Scattering and Biodegradable Urns

Scattering urns are available in many styles shapes and colors. Some scattering urns are made to scatter the ashes at sea and some are better suited to scatter over land and some are suited for both. Scattering urns that are biodegradable can be floated on the water or buried in the earth where they will dissolve or degrade becoming one with the elements.

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View: The Loved One Launcher (Ash Scattering Cannon)

The Loved One Launcher (Ash Scattering Cannon)

Catalog Number: SULOL01

Hand held C02 powered ash scattering cannon. This scattering urn will launch ashes up to 70ft!


View: The Turned Birdsong Birdhouse - Mini

The Turned Birdsong Birdhouse - Mini

Catalog Number: BHUTBSM-T

The turned birdsong (Mini)Birdhouse urn is a cremation scattering urn and a true living memorial


View: Natural Birdsong Birdhouse - Mini

Natural Birdsong Birdhouse - Mini

Catalog Number: BHUTBSM-N

The Natural birdsong (Mini)Birdhouse urn is a cremation scattering urn and a true living memorial


View: Turned Birdsong Birdhouse

Turned Birdsong Birdhouse

Catalog Number: BHUTBS-T

The turned birdsong Birdhouse urn is a cremation scattering urn and a true living memorial


View: Ocean Messenger Bio Urn

Ocean Messenger Bio Urn

Catalog Number: SCR026

Sand and gelatin biodegradable urn.


View: Ascending Dove Scattering Tubes

Ascending Dove Scattering Tubes

Catalog Number: SS-3STA

Ascending Dove Scattering Tubes

Biodegradable Scattering Urn

Ocean Sand Urn

Catalog Number: SCR025

Sand and gelatin biodegradable urn.

Biodegradable Scattering Tube

Ocean Sunset Scattering Tubes

Catalog Number: SS-3STO

Ocean Sunset Scatter Tubes

View: Pewter Scattering Urn

Pewter Scattering Urn

Catalog Number: SCR0014

This timeless pewter scattering urn is hand-crafted on a spinning machine in the USA. It comes with an inner glass insert that makes it ideal for flower arrangements following the scattering ceremony.


View: Rainbow Pond Scattering Tubes

Rainbow Pond Scattering Tubes

Catalog Number: SS-3STR

Rainbow Pond Scattering Tubes

View: Salt Urn

Salt Urn

Catalog Number: SS-3SLTO1

Biodegradable scattering urn made from salt

View: Sand & Gelatin - Classic

Sand & Gelatin - Classic

Catalog Number: SGC-001

Sand and gelatin biodegradable urn.


View: Sand & Gelatin - Oceane

Sand & Gelatin - Oceane

Catalog Number: SGOP-001

Sand and gelatin biodegradable urn.


View: Sand & Gelatin - Traditional

Sand & Gelatin - Traditional

Catalog Number: SGT-001

Sand and gelatin biodegradable urn.


View: The Shell Biodegradable Scattering Urn

The Shell Biodegradable Scattering Urn

Catalog Number: SCR0010

This is our most popular urn for scattering in the water. Its natural shell design will float for a few minutes before slowly descending to the bottom where will become one with the sea over time. Dimensions: 16" x 16" x 6" (400 cubic inches)


View: Natural Birdsong Birdhouse

Natural Birdsong Birdhouse

Catalog Number: BHUTBS-N

The turned birdsong Birdhouse urn is a cremation scattering urn and a true living memorial


View: The Journey Biodegradable Scattering Urns

The Journey Biodegradable Scattering Urns

Catalog Number: SS-34110

An economical alternative for those who scatter at sea. Its pillow shape will gracefully float before it descends. It is fully biodegradable. Dimensions: 14" x 12" x 3". Holds 220 cubic inches.


View: Mini Journey Biodegradable Scattering Urn

Mini Journey Biodegradable Scattering Urn

Catalog Number: SCR0015

Biodegradable Mini Journey Earthurns, available in three colors, allow families to scatter a portion of the the cremated remains of a loved one. Each urn includes a water-soluble / biodegradable plastic bag. Dimensions: 8" x 6.5" x 2".


