Cremation Urns / Cloisonne

Cremation urns created with cloisonné. An ancient art form invented by the French but perfected by the Chinese. Made from brass, copper and colored enamel, cloisonné is crafted by hand and the finished item is fired in a kiln and gilded. Each urn is handcrafted and unique.

Cremation Solutions is proud to offer you a wide selection of Cloisonné urns and complimentary products to cherish your loved one's ashes and memories while bringing a piece of art into your home.

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View: Amber Cloisonne Set

Amber Cloisonne Set

Catalog Number: SS-802AM

Amber Cloisonné Urn

View: Azure Blue Cloisonné Set

Azure Blue Cloisonné Set

Catalog Number: SS-802AB

Azure Blue Cloisonné Urn

View: Butterfly Cloisonne Set

Butterfly Cloisonne Set

Catalog Number: SS-802BF

Butterfly Cloisonn���© Urn

View: Dove Cloisonne Set

Dove Cloisonne Set

Catalog Number: SS-805DV

Dove Cloisonné Urn

View: Dusty Rose Cloisonne Set

Dusty Rose Cloisonne Set

Catalog Number: SS-809DR

Dusty Rose Cloisonné Urn

View: Fall Leaf Cloisonné Set

Fall Leaf Cloisonné Set

Catalog Number: SS-802FL

Fall Leaf Cloisonné Urn

View: Flag & Eagle Cloisonne Set

Flag & Eagle Cloisonne Set

Catalog Number: SS-808FE

Flag & Eagle Cloisonné Urn

View: Forest Green Cloisonne Set

Forest Green Cloisonne Set

Catalog Number: SS-803A

Forest Green Cloisonné Urn

View: Minuet Cloisonne Set

Minuet Cloisonne Set

Catalog Number: SS-809MI

Minuet Cloisonné Urn

View: Pear Blossom Cloisonne Set

Pear Blossom Cloisonne Set

Catalog Number: SS-805PB

Pear Blossom Cloisonné Urn

View: Pink Floral Cloisonné Set

Pink Floral Cloisonné Set

Catalog Number: SS-8010P

Pink Floral Cloisonné Urn

View: Praying Hands Cloisonne Set

Praying Hands Cloisonne Set

Catalog Number: SS-806PH

Praying Hands Cloisonn�© Urn

View: Purple Floral Cloisonne Set

Purple Floral Cloisonne Set

Catalog Number: SS-809PP

Purple Floral Cloisonné Urn

View: Royal Blue Cloisonné Set

Royal Blue Cloisonné Set

Catalog Number: SS-803B

Royal Blue Cloisonné Urn

View: Swan Lake Cloisonne Companion Urn

Swan Lake Cloisonne Companion Urn

Catalog Number: SS-800SL

Swan Lake Cloisonn���© Urn


View: White Iris Cloisonne Set

White Iris Cloisonne Set

Catalog Number: SS-806CR

White Iris Cloisonné Urn