Fingerprint Jewelry Meets Cremation Jewelry The “Phoenix Collection”

A cherished piece of jewelry is seldom beloved simply for its bling factor. When you talk to people about  their favorite jewels and ask them why they are treasured, they’ll invariably tell you that someone special gave the jewel to them, that they obtained the jewel at a special place, or that the jewel reflects an important event or period in their lives. The idea of a treasured heirloom piece of jewelry is at the heart of our Phoenix Collection of fingerprint jewels. While beautiful in and of themselves, these jewels are crafted with the sole purpose of keeping a beloved someone’s essence close. That essence accompanies you everywhere—to work, to the grocery store, to a far-flung vacation destination. When you wear a memory jewel from our Phoenix Collection, you’ll feel close to your treasured someone.

Introducing the Phoenix Collection

Finger Prints With Ashes Too

Amazing New Designs

Cremation Solutions is excited to launch our brand new line of fingerprint and cremation jewels in the Phoenix Collection. In myth, the rare and beautiful phoenix rises from its ashes into magnificent splendor. Our Phoenix jewels are designed with the precious ashes of a loved one to pay a wonderful tribute to their memory, to their spirit, and to the love you shared as a spouse, family member or cherished friend. While Cremation Solutions offers various lines of jewels made from cremation ashes, this special line also embodies the fingerprints of loved ones or family members if you choose. In appearance, these jewels demonstrate exquisite beauty and outstanding artisan craftsmanship, but their greatest worth is the essence of a loved one that they embody forevermore.

Artisan Quality

Each of our Phoenix Collection jewels is crafted by skilled jewelry artisans. Our artisans have trained specially to craft these precious jewels. Their skill isn’t simply a matter of technique and know-how. Our artisans have thoughtfully undertaken bereavement training coursework because we believe that empathy and reverence for the materials in their possession must govern the entire jewel-crafting process. For this reason, you can trust our professional jewel makers to handle the small amount of your loved one’s ashes with tender care. The jewel-making process is one of patience as well as skill. We do not believe in rushing. We take our time to create your heirloom Phoenix Collection jewel.

Our Line of Phoenix Jewelry

Cross Cremation PendantOne of the remarkable features of the Phoenix Collection is its diversity. You can choose from various jewelry types and colors before placing your order. The Phoenix Collection jewelry is unique in that it incorporates both ash and fingerprints into its creation. The result is always a breathtaking piece of extraordinary workmanship paired with a genuinely eye-catching design. As you peruse this exciting new line of jewelry, you’ll find options that are sure to suit any style.

Our line of Phoenix Jewelry includes the traditional cross design, a stunning pendant that features a central diamond shape where your loved one’s ashes will be placed. You can then choose a color for the protective resin that will be placed atop this section. The Infinity Heart and Family Ties pendants also boast a central resin-covered focal point that features your loved one’s ashes. The Infinity Heart boasts an timeless floral motif, while the Family Ties pendant features a center point surrounded by fingerprints cast right onto the metal. The resin that’s used to protect the ashes comes in a stunning array of hues that include marine blue, citrine yellow, lagoon green, royal purple, and crimson ruby. These resins help transform your loved one’s ashes into a gem-like feature that provides the beautiful heart of your Phoenix Collection jewel.

Pandora Cremation Beads

Pheonix Beads are Pandora Compatible

The extraordinary Phoenix Collection also features Pandora-like bead charms that will provide a dazzling focal point for your jewelry. These Thumbies or Thumb Beads as they’re referred to can also features space to showcase your loved ones ashes under protective gem-like resin as well as fingerprints. We feature Thumbies in various shapes like cylinders, hexagons, and squares. Some customers prefer to get a combination of beads or even a single bead to highlight on a bracelet or necklaces. Owing to the popularity of trend-right Pandora-style beads, our Thumbies have become a permanent part of our collection.

How Do We Create Our Phoenix Collection Jewels?

Phoenix Jewelry

Associated with the Sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor

Our skilled jewelry artisans take pride in each completed memory jewel they create. Through careful procedures and patient crafting, our artisans will create for each customer a one-of-a-kind jewel. Before placing your order, you will need to select a Phoenix Collection style and select options. Jewels can be fashioned with engravings too. When placing your order, you’ll be able to design your customized piece of jewelry.

We will send each customer a special kit for ash placement and fingerprinting instructions. While you can email us fingerprint images, it’s important for you to use our kit for sending in your loved one’s ashes. We require a very small amount of ash and our kit will walk you through the process. Each kit also ensures that no ashes are ever mixed up with any others. Our artisans work only with one ash kit at a time because protecting the integrity of the process is a priority of our work.

If you have questions about our beautiful Phoenix Collection or any of the other jewelry lines we carry, be sure to get in touch with our helpful staff today. We are here to help you in any way we can as you commission your heirloom jewel or jewels. Our Phoenix Collection jewelry is ideal for gift-giving or for commissioning as the gift you give yourself.

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