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Funeral Directors Taking Care of Everyone But Themselves

Every job has its unique challenges, and being a funeral director is no exception. When you meet a funeral director, you are hopefully met with a compassionate human being who exhibits all the appropriate decorum for the preparation of a … Continue reading

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Funeral Ceremonies and The Healing Power of Music

In all societies, music is collective and communal. It is a medium that brings and binds people together. Although we often think of music as entertainment, we often overlook its power to evoke emotions. Beethoven was well-known for being able … Continue reading

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Today is Tomb Sweeping Day in China And Burning Iphones and I Pads is “The Latest Tradition”!

In China, the traditional belief is that a person’s soul can only rest in peace if their body is buried underground in a coffin. Those that were cremated or opted for another method would have restless souls. However, as time … Continue reading

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