Cremation Diamonds Made From Ashes

View: Colorless Cremation Diamond

Colorless Cremation Diamond

View: Blue Cremation Diamond

Blue Cremation Diamond

View: Yellow Cremation Diamond

Yellow Cremation Diamond

View: Red Cremation Diamond

Red Cremation Diamond

View: Green Cremation Diamond

Green Cremation Diamond

View: Settings for Your Cremation Diamond

Settings for Your Cremation Diamond


Cremation Diamonds are real, certified, high-quality cremation jewelry diamonds. A beautiful Cremation Urn alternative created from the cremation ashes of your loved one.

Our Cremation Jewelry Diamond Guarantee to You: All cremation diamonds are individually authenticated, inspected, graded and identified by our world-renowned and highly trained gemologists.

With each certified, high-quality, cremation diamond, we offer an exclusive diamond guarantee against any and all defects. Cremation diamonds are a one of a kind style of cremation jewelry and a meaningful alternative to cremation urns. A true memorial to a unique life. Embrace your cremation diamond jewelry as a personal precious bond. 

Cremation diamonds provide way to embrace your loved ones memory day by day and quickly become a family heirloom. Cremation urns can still be used to hold the remaining ashes. The cremation diamond is the most unique and timeless cremation jewelry tribute available. Create a testimony to their unique life.

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View: Cremation Diamond Information

Cremation Diamond Information

View: Four Cs of Cremation Diamonds

Four Cs of Cremation Diamonds

View: Cost of Cremation Diamonds

Cost of Cremation Diamonds

View: Ordering Cremation Diamonds

Ordering Cremation Diamonds

View: How Cremation Diamonds Are Made

How Cremation Diamonds Are Made

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