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We realize that scattering ashes the old-fashioned way from a nondescript bag is not dignified nor memorable. The Release Urn Machine will make the scattering of your loved ones ashes a reverent and awe inspiring event. The sacred ceremony of scattering ashes is one of the most memorable final acts of love you will experience. The last good bye to your loved one should be heartfelt. Release Urn offers you, family and friends a reverent event with our controlled scattering system. It allows for multiple start/stop sessions for about two minutes of steady controlled scattering. If desired you may visit those special outdoor locations you all enjoyed and frequented together. This automated urn has been engineered and perfected to provide a breathtaking scattering ceremony.

We have made it extremely easy to use the Release Scattering Urn. Once you place your order, you may mail all the ashes to Cremation Solutions. We recommend shipping via USPS (Registered US Mail). This is the safest of all shipping methods. Once we receive the ashes we are very careful and have a tracking system in place, so you can be assured that there in never any chance of ashes being intermingled. We prepare the ashes and load the machine for you. You will receive the machine and it will be ready for your use. A heavy duty carrying case is included so you can safely transport the scattering urn to the desired scattering location.

When you're finished scattering, you may simply ship the Release Scattering Urn back to Cremation Solutions. The rental fee allows you to keep the urn for two weeks. We also provide you the option of purchasing the Release Urn if you wish.

View: Release Scattering Urn Rental

Release Scattering Urn Rental

Price: $495.00
View: Scattering Release Urn Purchase

Scattering Release Urn Purchase

Price: $3,495.00
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