Introducing Cremation Urn Hero Figures

At Cremation Solutions, we are always striving to bring our customers innovative and creative custom urns to hold the ashes of a loved one. Today, people are searching for unique and special urn keepsakes that they can cherish forever. One of our latest cremation urns is the action figure urn. These true-to-life action figures look just like your loved one and make a lasting memory. Unlike traditional cremation urns, these urns hold ashes in the head.

How it’s Done

These unique custom urns can be completed with just one or two photos of your loved one. We use a patent-pending 3-D modeling method used by typical 3-D designers. The face and body are reconstructed in 3-D, and this lifelike figure is available in 12 inches. Software is used to adjust color, and you can capture any age, including mid-life. The figure is comprised of hard resin and in 24-bit color. Following state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, we are able to create urn keepsakes that will last a lifetime. These unique cremation urns can be custom ordered and delivered to your doorstep in just four weeks.

Changing the Paradigm

Much like personal urns with an upper sculpture of a loved one, these keepsake urns are revolutionizing the way we memorialize a departed one. While the media may poke some fun, when you think about it, action figure custom urns are the idyllic way to have a real-life image of your loved one right in front of you. It a real way to reconnect with your loved one and reminisce all the good times shared together. These custom urns are just like a favorite photo; only, the representation is dimensional. Like a pair of new shoes, it just takes time to feel comfortable with any new idea.

Creative Ideas for Cremation Urn Action Figures

Roberts Urn For Ashes

Robert Pattinson as Indiana Jones Keepsake Urn

Just like a statue, these endearing cremation action figures can be placed anywhere in the home. It’s really up to you. Den tables, fireplace mantles and bedroom tables are ideal. Placing your cremation action figure on a fireplace mantle surrounded by other other family portraits and pictures is one idea that will keep your departed one in perfect company. On an end table in the bedroom, you can keep your loved one close do your heart while sleeping. Maybe your loved one had a favorite room in the home like a sun room. Displaying a cremation action figure in their favorite room is sure to bring back fond memories. Even if you take a weekend trip or go on vacation, you can pack up your cremation action figure and take it right along with you. The ideas are limitless, and it’s up to you.

Mom's Urn

Mom Loved Her Harley

Let’s face it. The loss of any loved one is a personal experience of deep loss and sadness. There is nothing that can prepare you for it. Healing takes a long time along with the support of other family members and friends. Urn keepsakes that hold ashes of a loved one and depict a real-life image and sculpture give you something to hold on to in the real world. Cremation urns really serve two purposes. They are a dignified place for your loved one, and a place where you can keep your loved one close for personal comfort. At the same time, custom urns fashioned into the image of your loved one are like having a loved one right at your side.

At Cremation Solutions, we’ve been in the funeral business for many years and treat our clients with the highest of respect and compassion. We offer a wide variety of cremation urns for both people and pets, including cremation jewelry and traditional urns in many styles. Action figure urn keepsakes are the new kid on the block. Be sure to visit our website at for unique and well-made cremation urns. You’ll find that all of our products are high quality, and we offer excellent customer service. Purchase Urn Figures HERE
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8 Responses to Introducing Cremation Urn Hero Figures

  1. don daniels says:

    I think the more we k ow about a person the better we can understand a out the left ding service to come.

  2. Abélia says:

    Cremation Urn Hero figures is an interesting new take on the traditional urn. I do like how this makes the urn more personal and meaningful in remembering the deceased but in a way I feel like it makes it not as a sacred as well. I guess it depends on the preferences of the deceased. Thank you for sharing this article about your cremation solutions.

  3. emily bennette says:

    This is some really good information about cremation urns. I like that you can personalize the figures with your own face. That would be very nice for someone that loves a certain superhero.

  4. April Cook says:

    This is such a creative way to memorialize a loved one. I would rather have one of these in my house instead of a traditional urn. I like how you mention that they are easy to take with you if you go on vacation. It would be really nice to always have them with you. Do they just come in the one size, or could you get them smaller?

  5. Kyle duncan says:

    Do u guys have a Batman urn my dog just passed away and his name was batman

  6. I would like to have a superhero urn for My 4 year old son that passed away from cancer.

  7. Zola howard says:

    Hello, I was wondering if you could make a Batman urn for a child. He loved Batman and before his passing he requested a Batman urn.

    • jeff says:

      Yes with 3-D printed urns we could help you create a batman urn, but 3-D printed urns are expensive. An affordable options is to purchase a ceramic Batman piggy bank and use it as an urn.

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