On The Ninth Day God Made Dogs

That enthusiastic welcome every time you return home, the soft snugly body to curl up next to, the unconditional love whether you’ve had a good day or a bad one: these are just a few of the joys of having a dog. Few, if any, animals embrace life so wholeheartedly and eagerly, whether it’s a ride in the car, an impromptu game of “fetch” or an evening stretched out on the coach.

Why we need dogs

Pet MemorialsFrom pugs to pit bulls, chihuahuas to cocker spaniels, from terriers to little teapot dogs, a dog is more than just a companion; he’s a part of the family and adds immeasurable joy to our lives. God made dogs for:

Companionship — No one likes to come home to an empty home or apartment. A dog’s unconditional love and loyalty brightens the day when you walk through that door. Plus, a dog is that perfect companion for a long walk on the beach, a car ride to no where or a weekend camping trip.
For our emotional health — Caring for a dog has been shown to ease depression and anxiety. It’s easy to understand. Who can be depressed with a furry friend wagging his tail at your feet?
For our physical health — Other studies have indicated that owning a dog can help to lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels and even promote good heart health. Plus, dog owners get more exercise than their neighbors who don’t have a dog to accompany them on walks.
Fun — Health benefits aside, having a dog in the house is just plain old fun. Whether you’re watching his attics or getting sloppy kisses, it’s all but impossible to be upset with a dog eagerly panting at your feet.

Remembering our dogs

One of the few unfortunate things about caring for a dog is that they have much shorter lifespans than we do. Having to say goodbye to our beloved pet is one of the most difficult things any pet owner will ever have to do. If you’ve ever lost a dog, you know the deep sadness and emptiness that such a loss brings. Most of us want to be able to keep our beloved pet near us, even when they are gone. At Cremation Solutions, we offer a variety of ways to do just that. From decorative cremation urns for pet ashes to pet cremation jewelry, we understand how important keeping a part of your pet near you after he is gone can be.

Pet Cremation Jewelry

Jewelry for dog ashes

Has an Inner Chamber to Hold Ashes

Far from being creepy, pet cremation jewelry can be a subtle and private reminder of your beloved pet. Cremation Solutions offers a variety of beautiful pet cremation jewelry. Cremation crystals are composed of 20 percent pet ashes. These brilliant, colored gem stones have the look of an expensive piece of jewelry. Only you have to know that the necklace or ring is really a tribute to your dog who has passed. Before you bury or scatter your dog’s ashes, just keep a little bit to be made into a piece of lovely crystal jewelry that you can keep near your heart for years to come.

Urns for pet ashes

Pet Ashes UrnsIf pet cremation jewelry isn’t right for you, we also offer a full line of pet cremation urns. Like the jewelry, these don’t have to be obviously a pet memorial. With many of our urns, only you will know that the piece is a container and memorial for your pet. Our birdhouse urns make a stylish addition to any yard and they truly continue the cycle of life. These urns are used to scatter the ashes of you dog and then convert to become a memorial birdhouse. And so the cycle of life continues. We also have pet urns with paw prints, shaped as picture frames that hold a picture of your dog, dog-house shaped urns and urn candles with a paw print motif.

To learn more about finding the right pet memorial or pet cremation urn for your four-legged, furry friend, visit petcremationsolutions.com or call us at 877 365-9474. We understand the pain of losing a dog; we’re pet owners too.

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