Does Your Pet Really Love You?

How Our Pets Make Us Feel

Pets Love Us

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For those of us with pets, it’s difficult to imagine a friend or a family member who has never known the thrill of coming home to a wagging tail and/or a bundle of fluff rubbing at your ankles. No matter what the day has been like, you know that your pet will be waiting, thrilled to see you and all forgiving. They don’t care if you screwed up that big deal, if you misquoted a client or if you backed into a telephone pole. They love and accept you just the way you are.

Studies have also shown that pets are good for our health. They help keep depression and chronic loneliness at bay. They can help lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and walking them and running around after them helps us to get the exercise we need to stay healthy.

Pet Parents

Those of us who know the joys of caring for a pet dog or cat can be forgiven for thinking of them as our “kids” and ourselves as “pet parents.” After all, they depend on us just as a small child would and look to us for shelter, food and health care. We offer them guidance and care and, in return, they give us the whole, unreserved bounty of their hearts.

When they leave us

Every pet owner dreads the day that their beloved cat or dog (their “kid”) leaves this world. We all know that it’s the way of nature, that humans live muPets Love Usch longer than cats and dogs. However, that knowledge does little to ease our pain when the time comes. Fortunately, there are many options that allow us pet owners to hold on to and cherish our pet’s memory as well as keep just a little piece of our furry friends near us when they die. Cremation Solutions offers a wide array of products to honor our pets. These include:

  • Natural garden pet memorials. Natural garden memorials are a “green” way of honoring your pet. Planting a memorial tree allows nature to take its course and lets your pet’s ashes nurture the sapling until it becomes a strong and powerful tree. By planting a memorial tree in your yard, you’ll be able to see your living memorial every time you work in your garden or gaze out of the window.
  • Cremation jewelry. At Cremation Solutions, our line of pet cremation jewelry includes an array of pet-themed pendants and lockets that have space inside for a tiny piece of your beloved pet’s ashes, fur or whiskers. These pieces are a subtle and personal reminder of the unconditional love of your loyal dog or cat. You can also have a unique and lovely crystal created out of your pet’s ashes. Such crystals can be worn as a pendant or set into a ring. Only you will know the significance of this special piece of jewelry.
  • Pet urns. Pet urns offer anĀ  attractive place to store your pet’s ashes, in a piece you can display on your mantel or in your bookshelf. We have a variety of styles, from the traditional pewter or brass urns to more modern pieces with paw print motifs. There are even urns shaped like a horse’s head to honor your riding partner.

Caring for a pet is one of the joys of life. Honoring your dog or cat with a natural memorial or by wearing a piece of jewelry with a little bit of his or her ashes is a nice a personal way to keep them close to your heart.
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