Why Birdhouse Memorial Urns Will Sell For You

Cremation is the fastest growing disposition in the death care industry, not only in the USA, but worldwide. 30% of the population in the USA is now being cremated and over 50% in Canada.


Scattering is the fastest growing disposition of cremated remains. It is now the #1 choice compared to other options. Those that choose to scatter are having a higher satisfaction rate then those that choose other options. We estimate that 35% of those being cremated are now scattering. According to the Wirthlin Report up to 59% of interviewed in a recent poll said they prefer scattering.

Marketing cremation products for scattering has been difficult and not very profitable. The products of Cremation Solutions solve this marketing problem by providing very profitable goods that consumers actually want. Our line of Birdhouse Memorial Urns leads to more profits and provides a higher satisfaction rate for those that choose a scattering ceremony.

People that scatter are encouraged by grief experts to provide a lasting memorial for their loved one. Our scattering urns are the only urns that convert into a memorial.

When asked what type of memorial people would choose, the #1 answer was a Living Memorial. Our patented line of Birdhouse Memorial Urns are the only urns in the world that convert into a living memorial.

People choose to scatter because they consider it to be a more natural way to return to the earth. Our products address this desire to be in harmony with nature at the time of death more then any others.

The second most popular place to scatter cremated remains is on the family property, especially in the garden. The most popular spot to place a birdhouse is in the garden, so you see using a birdhouse memorial urn to scatter and then install as a memorial in the garden just makes sense.

Cremation Solutions is owned and operated by Jeff Staab, a funeral director with over twenty years experience. Jeff has consulted with some of the most respected authorities in the funeral industry and has only had positive endorsements of our products.

When possible our products are manufactured in the state of Vermont. Made in Vermont has proven to add marketing strength to the image of products, especially those associated with nature.

Birdhouse Memorial Urns lead to the CROSS SALES of post or hangers, memorial markers, ceramic photos, keepsake urns and keepsake jewelry and more.

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