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Thai Man Marries Dead Girlfriend

On January 4, 2012, an extraordinary Buddhist wedding ceremony transpired in Surin, Thailand. On that day 28-year-old Chadil Deffy, a television director also known as Deff Yingyuen, took his girlfriend of ten years, 29-year-old Sarinya Kamsook, also known as Anne, … Continue reading

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Talking The Grief Talk

When a person is sad or grieving the loss of a loved one, it can be very hard to know the right words to say to them. It is so very easy to say the wrong thing if you don’t … Continue reading

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Colorado Prison First to Have Hospice

When a guilty verdict is reached and someone is sent to prison, the outside world sometimes forgets them. This is especially true for those sentences that will last far beyond the life expectancy of the prisoner. Many will succumb to … Continue reading

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We Can All Learn Something From Irish Funerals

There is something to be said for an Irish funeral, which is often referred to as a wake. More commonly a celebration, as opposed to a time of mourning, this type of service allows family and friends to become further … Continue reading

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Cremation is The Only Cure for Doctor Oz Diet Gone Wrong

SACRAMENTO, CA — According to eyewitness accounts from Sutter Memorial’s emergency room patients, Joshua Hayes, 30, stumbled through the hospital’s entryway and his distended abdomen violently burst open. Scene investigators discovered the food to entrails ratio to be remarkably high, … Continue reading

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Generic Memorial Videos

There are so many great way to produce excellent personalized memorial videos today. Anyone in the funeral biz will tell you how much added value these “Life Story” videos add to ant funeral or memorial gathering. Specialized software enables users … Continue reading

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