Funeral Flower Etiquette

Funeral flowers and sympathy plants are usually sent to the funeral home, chapel at once procession.jpgwhen the news breaks of a death that  has been announced. Funeral homes and churches have a “wake,” “visitation” or calling hours, where survivors friends and family gather to pay their respects and tributes to the family. Proper funeral flower etiquette is to send funeral flowers or plants to the funeral home or church prior to the first visitation hours. If you are late in sending flowers and can not have flowers arrive in time for the first visitation it is still appropriate to send funeral flowers as long as they arrive prior to any additional visitations. If you have not sent funeral flowers in time for them to arrive prior to the last visitation you may want  send funeral flowers or a living funeral plant to the family at their home. Some people insist upon sending last minute funeral flower orders to the funeral home or church and some people insist upon having last minute funeral flower deliveries made directly to the graveside service. This is not considered proper etiquette as it is very disruptive and inconsiderate to have funeral flower deliveries arriving during the service. In many instances, last minute funeral flower orders are lost in the commotion of the funeral service and in other instances funeral directors will not accept last minute flower deliveries.

If you have missed the visitations and the funeral service it is considered very proper etiquette to send funeral flowers or a plant to the family of the deceased at their residence. In fact, it is considered appropriate etiquette to send funeral flowers or plants to the family of the deceased up to a month after the funeral service. Some people even prefer to send funeral flowers and plants at a later date because it is a great way to let the family of the deceased know that people are still thinking of them even after the funeral service has passed. Many people who have lost a loved one find this very comforting.

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