Celebrate Life with Crystal Cremation Jewelry

Cremation Crystals are cremation jewelry keepsakes and pet memorials that infuse your loved ones ashes into a crystal glass memorial. The ashes are actualy transformed into real crystal using a patented process. Our artists have developed their own line of original crystal cremation jewelry. Custom designs are cut by world class gem cutters and set in our originally designed mountings by the world respected jewelry designer and setter, John Clark.

We offer a selection of seven different cuts of cremation jewelry crystal and a variety of brilliant colors, set in your choice of 14K White Gold, 14K Yellow Gold or Sterling Silver. You decide how to personalize your crystal cremation jewelry. Whether you want to create cremation jewelry rings, keepsake pendants, or a cremation jewelry necklace, your Crystal Cremation Jewelry will be a truely one-of-a-kind tribute.

Tracking Your Cremation Jewelry OrderYour order invoice number and the name of the deceased person or pet will be on the crystal kit. The name and number never leaves your order and each order is carefully tracked and there is never a chance of ashes being mixed up or ever coming in contact with other ashes. We are very proud of our tracking system and can assure you that your cremation jewelry crystal will be made from the ashes that you send to us. Any cremation ashes that are not used for your order will be returned to you with your order.

 Please allow 8 - 10 weeks to complete your crystal order from the time we receive the ashes.



View: Cremation Crystal (No Setting)

Cremation Crystal (No Setting)

Price: $626.00
View: Crystal Gentle Reflection Cast Heart

Crystal Gentle Reflection Cast Heart

View: Crystal Never Forgotten Cushion Cut Pendant

Crystal Never Forgotten Cushion Cut Pendant

View: Crystal Soothing Whispers Earrings

Crystal Soothing Whispers Earrings

View: Crystal Tender Teardrop Earrings

Crystal Tender Teardrop Earrings

View: Crystal Tranquility Cross Pendant

Crystal Tranquility Cross Pendant

View: Crystal Never Forgotten Ring

Crystal Never Forgotten Ring

View: Crystal Cherished Memories Heart

Crystal Cherished Memories Heart

View: Crystal Cherished Memories Heart Ring

Crystal Cherished Memories Heart Ring

View: Crystal Infinity Trilliant Cut Pendant

Crystal Infinity Trilliant Cut Pendant

View: Crystal Infinity Trilliant Cut Ring

Crystal Infinity Trilliant Cut Ring

View: Crystal Portuguese Pendant

Crystal Portuguese Pendant

View: Crystal Portuguese Ring

Crystal Portuguese Ring

View: Crystal Peaceful Memories

Crystal Peaceful Memories

View: Crystal Peaceful Memories Ring

Crystal Peaceful Memories Ring

View: Crystal Radiant Life Pendant

Crystal Radiant Life Pendant

View: Crystal Radiant Life Cut Ring

Crystal Radiant Life Cut Ring

View: Crystal Briolette Teardrop Pendant

Crystal Briolette Teardrop Pendant


Color Color Description Similar Gem Color
Natural Varies from clear to amber to various shades of green Peridot, Lemo Citrine or Emerald
Red Dark transparent red Ruby or Garnet
Pink Light peach Morganite or Pink Sapphire
Coral Brown Very light pinkish rust Padparadscha Sapphire or Sherry Topaz
Bronze Dark golden cognac Champagne Diamond or Golden Citrine
Pale Yellow Very light yellow Lemon Citrine
Light Yellow Canary yellow with a hint of green Peridot
Aqua Pale sky blue Aquamarine
Neo Lavender Light blue under artificial light.
Hint of lavender under natural light.
Aqua Marine Deep sea blue Paraiba Tourmaline
Black Black Onyx
Green Dark green Dark Emerald or Jade
Royal Blue Dark blue Sapphire
White White White Pearl
Antique White Cream Cream Pearl
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