your loved one close to you after they have moved on from the physical world. You won't have to travel to visit a cemetery, and the deceased can still go with you if you move out of your current home. Every urn is unique so you can trust that your loved one will rest in peace in an urn that is as special as they were.

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Types of Ceramics Used in our Urns

Earthenware is usually made from natural clay and dates back to the Stone Age. The heat required to fire earthenware is generally between 1,742° - 2,129°F. Because it is somewhat porous, it is not completely waterproof unless a glaze is applied. Earthenware's natural color is usually buff or red. It is often quite dark and similar to the color of flower pots. An unglazed piece will often have a chalk-like texture that can be scratched with a fingernail.

Stoneware can be made from natural or prepared clays; its name means "baked earth." Stoneware pieces are heavy and waterproof, even without a glaze. Glazes are applied purely for decoration on stoneware ceramics. The clay is heated to temperatures ranging from 2,246° - 2,300°F. While it is heavier and requires more heat than earthenware, stoneware is also more durable. It is often used to create fully functional pottery and can be dropped with little or no damage.

Porcelain requires the highest heat of all clays, and can only be made from a specially prepared body compound of kaolin, ball clay, feldspar, and flint. Porcelain is made and glazed all at once (as opposed to requiring separate firings), at about 2462°F. It is the hardest and least porous of all pottery, which is why it's frequently used in items such as dishware and china. It is the most resistant to chips and cracks. One way to test for true porcelain is to hold a light up to the piece. The light should pass through if the piece is truly porcelain.

Types of Ceramic Firing

Sager Firing is a method where the clay is exposed to vaporized minerals during the firing process. This allows the urn to absorb colorants in random patterns.

Raku has gained popularity over the last century, though it dates back hundreds of years. The process of raku firing was discovered by accident, but it has been perfected over the centuries. The roar of the fire, the glowing work and the dramatic turnout are all part of the allure. Raku encourages curiosity and exploration, and there’s no end to the wide variety of urns made in this medium, which is known for creating unique effects and textures.

Pit Firing is an exciting firing process that dates back to some of the earliest forms of ancient pottery. Burnishing is the technique of polishing ceramic clay without the use of glaze. Ancient potters used this technique to produce their wares before glazes and kilns were developed. Modern potters use pit firing and burnishing to create works of great natural beauty.

Choosing a Ceramic Urn

When selecting a ceramic urn, it is important to choose something that will complement your home décor. You may also want to choose an urn that the deceased would have appreciated or is symbolic of their personality. The urn should make you smile and help you feel more at peace in the absence of your loved one. This is why Cremation Solutions offers such an extensive selection of unique ceramic cremation urns for you to choose from.

Unique and Amazing
Every urn we sell is unique and special, and your beloved deserves something as unique as they were. Our urns are crafted by skilled artisans from all across the United States, so no two are exactly alike. Our artists are handpicked for their abilities and creativity, so you can enjoy an urn that will look incredible and be a source of peace for you.

Personalized Textures
Our artisans craft urns with textures ranging from smooth and able to glide under your fingertips, to molded textures and ribbed finish. Whether you want something that will feel organic and natural under your fingertips or have the soft and smooth feel of glass, we have the right ceramic cremation urn for your loved one's earthly remains.

Colors from Soft to Bold
Cremation Solutions offers a wide selection of ceramic urns in a range of colors to delight your personal style and help you match the personality of your loved one. Perhaps you want a basic white that makes you think of the peace waiting in Heaven, or maybe you love the idea of an urn with soft greens, brilliant reds, a mixture of earth tones, or even a stunning silver color. We always have a range of beautiful hand painted-urns in stock, so you can find the right one for your home and loved one.

Short or Tall
Our ceramic urns are available in many different heights, from tall and thin, to short and round or anywhere in between. All of our full-sized urns are large enough to hold the ashes of any adult, allowing you to choose a shape that best fits your style preferences.

Custom Ceramic Urns

If you see an urn that you like but have some ideas for changes, we can often work with our artists to create a custom cremation urn that suits your desires. You may have an idea for an urn that you just can't find anywhere; chances are we have an artist that we can commission to create exactly what you want. This process may take slightly longer; often 1-2 months may be needed. We can also add a tasteful brass nameplate or a nice base for the urn to rest upon.


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