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The Beauty of Cremation

There are so many reasons that more and more people are now choosing cremation. Here are some of the main reasons that half of all deaths now elect cremation as the final disposition. More Economical A Greener Earth Friendly Option … Continue reading

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Life Matters! What Will Your Monument Look Like

Why Do Humans Have Monuments? Headstones and monuments¬† serve as an important piece of history that marks the life and memory of a loved one that has passed. The main purpose of these monuments is to mark where the soul … Continue reading

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Cremation Nation

With almost half of all Americans choosing cremation and more then 60% of them choosing scattering as a final disposition, the sky is the limit! ¬†Or the garden, the sea, the mountains, or the golf course depending on people’s preferences. … Continue reading

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Cremation Monuments Offer a Nice Alternative to Scattering Ashes

Cremation monuments are monuments that hold ashes inside. Cremation monuments look like the assortment of monuments, memorials or headstones seen in a cemetery. However, they are either hollow or have been bored out to have a special space inside to … Continue reading

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