Fingerprint Jewelry is The Ultimate Valentine Gift

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Valentine’s Day represents love and fingerprint jewelry is a great way to express that love. The entire holiday is about finding fun ways to show the important people in our lives how much they mean to us. How they changed our lives. The relationship you have with your significant other is the most personal and intimate we experience in life. Sometimes, it feels like you are so close you could share the same heartbeat. If they aren’t there, you might wake up with an aching chest because a piece of you is missing. Well, there is a way to be close to each other even when it isn’t possible to be together. It is also a fantastic Valentine’s Day present.

Fingerprint jewelry pendants and rings are made out of the actual fingerprints of anyone! Its so easy send in your fingerprints and get back jewelry that loved ones will adore. It is really easy to order these high-quality unique one of a kind keepsakes and charms. My husband was reluctant to do it at first, I could see it in his eyes, but I explained to him how much I missed him when he was away on business. This would give me a way to feel close to him, something that nobody else had and that was unique to him. Then, he was really into it. So, Valentine’s Day wasn’t a surprise, but we waited for our gifts to each other, to nature’s signature that would be another sign of our commitment, just like our wedding rings.

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I choice a heart pendant that had his fingerprint on the front. He got a silver, rectangular pendent that was subtle. The fingerprints always look very mysterious to me. We get asked about them all the time. People always have great things to say, and it is a conversation starter. It gives me a chance to talk about our marriages and actually helps make it stronger, I think. Like my wedding ring, my heart pendant with his fingerprints represents how much we mean to each other and keeps us connected.



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A paw print is a unique representation of your cat or dog. If you have an aging pet, consider taking their paw print and getting it inscribed on a lovely piece of jewelry or commemorative item. That way, should they happen to pass on to a happier place, you will have something besides pictures to remember them by. Paw print jewelry also makes a fun, cool Valentine’s Day gift for children or older family members who are very attached to their four-legged best friends.

My friend saw a heart pendant my husband bought me for Valentine’s Day. It had his fingerprint on it. She thought it was so cool and different and wanted to get something similar for herself and her husband. I told her Cremation Solutions was a great company with excellent service. I have ordered from them several times and each piece is better than the last. Months later, she showed me pictures of her husband, tears gleaming in his eyes, as he pulled out a gorgeous pendant embossed with his wife’s fingerprint in raised, gold accents. It was a touching photos and a memory the two of them will share forever.

Custom Jewelry FingerprintsValentine’s Day isn’t just about lovers. Fingerprint jewelry pendants rings are welcome gifts for anyone you are close to. I have already decided that my own children will have commemorative jewelry with my natural signature. I don’t want them to feel that I didn’t think through what I wanted to leave to each of them, something far more personal than giving away my possessions. My daughter assured me it a fabulous idea and very thoughtful. She even said that a fingerprint pendant would help her feel closer to me before then. She could wear it over her heart and remember how much her mother loved her.

Sometimes, you just run out of great ideas for gifts. Everything seems too impersonal or too commercial. Well, you don’t have to worry about anyone duplicating your gift if you are giving a piece of yourself to someone you love on Valentine’s Day. Fingerprint jewelry is just about as loving, thoughtful and creative as you can get.

Fingerprint jewelry pendants rings are a fabulous idea for any occasion. You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to gift someone else with a piece of you that represents your very essence. The jewelers even makes birthstone name bracelets that can include fingerprints and make fabulous gifts to children. They are a wonderful way to share kids’ birth story with them in a unique and cool way. Start a family tradition that they will pass on to their own children someday. Make someone you love happy. After all, isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about?

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    Interested in the fingerprint pendant. How much is it and what metal do you use? Could you send some info to my email along with how to order.

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