Life Trees: A Green Friendly Remembrance and Memorial

Throughout history, people have planted trees to commemorate a loved one’s life and have used nature as a way to connect with the natural cycles of life. With their impressive stature, strength and endurance trees are the perfect symbol of a living memorial that lives on after our loved ones have passed.

Life Trees provide an environmentally friendly way of remembering loved ones that will last for years and imbue their memory with natural beauty and strength.

Introducing Life Trees, an affordable, green friendly sympathy gift. A more natural way to remember and share the memories of a loved one with those attending the funeral service or who are unable to attend.

Trees not only mark a life well lived, they also create a space of comfort and healing. Recent studies have shown that patients in hospital rooms with a view of trees heal faster and school children learn better when exposed to green spaces. Trees help us to experience our natural heritage and connect with our deeply held spiritual and cultural values.

The Life Tree Farm professionals have now taken the concept of living memorials and created an easy way to get the tree seedlings in just the right style to suit your needs. Both for families and to share with those in attendance, Life Trees are a way of remembering and memorializing the decedent’s life. When a living tree is not practical, alternatives are available like seed packets or a tree planting program. With the tree planting program the Life Tree Farm does planting for you in the Green Mountain National Forest in Vermont. Families are given a letter of appreciation and a handsome certificate of acknowledgement to commemorate the tree planting.

Life Trees are available in every state, year round. The tree seedlings come in five tasteful styles, nurtured in its own earth within a beautiful keepsake bag. The keepsake bags are available in a large assortment of rich fabrics and colors. The trees are further personalized with ribbons and a custom message, or select a message card with a poem or quote in our catalog. It also includes the name and dates of the decedent. On the back of the card are planting and care instructions. Hundreds of combinations of the tree memorials are available to meet a wide variety of styles and budgets for families to choose from.

Life Trees are affordable. They can cost as little as a sympathy card & have far more value.

Funeral homes can now offer Life Trees. The families you serve will be able to honor a life with a beautiful tree that will live on in the decedent’s memory. The trees are customized and usually shipped within 24 hours of the order. ┬áThe Life Tree program includes all the marketing materials needed to start offering the Life Trees in your facility. Synthetic tree samples are included to display in your facility.

If you are interested in a different way to remember a loved one’s life, be sure to check out our wide selection of cremation urns, keepsake jewelry, and memorials at Cremation Solutions.

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