View: Mini Journey (6)

Mini Journey (6)

Catalog Number: SCR019

Six pack of biodegradable scattering urns. Suitable for water scattering.


View: The Egg Birdhouse Scattering Urn

The Egg Birdhouse Scattering Urn

Catalog Number: BHU005

The Egg Birdhouse urn is a cremation scattering urn and a true living memorial


View: The Nantucket Scattering Urn

The Nantucket Scattering Urn

Catalog Number: SCR0013

Our craftsmen weave these in the age old Nantucket tradition.


View: The Avian Scattering Birdhouse Urn

The Avian Scattering Birdhouse Urn

Catalog Number: BHU003

This top of the line Birdhouse Memorial Urn is truly a work of art. Beautiful western cedar is hand turned to perfection on a lathe by our finest craftsmen.


View: Chest Earthurn

Chest Earthurn

Catalog Number: PAS-418

Chest Earthurn biodegradable urns

View: Embrace Earthurns

Embrace Earthurns

Catalog Number: PAS-412

Embrace biodegradable urns

View: Purity Earthurn

Purity Earthurn

Catalog Number: PAS-41403

Purity biodegradable urns


View: Reflect Earthurn

Reflect Earthurn

Catalog Number: PAS-41703

Reflect biodegradable urns


View: Simplicity Earthurns

Simplicity Earthurns

Catalog Number: PAS-41

Simplicity biodegradable urns

View: The Unity Earth Urn

The Unity Earth Urn

Catalog Number: SCR0019

Unity biodegradable scattering urns in a six pack

View: Mini Unity Scattering Urns

Mini Unity Scattering Urns

Catalog Number: SCR0016

Mini Unity - perfect for the symbolic scattering of a portion of the cremated remains - suitable as an infant or child cremation urn. Dimensions: 4.5" x 4.5" x 3.25"H (60 cubic inches)


View: Biodegradable Salt Urn

Biodegradable Salt Urn

Catalog Number: SCR022

This solid salt scattering urns begins to melt instantly when placed in water


View: Eco-Urns Biodegradable

Eco-Urns Biodegradable

Catalog Number: SCR021

Three styles of biodegradable scattering urns


View: Fabric Scattering Urns

Fabric Scattering Urns

Catalog Number: SCR0017

The urn is constructed using a durable inner container which is wrapped with a fitted slip cover made from 100% silk.


View: Scattering Tube Urns

Scattering Tube Urns

Catalog Number: SCR020

A dignified urn that will hold the ashes untill scattering

View: Silk Wrapped Fabric Urn

Silk Wrapped Fabric Urn

Catalog Number: SCR018

Soft and beautiful, the urn makes a lovely presentation at a memorial service. The ceremonial wrap is constructed using a durable inner container which is wrapped with a fitted slip cover made from 100% silk.


View: The Ocean Biodegradable Scattering Urns

The Ocean Biodegradable Scattering Urns

Catalog Number: SCR009

This urn completely dissolves in water, making it very desirable for water burial. It will scatter the remains on the bottom of the sea.


View: Natural Clay Biodegradable Scattering Urns

Natural Clay Biodegradable Scattering Urns

Catalog Number: SCR0009

It comes in several nice colors and is Very suitable for both water of earthen biodegradable burial.



Scattering urns are specially designed to scatter ashes. Scattering urns for ashes are designed to hold the ashes and then easily disperse them back to the earth. They add dignity and comfort to the scattering process. Some scattering urns are biodegradable, so they will break down naturally in the water or earth. Above you will find the world's largest selection of scattering urns. We hope one will provide comfort to your family for this final act of love. Please feel free to call us if you need any advice as to which scattering urn will be right for your scattering ceremony. Cremation Solutions has one of the largest and most innovative selections of scattering urns as we continue to support those we choose the scattering of ashes as their final life tribute. Urns specially designed for scattering will help you do it right. Wind and tides can make a mess and these urns can help avoid a messy situation for those attending the scattering ceremony.

