Crystal Jewelry and Keepsakes Made From Cremation Ashes

When a loved one passes, we feel the need to keep something special close at hand to remember that person or pet always. Some people choose to keep something that person owned or cherished while others hold dear the memories of times spent together. Choosing how to memorialize that beloved person or pet is a personal preference of the living left behind. One way to always remember a passed loved one who has been cremated is with cremation jewelry made from a small bit of his or her ashes.  This is the type of keepsake that you can take with you everywhere you go.

What is Cremation Crystal Jewelry?

Crystals made from ashes

Choose The Cut and Color

Cremation jewelry crystals are a unique way to remember a person or pet who has passed. This jewelry made from ashes creates a one-of-a-kind piece that is as individual as the person or pet being memorialized. Before scattering their ashes, save a small bit to have made into a beautiful jewel you wear every day in memory. Cremation keepsake jewelry helps heal the heart by:

  • Soothing grief
  • Honoring loved ones
  • Memorializing special pets
  • Celebrating a life shared
  • Remembering pets and people
  • Sharing an everlasting connection
  • Creating an enduring tribute

Cremation Crystals are infused with the ashes of your loved ones and pets to create a long-lasting memorial. Using a patented process, the ashes are transformed into actual crystals that contain over 20% ashes and then placed into custom settings to create a beautiful tribute to the deceased.

Where to get Cremation Crystal Jewelry

Cremation Solutions specializes in all things cremation, including the beautiful keepsake jewelry made from a loved one’s ashes. This unique crystal jewelry enables wearers to keep close an everlasting piece of their dear departed loved one forever. There are many gem cuts and setting styles to choose from including pendants and rings. Cremation Solutions will even customize a piece just for you.

You can choose the color of your gemstone, but ultimately the finished color will vary because it is influenced by the unique elements of each person or pet’s ashes. Although we try our hardest, it is almost impossible to predict the exact color of a gem, so our descriptions include a variation of the colors you can expect.

There are seven different gem cuts to choose from, each custom designed by world-class gem cutters before being mounted into an original design setting created by respected jewelry designer and setter, John Clark. You have a choice of 14K white gold, 14K yellow gold or sterling silver, in ring, pendant, or necklace styles. Whichever cremation jewelry you choose, it will be a one of a kind tribute to the special person who passed.

Available cuts include:

  • Cushion
  • Radiant
  • Portuguese
  • Heart shaped
  • Pear shaped
  • Trilliant
  • Teardrop

What to Expect with Cremation Jewelry

Although the cremation jewelry gems look like other naturally occurring gems such as diamonds, they are not the same. The cremation keepsake gems are created from a patented process that uses glass and the human ashes or pet ashes of a loved one who has passed to create unique one-of-a-kind stones. These stones are much softer than diamonds, but harder than onyx and can withstand normal wear and tear.  However, accidents to happen, so if your memorial keepsake would happen to break, it can be recast.

The Real Value of a Cremation Jewelry Keepsake

Crystal Cremation Keepsakes

Crystal Keepsakes Made From Ashes

The real value of a cremation jewelry keepsake is in its unique design and beauty. Since these gems are influenced by the unique elements of each person’s ashes, no two are the same, and that uniqueness is invaluable. Beyond this value, is the true reason anyone wants a keepsake like this. The emotional value alone makes this an irreplaceable memorial that is reflected in a work of art made from the ashes of your loved one.

Everyone handles the loss of a loved one differently, and everyone chooses to hold on to those loved ones in different ways. Cremation Solutions provides handmade customized cremation jewelry keepsakes for those that want to keep their loved ones near in every sense of the word. Wear a necklace, pendant or ring made from the ashes of your dearly departed loved one to help heal your heart and keep them close forever.

For more information on the complete line of cremation jewelry available at Cremation Solutions, please visit and click on “Crystal Cremation Jewelry” or call 877-365-9474 to speak with one of our cremation jewelry experts. Our sympathetic staff is on hand to help you choose the perfect way to memorialize your lost loved one.

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  1. Joanne W Cassano says:

    I would like crystal red heart. My son recently passed away Nov 8 2013. Been looking for something I can hold on like heart. With engraving

  2. Lee Ann says:

    I would like a crystal red heat ring. How do i get prices?

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