Colorless Cremation Diamond (4 Sizes)

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Cremation diamonds made from ashes. Memorial diamonds created from the ashes of your loved one.

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Our cremation diamonds are genuine certified diamonds. They have all the exact same properties of a naturally mined diamond - "same hardness, same chemical make-up, same optical properties and beauty". Our cremation diamonds are more than just "real", they are of exceptional quality compared to any other traditional diamond.

Some Advantages of Created Diamonds Include: 

  • The ability to create diamonds of natural colors
  • You are actually involved in the creation process
  • Each is a truly one of a kind and represents a life lived
  • They are made of pure love

When you order your cremation diamond, we will rush you an easy to use kit to send us the ashes. The kit will come with easy to follow directions and a DVD explaining the complete process. We realize purchasing a diamond takes a lot of thought and should be carefully considered. We want you to know we are only a phone call away and would be glad to offer any guidance you need to make a careful decision.

During the creation process you will recieve emails to give you updates as to the status of your diamond as it progresses through the steps of creation. We know it's a long wait for something so precious and we will keep you informed along the way. 

Price for loose diamond only. To purchase a setting please visit: Settings for Your Cremation Diamond

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