Scattering ashes is a traditional ceremony that can traced back to our ancient ancestors of the Stone Age. Today, in fact for then 50% of those choosing cremation are now  scattering the ashes of loved ones, and the percentage grows each year. Scattering ashes continues to be a pure, loving and dignified way to return those departed to the earth or water. At Cremation Solutions, we offer a wide array of high quality scattering urns. We offer biodegradable scattering urns and urns that have a secondary purpose, such as our birdhouse memorial urns, basket urns and silk-wrapped urns.

The birdhouse memorial urns are crafted from recycled mango wood and are a testament to the cycle of life. Our talented artisans handcraft these urns by kiln drying the wood and using a lathe. Birds flock to the birdhouse to build nests and raise their offspring in the natural cycle of life. After one’s ashes are scattered, these delightful birdhouses can be placed in a garden or on a deck and convert as a memorial to that special one. These birdhouse memorial urns become a symbol of remembrance and a permanent place to keep treasured memories alive along with providing shelter for our winged friends.

We also feature scattering urns that can be used as cherished keepsakes after scattering ashes. Our Birch-Bark Dove Release is made from Russian birch and is available plain or with a pictorial of a deer family. The pictorial is naturally created with a bruising of the bark. Each one is as unique as your cherished family member or close friend. These urns make wonderful keepsakes for the home and can hold mementos, pictures and jewelry of your loved one. They are decorative and can placed anywhere in the home.

Another fine keepsake is our Nantucket scattering urn. This charming basket features a Nantucket like style and is woven of sea grass. Its bottom base and top handle are hand-polished black walnut. After a scattering ceremony, it can be used to hold mementos or as a pocketbook. The Nantucket is an excellent way to keep fond memories alive.

Our fabric scattering urns feature a Kate Spade style with trendy and sleek lines. With fine tailored lines, these keepsakes have a container wrapped in fine silk and are available in fashionable colors like hunter green, sage, cream, maroon and steel blue. Following a memorial service and scattering ceremony, they can be used to store the memories of a cherished one with items like favorite photographs, letters and rings. In one neatly wrapped package, you can create a holder for all of the things that made your loved one so special.

The pewter scattering urns are timeless, classic and traditional. Our high quality pewter urns are handcrafted on a spinning lathe by the works of skilled craftsmen. The urn is buffed to a high luster satin finish and covered in a clear coated lacquer for further sheen and protection. Each pewter urn comes with an included glass insert for holding a flower arrangement after the scattering ceremony. These urns make decorative accessories to the home and are picture-perfect for fireplace mantles and tables. They are keepsakes that live on forever.

Biodegradable urns are becoming a popular eco-friendly way for the scattering of ashes. Biodegradable urns dissolve and become one with the natural elements. We offer a wide selection of biodegradable urns to suit any type of scattering ceremony. Some of our biodegradable urns come with nature-inspired etchings, high relief pictorials and in many styles. These urns are ideal for a water scattering ceremony like at the sea or pond and burying in the ground, such as a favorite park or beach that your loved one enjoyed.

The Lily bio urn is truly a work of art. High relief depictions of lilies wrap around the urn in endearing colors of warm cream, classic copper and glistening gold. It is a fine testament to the natural beauty of a loved one. The Dolphin bio urn is both playful and reverent. Three high relief dolphins are pictured swimming against a classic silver background. The Ocean Messenger urns create a unique sea ceremony. Family members and friends can place personal notes to that special one before placing the urn in the water. It’s a comforting way to bestow all the words to express your deepest feelings before a final goodbye. Our Ocean Sand urns include real beach sand applied to the outer surface and are delicately embellished with footprints symbolizing a loved one’s walk on the earth. These urns are environmentally friendly along with being attractive and gracious.

Our line of scattering tube urns are designed to symbolize the special activities departed ones participated in or enjoyed during their journey of life. These tubes come in a variety of pictorials, including patriotic symbols, golfing greens, ocean sunsets, lush forests, sunflower fields and more. It’s the idyllic way to capture the essence of your loved one and cast ashes to the wind.