Generic Memorial Videos

There are so many great way to produce excellent personalized memorial videos today. Anyone in the funeral biz will tell you how much added value these “Life Story” videos add to ant funeral or memorial gathering.

Specialized software enables users to upload pictures from throughout the life. Usually in chronological order. You get to add a theme that is displayed between the changing pictures. Even moving footage with a real cinematic effect. You pick the music and can even add your own. Anyone with a computer and internet connection can now produce these wonderful memorial tributes. Even notoriously low tech funeral directors can do it.

These custom personal memorial tribute videos have proven themselves now for years. The rumors of another fad have diminished as family and friends share memories through these amazing little life productions. Multiple copies are made and cherished for generations to come.

Sometime a more generic video is appropriate. Like at a memorial event when several lives have been lost at once. Or their has not yet been enough time to make a personalized tribute. These tribute do not mention names and dates or any particulars. A generic memorial tribute video is just about general healing when suffering from a loss.  These tributes are about life in general and remembering what is special. They are about hope and moving on.

Here are some samples of Generic Memorial Videos.

Just A Song with Written Lyrics

Dont Cry For Me

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  1. Erica says:

    Will you provide videos for people who are conducting funerals in other locations with other funeral homes, like American Cremation & Casket Alliance?

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