Cremation Art From Your Photos

Cremation Art From Your Photos

This cremation art is created using one or more of YOUR photographs. Your photos can be scaned and emaild or mailed the old fashion way. Our artist will consult directly to you to desgn the cremation memorial art just the way you desire. Only when you give your approval will it be printed.

The beautiful canvas-transfer print emulates the color richness, texture and fine detail of an original painting right dow to the detail of brush strokes. We can also make adjustments and fix your damaged photo's. Once you have approved the design the ashes of your loved one are tastefully incorporated into a one of a kind piece of artwork. A final layer of glaze is applied over the ashes to permanently hold them in place. The ashes are fully visible and touchable while adding a third dimension of beauty and meaning to the cremation art work.

Once you have placed you order we will rush you a kit to mail the ashes directly to the artist. When the artist recieves the ashes he will contact you and begin the design process. You should recieve the cremation memorial art in one - two weeks.

. Step One - Select a size for your cremation art
. Step Two - Choose a frame for your cremation art
. Step Three - Place your order and we will priority mail the ashes kit right out
. Step Four - Using the pre-addressed postage included mailer you send us the ashes
. Step Five - The design process begins with a consultation with the artist
. Step Six - Your approval and the art is created and shipped.

~ You will recieve the cremation art in one - two weeks from step five ~







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