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Cremation Jewelry to keep your loved one close to your heart with our hand blown glass pendants that hold ashes. With 16 vibrant colors to choose from we can create your personalized pendant that holds a very small portion of the remains, allowing everybody in the family to have one. Wear as a necklace, hang from your rearview mirror, a window, or in any creative way. Cremation jewelry glass pendants are roughly the size of three stacked quarters, and encapsulate a very small amount of ash and color within a disc of solid glass. Along with beautiful color combinations of your choice, the cremation ashes can be seen swirled within. No two are the same and with custom cremation jewelry glass, each will be as unique as the life the cremation jewelry pendant will represent.

A Memory Glass Pendant is roughly the size of a quarter and is about 1/4" inch thick. Of course each pendant is unique and may be a bit larger or smaller. 

When you place your order you will receive a "Memory Kit" containing:

  • 1 sterile, locking vial for the remains, pre-labeled with unique identifying information
  • 1 sterile 1/2 tsp. scoop for handling remains
  • 1 pre-labeled, pre-addressed "Indestructo" box used to ship.
  • Easy to follow instructions

Once we have received the returned welcome package from you:

  • Each order is handmade - separate from other orders - all precautions are taken to ensure that no orders are crossed at any time.
  • Records of each order are kept within our database and accompany each order along the way.

Within 2-4 weeks from when we receive the ashes, you will receive your Memory Glass Pendant by Registered US Mail

Any unused remains will be returned to you along with your order, in its original vial.

View: Seafoam Aqua

Seafoam Aqua

Price: $150.00
View: Eternal Purple

Eternal Purple

Price: $150.00
View: Perfect Pink

Perfect Pink

Price: $150.00
View: Antique Red

Antique Red

Price: $150.00
View: Radiant Orange

Radiant Orange

Price: $150.00
View: Everlasting Gold

Everlasting Gold

Price: $150.00
View: Daffodil Yellow

Daffodil Yellow

Price: $150.00
View: Apricot Marmalade

Apricot Marmalade

Price: $150.00
View: Forever Green

Forever Green

Price: $150.00
View: Ocean Blue

Ocean Blue

Price: $150.00
View: Sky Blue

Sky Blue

Price: $150.00
View: Aged Bronze

Aged Bronze

Price: $150.00
View: Ivory White

Ivory White

Price: $150.00
View: Mystic Black

Mystic Black

Price: $150.00
View: Slate Gray

Slate Gray

Price: $150.00
View: Coastal Clear

Coastal Clear

Price: $150.00
View: Sterling Silver Chain

Sterling Silver Chain

Price: $40.00
View: Solid 14K Yellow Gold

Solid 14K Yellow Gold

Price: $175.00
View: Solid 14K White Gold

Solid 14K White Gold

Price: $175.00
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