Fingerprint Jewelry

View: Fingerprint Pendant (Standard Size)

Fingerprint Pendant (Standard Size)

View: Fingerprint Pendant (Large Size)

Fingerprint Pendant (Large Size)

View: Handprint or Footprint (Standard Sized)

Handprint or Footprint (Standard Sized)

View: Handprint or Footprint Pendant (Large Size)

Handprint or Footprint Pendant (Large Size)

View: Single Heart Pendant

Single Heart Pendant

View: Double Heart Pendant

Double Heart Pendant

View: Dog Tags

Dog Tags

View: Cremation Pendant

Cremation Pendant

View: Fingerprint  Ring (Band Style)

Fingerprint Ring (Band Style)

View: Fingerprint Ring (Signet Style)

Fingerprint Ring (Signet Style)

View: Key Chain

Key Chain

View: Fingerprint Drop Earrings

Fingerprint Drop Earrings

View: Tie Tack

Tie Tack

View: Fingerprint Kit and Information

Fingerprint Kit and Information

Price: $5.00
View: Bali Two-Tone Name Bracelet

Bali Two-Tone Name Bracelet

Price: $110.00
View: Birthstone Name Bracelet

Birthstone Name Bracelet

Price: $110.00
View: Classic Mothers Bracelet

Classic Mothers Bracelet

Price: $110.00
View: Honoring Our Troops Memory Bracelet

Honoring Our Troops Memory Bracelet

Price: $110.00
View: Leather Name Bracelet

Leather Name Bracelet

Price: $90.00
View: Sterling Silver Mother's Bracelet

Sterling Silver Mother's Bracelet

Price: $110.00

fingerprint-art-and-paw-com1.jpgFingerprint Jewelry and now Fingerprint Portraits

Allow 3 1/2 weeks to recieve your jewelry from the date we recieve the prints. Our charms made from the fingerprints, footprints or handprints of your loved one, combines the wonders of modern scanning technology with the ancient technique of wax casting. The fingerprints of you or your loved ones are fashioned into an artistic and intricately detailed fingerprint jewelry keepsake. Each Fingerprint Jewelry Keepsake Charm is as unique as the fingerprint it replicates. Nothing is more personal and like people, no two are alike. It's the natural signature that nature has given each of us. Our Fingerprint Jewelry Keepsakes made from fingerprints are the finest quality keepsakes available. We never use low quality precious metal clay. We hope your Fingerprint Jewelry Keepsake will bring you years of comfort and keep the memory of your loved one close to your heart. Wearing fingerprint jewelry adds comfort and reinforces our relationships with each other. Because all fingerprint jewelry is custom made, we can not offer a refund once we begin the manufacturing process.

Our Signatural Fingerprint Portraits, like our jewelry is made from a simple ink print captured on paper. Your imagination and our graphic artist create a one of a kind personal work of art. The colors and designs can be made to match any decor. Add words, photos to further personalize these eye catching prints that everyone will want. Printed on high quality canves in an assortment of sizes.

See our full gallery of Portraits HERE.




Fingerprint Jewelry is appropriate for: Birthdays, to Mark a Friendship, Commitments, Anniversaries, to Remember a Loved One, and to Honor your Pet


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