Making The Holidays More Personal With Fingerprint Jewelry

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Christmas is a time when the whole family gathers together to celebrate those we love. New babies are passed around and cooed and fretted over. Couples chopped, baste and cook a scrumptious holiday meal to be shared by all, and memories are shared. For our older parents and grandparents, everyone takes special care to make sure they are comfortable. The question is, how will you remember one another as life matures you or takes you far away?

Fingerprint jewelry is a unique way to keep your loved ones close. Pendants featuring your mother’s fingerprints will be a conversation piece throughout the holiday season and beyond. She will be grateful that you want to remember her and touched if you getting matching necklaces for other close family members. Pendants come in silver, gold and other materials.

For grandmothers and great grandmothers, customized charms or pendant can incorporate footprints for the tiny members of the family, handprints from younger children and fingerprints or other unique markings from grown family members.

Jewelry Made From Fingerprints

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These one of a kind gifts are high-quality jewelry that will quickly become family heirlooms. Let me share a story with you about home I was able to give gifts one Christmas and provide my sisters and brothers with fingerprint jewelry pendants rings imprinted with my mother finger print.

We were all planning to be home for the holidays, which is some feat, considering I have five siblings. My mom had had a health scare just before the holidays. She started talking about final arrangements and making her peace with the universe. After we got over the initial shock, I realized that it could really happen, and so suddenly that we might not get to prepare before she was gone. Luckily, my mother is still vibrantly alive, but I was able to order and design remembrances etched with Mom’s fingerprints and hand them out to my sisters and brothers.

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One of my brothers is a real manly guy. For him, I got a stainless steel buck knife with Mom’s fingerprint embossed in gold. It was lovely. In fact, my brother cried, and from what I hear, he refuses to use that knife. Another brother is an investment banker and I had a money clip made and stamped with Mom’s fingerprint. Now, he uses that thing every day – he really like money and he really love Mom! He is often asked where he got it, and he refers them to Cremation Solutions so that others too can order keepsakes that keep the connection when they have to be apart.

For my three sisters, I decided to go with a Noble Bronze Open Heart Fingerprint pendent. It isn’t really a great idea to get jewelry for three sister for Christmas, unless you get everyone the same thing. When my Mom saw us wearing her fingerprints, she was a little hesitant and couldn’t quite figure out why that was important to us, but we could tell that she was really touched and happy that we were all showing her our support.

The thing that is so great about fingerprint jewelry pendants rings is that they never change. As we get older, Christmas over Christmas, our real hand and fingerprints lose detail and lines crisscross them like battle scars from daily living.¬†Your Touch¬†jewelry is such a blessing. It gives me peace of mind that my own children will have a person, one-of-a-kind remember of me, whether it’s a ring, pendent or more masculine gift. It gives me peace of mind. I can’t really think of a better gifts than that.

Jewelry Made From Prints

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My cousin went into the Marines last year and he was deploying right after the holidays. So, I we went in together to my aunt a signet ring with his baby footprints etched on it so that she would always have him close to her heart. My aunt reacted a lot more than we even suspected. She rubbed her fingertips over the finely etched, tiny feet and smiled from ear to ear. That was a really great Christmas overall. My youngest niece came up and asked if I could get a ring for Santa Clause with all the reindeer hoof prints engraved. I told her I would look into it, even though I wasn’t sure they would all fit! Check out all the styles of fingerprint jewelry (Click Here)

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