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Nancy Burban Interviews Jeff Staab on the Greening of Cremation

Nancy Burban: It is my pleasure to interview Jeff Staab, a funeral director for over 20 years and a renowned cremation solutions specialist. He is also the owner of , a provider of green cremation products and services to … Continue reading

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What Really Makes A Funeral Home Green

I have been hearing a lot lately about the greening of the funeral industry. It’s usually some new product that someone has that will shine a bright green light on your funeral home. Green stationary, green caskets, biodegradable urns and … Continue reading

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Funeral Flower Etiquette

Funeral flowers and sympathy plants are usually sent to the funeral home, chapel at once when the news breaks of a death that  has been announced. Funeral homes and churches have a “wake,” “visitation” or calling hours, where survivors friends and … Continue reading

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Life Trees: A Green Friendly Remembrance and Memorial

Throughout history, people have planted trees to commemorate a loved one’s life and have used nature as a way to connect with the natural cycles of life. With their impressive stature, strength and endurance trees are the perfect symbol of … Continue reading

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