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Introducing Your Touch Portraits

Have you ever wanted something so unique to give as a gift that it won’t be found anywhere else in the world? Most people know that their fingerprints are one of the few things in the world that is unique … Continue reading

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Another Beautiful Ash Scattering in The Holy Land

As cremations service continue to rise, Ash scatterings are becoming very popular.  Many of your clients will do ash scatterings, and they need options.  Tying into this market can produce a rewarding income stream for you. A Scattering Service is … Continue reading

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Face Booking to The Death

In the age of social media, the death of a Face Book user presents several concerns. The proper etiquette has not been yet established and leaves friends and family members questioning what the proper approach is. As the Face Book … Continue reading

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Answering The Call

Funeral Home Shopper Call Secure the shopper to secure the call!! Consider the shopper your opportunity of the day and get ready to shine. Remember this could be your only chance and what you say and how you say it … Continue reading

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