Cremation Glass Orbs and Jewelry

Cremation Glass Globes

At Cremation Solutions, you’ll find a wide array of top quality cremation gGlass Beads and Jewelry For Asheslass orbs and jewelry for ashes. These keepsakes are the ideal way to commemorate a loved one’s life and hold them close to your heart. These glass memorials are all made by American artist and offer a unique one of a kind keepsake that holds the precious earthly remains of your loved one. Our Glass cremation jewelry is also ideal for your cherished pets. After all, pets are family too. Our talented artists handcraft the cremation jewelry and create an attractive one-of-a-kind piece that you can treasure forever. Not only do you receive a quality piece, you can feel confident that your loved one’s ashes will not be mixed with others, as each order is carefully tracked and our strict process does not allow for any intermingling of ashes.

How Glass Cremation Glass Orbs are Made

Depending on the selected design, ashes are arranged on a metal table in a specific pattern. A steel rod known as a punty is placed into molten glass in a bowl. The design is created as a small ball of molten glass is rolled into the deceased’s ashes. When the design is complete, the small ball is dipped again to cover the ashes in the glass. Each order is completed separate to ensure that no ashes are mixed. Once the desired design is complete, the glass cremation jewelry piece is placed in a kiln to slowly cool off. The piece is stored on a numbered grid, and the location is recorded on an invoice. When the piece has cooled off, it is returned to a secure location with the specific vial of ashes.

Cremation glass orbs are available in a variety of styles, including swirls and galaxies. Also known as glass orb memorials, the orbs can be placed on mahogany lighted stands. Depending on the style orb that you choose, you can select from up to 16 colors. The swirl glass orb is a classic design that displays three lines swirling upward. You can also opt to add a decorative wrap of colored glass along the base. All of our orbs are crafted from top quality crystal glass and use just a small amount of cremation ashes. This way, you can scatter or use the remainder cremation ashes for memorial urns.

The LED lighted stands are crafted from Honduran mahogany, and a cluster of LED lights illuminate the cremation glass orbs. With high quality metal plates, each lighted stand can be etched for personalizing. The LED lighted stands are the perfect accompaniment for these exquisite glass orbs.

Cremation Jewelry
Capture the memory of loved one with one of our cremation jewelry sets. Cremation earrings, pendants and bracelets can be matched, mixed or purchased separately. Choose from classic, vintage, quilted designs and more. The vintage designs are inspired by the diversity of colors found in nature. They represent the timelessness of forever memories and are comprised of stunning glass beads. All sets are perfectly matched for a uniform look. The rings are crafted of quality sterling silver and are open in the back for easy adjustment.

Dichroic Glass with Ashes

Dichroic Glass Tiles Are Vivid As Can Be

The unique line of quilted cremation pendants features the style of a traditional patchwork quilt. The glass strips are fired at lower temperatures to create a bold and brilliant texture that you can actually feel. These pendants are available in a variety of vibrant color combinations. You can also choose to have the ashes hidden or visible. With two secured sterling silver balls, these pendants are the ideal match for any omega chain. The pendants also come with black silk ribbon. They are high quality pieces of jewelry for ashes.

Glass Cross Pendant Holds Ashes

Three Colors Available

Our fine line of glass cremation jewelry also features beautifully crafted cross pendants.

Each is a unique keepsake. The glass is textured and comes in many vibrant colors, including tie-dyed colored schemes of earthy green, bright pink and soothing blue. These unique cross pendants feature a sterling silver bail that can be worn with any of your favorite chains. Like our other glass cremation jewelry pendants, a fine black silk ribbon is included.

Here is an example video of one of our glass pendants being made.

Ordering is Easy

At Cremation Solutions, we make the whole process of ordering cremation jewelry easy. Our clients can order right online or call us. Once you place the order, we will mail you a kit with all the instructions and materials you need to complete the order. In the United States, shipping is always free. If you do have any questions about your order, you can call us or submit your inquiry right online. Our reps are always on hand to answer any of your questions or concerns. Our goal is not to only provide you with the best jewelry for ashes, but to provide you with A+ customer service.

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  1. losing someone we love is very painful ad its not that really easy..when my dog died its very painful cause she goes with me when i am having an exercise and when i am sad she knows it and she would comfort me..

  2. silva hayden says:

    Do you make the clear glass orb with just the memorial ashes and no added color? I could not find a price on this. How much would it be for the smallest size? And what would the dimensions be? Thank Silva

  3. Jessica jones says:

    How much are the glass orbs and heart necklaces for ashes

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