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Fingerprints Captured In Beautiful Portraits

Have you ever wanted something so unique to give as a gift that it won’t be found anywhere else in the world? Most people know that their fingerprints are one of the few things in the world that is unique and impossible to find again elsewhere. Now imagine artwork with unique fingerprint patterns that can’t be reproduced anywhere else. For those who like to feel a connection to their art as well as knowing the pattern or detail can’t be found elsewhere, fingerprint art can be a viable answer.

Variety of Styles
Fingerprint art can be produced in a variety of ways. This can include enhanced and zoomed photographs or prints, art prints, portraits of full handprints, wall posters of an exploded single print and more. Pictures of FingerprintsSee Our Full Selection Here: (Your Touch Portraits).
The imagination is the limit, but each product shares a distinct and unique element: a fingerprint of a loved one that can’t be reproduced anywhere else without the original. Furthermore, a customer isn’t limited to just one print. Multiple family members and friends can be included in the final portrait. This can be a neat way to get everyone involved and produce a piece artwork that includes an entire family.Kids Hand print ArtHand Print Pictures
Pet Paw Pictures
Mix Fingerprints For Couples
How it Works
Fingerprint art products can’t be created without the original element, the print. So the process starts with a fingerprint collection kit being provided to the customer to collect a given print. The kit will come with instructions on exactly how to obtain the best print possible, a card for the print to be inked onto and the ink strips that create the color needed.
After the print is collected, the kit is then mailed back to our collection office to begin the production process. The next step involves a fabrication of a high resolution image of the submitted prints. We can alter the print anyway you want. You are in control of how your art will look. You will be emailed a copy of the artwork for your approval, before we do the final print on canvas. Then, with the image completed, the artwork can be produced as desired. Unlike the boring black prints normally seen at government identification stations, fingerprint art can be made with a variety of shades, colors, materials and surfaces. The framing can be matched to meet all sorts of tastes from conservative traditional to modern and impressionable.
Gifts with a Unique Twist
Hand and Foot Art

Match Any Decor

For parents who want to make something memorable for their kids to enjoy later in life, fingerprints, handprints and footprints can reproduce really neat ideas for gifts. How about memorializing the time when junior got into the finger paints a bit too much and left them on the walls of the house? So take a photo of the wall and have enhanced fingerprints layered on top with a frame titled “remember when?” This is just one idea of how to make fun or comical memories lasting, and fingerprint portraits can certainly help.

A basic print may seem pretty straightforward, but imagine a wall sized canvas, framed, with a single fingerprint across the entire surface. Now it becomes a work of modern art, with a unique pattern that catches the eye. Set in the right d├ęcor the print can become a focal point of an entire room, as well as nice conversation piece when friends come over to visit.
If a close relative or friend has passed away, prior to final service and all involved allowing, a print can be obtained and then translated into a lasting memory that everyone who loved the person will cherish. The prints or artwork can then be produced in a variety of ways that match how each relative or friend wants to remember the deceased in the best light.
In Summary
Fingerprint art takes what defines a person’s identity in the modern age and also makes them a part of a singular artwork that won’t be found anywhere else. It provides families with a great way to remember years and life events gone by without being mediocre about it. With the variety of art products possible, everyone will find an approach that appeals to their taste. Further, many will be surprised at how impressive the products can be once they are placed in a home or office or special room. Don’t be surprised if people visiting ask where to find a similar print or have one made. The artwork will generate lots of questions as it continues to catch the eye of all who see a fingerprint in a unique setting of love and memory. And that’s what makes art mean the most to those who cherish it.

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