Scattering Ashes

How to scatter ashes

Scattering ashes is now the most popular method for disposing of cremation ashes in the USA. When Jeff Staab, owner of Cremation Solutions, realized that the death care industry was not doing much to assist people in their desire to scatter ashes, he decided to do something about it. By creating Cremation Solutions, Jeff made a special effort to provide the public with more information for this very popular disposition of ashes. He created guidelines and resources for creating meaningful scattering ceremonies to help people with their wishes to scatter. The laws regarding scattering are very vague and vary from state to state. Cremation Solutions continues today to be a top source for information on scattering laws. We are also involved in lobbying to help deregulate some of the existing laws for scattering over land and at sea. Ashes are not harmful to the environment; they are primarily composed of minerals purified by fire.  

One thing that has added dignity and ease to the scattering process is the invention of scattering urns. Jeff himself even created Birdhouse Memorial Urns, a type of scattering urn that creates a living memorial after the scattering ceremony. For years, people have just been given a cardboard or plastic box containing a plastic bag with a twist tie. There is something lost in the beauty of scattering back to nature when you're doing it out of something that resembles a garbage bag. Now there are some incredibly designed urns that add an element of dignity and beauty to the scattering ceremony.

For some families, hiring an outside person to perform the scattering is ideal. There are scattering service providers in almost every state who are set up to assist you with your wishes. They can often open doors and help fulfill the request to scatter over large areas of land or in a particular area of the sea. Imagine having a memorial service at a favorite golf course of the deceased. Your group gathers on the patio and toasts to a life well-lived as a low flying plane releases a beautiful plume of ashes to descend to the earth. I've done just that and it's quite a moment to behold. Family and friends can charter a boat to tour some favorite fishing grounds and conduct a scattering ceremony complete with food, beverage, music and group participation in casting a biodegradable urn that floats off as flower petals are tossed and a loved one cheered on. To say the least, it sure beats watching a casket being lowered into the ground in the sterile environment of a cemetery.

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