Remembering Our Pets when They’re Gone


If you’ve ever lost a beloved pet, you know that empty feeling you get when you open the front door and there’s no longer a wagging, happy tail waiting on the other side. And, although you may eventually open your home to another furry companion, there will always be a special place in your heart and your memory for the one that came before.

Although pictures and videos are nice ways to remember your pet, Cremation Solutions offers tangible remembrances of your dog or cat. We understand how hard it is to lose a pet. We’re pet owners too. That’s why we offer a wide selection of pet memorials, pet urns and pet cremation jewelry. Just a few of the products we offer to help you honor and remember your pet include:

  • Pet urns. Pet Ashes UrnsCremation urns are not just for human remains. At Cremation Solutions, we offer a complete line of pet urns, both simple in design and elaborate, in a variety of sizes. You can choose from urns shaped like a cat or a dog or even a horse’s head. There are small brass or pewter urns in traditional shapes and wooden urns that hold a picture of your pet. We even have an urn that holds a memorial candle.
  • Pet cremation jewelry.
    Jewelry for dog ashes

    Has an Inner Chamber to Hold Ashes

    Wearing pet cremation jewelry is another way to keep your pet close to you after he or she is gone. These tasteful lockets and pendants have a hollow space in the center where you can add a little of your pet’s fur, ashes or whiskers.

  • Crystal cremation jewelry. Crystal cremation jewelry uses a tiny bit of your pet’s ashes to create a beautiful and long-lasting crystal that can be crafted into a pendant or set into a ring. It’s a unique and lovely tribute to your pet that you can wear for years to come.
  • Garden stone memorials. Maybe you want a small stone memorial, plaque or statue to help honor your pet. At CremationPet Markers Solutions, we offer stylish markers for your garden that will remind you of your cat or dog every time you work in the flower beds, rake leaves or mow the grass. It’s like having a part of him or her in the garden with you. Garden stone memorials are particurlarly apt for those pets who enjoyed “helping” in the garden when they were alive.
  • Natural Garden pet memorials. Natural garden pet are the “green” and environmentally-friendly way to honor your pet. Each year, you can see how your pet’s ashes have helped the memorial tree to grow strong and tall. You simply bury your pet’s ashes in the ground when you plant a tree in your garden. Many people also add a small plaque at the base of the tree to quietly honor their furry friend. Planting a natural garden pet memorial is encouraging nature to recycle the energy that was your pet into a long-lasting, beautiful tribute.
  • Pet paw portraits. Pet Paw PicturesWould you like a reminder of your pet that you can hang on your living room or bedroom wall? Our pet paw portraits use an image of your cat or dog’s actual paw print to create a tasteful and attractive piece of wall art. You can choose from 19 background colors and 19 contrasting colors. Pet paw portraits are available in small, medium and large sizes. You can even add text, such as your pet’s name, to the piece.

Remembering your dog, cat or even horse who has reached the end of his or her natural life doesn’t have to be a sad occasion.  Of course, you’ll also ways miss them. But with a pet memorial, pet urn or piece of pet jewelry, their memory will be with you for years and years to come. Visit Cremation Solutions to browse the wide variety of ways we offer to help you honor and remember your pet.

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