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For most people, trying to handle the various tasks associated with the death of a family member or friend can be extremely difficult. Therefore, they appreciate any help that can be provided concerning the collection of the information needed to process and complete the various paperwork, certificates, and permits needed by the funeral home regarding the funeral.

With the increasing use of technology in the funeral business, many tasks that use to be done exclusively on paper can now be done with computers either on the Internet or directly at the funeral home.

Scattering ServicesThis use of technology has many benefits for funeral home directors and their staff. In addition, the use of technology helps the grieving families in a variety of ways such as reducing stress, making the collection of information more efficient, and allowing the needed information to be processed quicker.



Recently a new tool was released that will make it easier for families to provide the information needed regarding a death certificate for the deceased. The new tool is a free online death certificate form that allows families to go online to enter the information required to process and file a death certificate. Once the informationOnline Death Certifiacte Information is completed online by family members using the online death certificate form, an email is sent to the designated funeral home staff who use the information to obtain a death certificate for the deceased. Moreover, the free online death certificate tool is helpful to funeral homes because it allows the staff at funeral homes several helpful options for acquiring the information needed to process a death certificate.

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Conveniently Give Death Certificate Information Online

The free online death certificate tool is available at Cremation The link to gain access to the tool is:

The death of a love one is a very emotional time. During this time, many things need to be done. One of the most important is providing the funeral home with the information needed for the deceased’s death certificate. Without the needed information, a death certificate cannot be processed and filed, and a death certificate is needed before a burial or cremation permit can be issued. Therefore, the death certificate is very important. As a result, the utilization of the free online death certificate tool serves three vital roles that are:

  1. Allow the family members the opportunity to complete the required information online for the death certificate whenever it is difficult to arrange a time for the family members to meet at the funeral home to provide the information.
  2. Allow the family members the opportunity to complete the required death certificate information online before they come to the funeral home so they can speed-up the death certificate process.
  3. Allow the family members to avoid a situation where they meet at the funeral home to provide the death certificate information but cannot provide all the information needed during the meeting, which will slow down the death certificate process.

All funeral professionals, funeral home directors, and funeral home staff are encouraged to visit Cremation to utilize the free online death certificate tool. This tool helps to make the collection of information for a death certificate quicker and more efficient.

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